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  1. [Preview] Invasio Barbarorvm Sons of Wotan Preview
    RESTITVTOR ORBIS presents a preview of the Marcomanni including details of units, portraits, and banners with plenty of screenshots for your viewing pleasure!

  2. Total War: Attila - All the Latest Info!

    Total War: Attila - All the Latest Info!


    DarrenTotalWar has compiled all the latest Total War: Attila info into one video, containing all the latest info about playable campaign ...
  3. Poll: Re: [Citizen] Riverknight (Patron: Lord William)

    Riverknight's been a great asset to TWC. His efforts both in Content and gaming staff are commendable and definitely worthy of citizenship. He'll make a fine citizen. :yes:
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    Poll: Who will you fight for?

    Who will you fight for in the upcoming Attila Total War?

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    Interview With Darth Vader

    Former Total War modder extraordinaire Darth Vader has taken the time to sit down with TWC staffer Dark Storm for a very...
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    Interview with Darth Vader

    Interview with Darth Vader, creator of Ultimate General: Gettysburg, by Dark Storm

    ...the force is strong with...
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    Poll: Re: [Citizen] Flinn (Patron: Finlander)

    Even if you only looked at one of his areas, (modding, posting, content), he would deserve citizenship based on that alone. His contributions to content to the Eagle Standard and now as director are...
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    Re: Feedback website for Total War: Attila

    Advertising is not allowed here. If you'd like to comment on Attila features we have a whole forum dedicated to that right here. :)
  9. [MOVED TO VOTE] Re: [Decision] New Usertitles provided by MMFA

    I don't like the idea of an implied inferiority and usage of the simplistic "barbarian." Find something else for the first three ranks.
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    Re: Ultimate General: Gettysburg

    I think I remember GED had a reason for turning off editing permissions. Don't worry about it in this instance. I'll be looking at the actual post count number and not what people put in their posts.
  11. Poll: Ultimate General: Gettysburg - What do you think?

    Ultimate General: Gettysburg is now released! It's been in beta for a while now so many of you have probably already played it. Tell us what you think! If you haven't played it yet, the time is now!...
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    Ultimate General: Gettysburg

    Ultimate General: Gettysburg is now fully released! To celebrate we have three game codes we're giving away! Head on...
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    Call for Total War Arena Players

    Sounds cool. Anyone plan on participating?
  14. Sticky: TOTAL WAR: ATTILA - Campaign & Battle gameplay, Developer interviews and Hands on Impressions!

    DarrenTotal War has an exclusive first look at the new Total War Attila including a detailed look at both the campaign and battle map gameplay. He also...
  15. Re: New TW title set to be announced on the 24th-28th september!!!

    Lot's of you have some real strong opinions here on your prediction for big announcement. We have a brand new site wide poll set up on the subject. Head on over and cast your vote on what you think...
  16. Poll: Re: Sept. 25 CA Announcement - What will it be?

    Yeah, I saw that thread. It doesn't have a poll though, and posting a new poll here in this forum links it to the sidebar. :)

    It's probably a good idea to make a post over in that thread asking...
  17. Poll: Sept. 25 CA Announcement - What will it be?

    CA has a big announcement coming up on September 25. What do you think it will be?
  18. Re: Winners of POTW 383, 384 & VOTM 46 & UESW 286

    I had to scavenge far and wide for enough bronze to make more medals. The quest was successful though, and we now have restocked the medals. :)
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    Re: New Sidebar Layout

    User online/offline feature is still present and working on TWCenter skin. What skin is it missing on?
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    [ABANDONED] Re: [Amendment] Minor referal omission

    GotR has already said it all.

  21. [INVALID] Re: [Medal] Roma_Victrix for Asterix Loincloth

    Yes, it would.
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    Rome II Emperor Edition Announced!


    Rome II Emperor Edition has just been officially confirmed! It promises lots of really cool content including an all new "Imperator Augustus" Campaign Pack Expansion. Best of all,...
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    Re: Let Us Make Money By Making Mods !

    Yep, this has all the hallmarks of a scam. Have you reported it to Steam?
  24. Poll: Re: [Citizen] f0ma (Patron: Robin de Bodemloze)

    I'm very happy to see f0ma's application. He has been one of our most dedicated and hardest working member of content for awhile now. It's been a real pleasure having him on our team and I hope he...
  25. [VOTE FINISHED: FAILED] Re: [Decision] Give full members a custom user title

    A lot of forums don't even let you have a custom avatar let alone a custom user title. Maybe we lose a few members due to lack of customization but I think the incentive of contribution outweighs...
  26. Re: [Proposal] Smileys in the Vestigia Vetustatis

    I'm not sure the benefits of this outweighs the work moderators would have to do to enforce this and the resulting pain from the members who slipped a smiley in (as second nature for most here) one...
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    Sticky: Re: Townhall - Curial Feedback Thread

    I've looked at the log and it was never sent to the archives and moved back.
  28. Re: [Amendment] Open Prothalamos to posting by Full Members

    I'm indifferent on this. Non-citizens can already make an proposal they want in the Forum Magnum, Q&S, by citizen proxy, direct PM to Hex, etc.... They can also comment on all things Curia in the...
  29. Poll: Re: [Artifex] Sebidee (Patron) Mega Tortas de Bodemloze

    Sebidee's mod work and overall general posting and all around attitude has impressed me. I think he will make a fine citizen. Yes from me. :)
  30. [VOTE FINISHED: FAILED] Re: [Decision] Give full members a custom user title

    I support keeping this as a minor reward/perk for people who contribute to the site. With that being said, general posting is a contribution and I could support a post count limit for this, maybe...
  31. Re: [Election-X-2014] Magistrate - Debate Thread

    There's still some time to sway some votes. Tell us what you think about the current appeal.
  32. Re: Someone actually took the time to debunk ancient aliens...

    Did it really need debunking? :P
  33. Re: Look what i found on the TW Wiki about R2 Politics

    Thread cleaned.

    Lets please try to remain on topic and civil in our discussions. :)
  34. Re: Rome II Battle Replay Video and Screenshot Competitions!

    Sometime close to the end of the tournament (got to wait until the end to give everyone a chance to get their screenshots and vids) we'll post up individual competition threads. When we do, you'll...
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    Re: Composite Faces

    Yeah, I get that, but the examples in the OP are really extreme, the people almost look fake. I've played around with the link Pheir posted, and it's not so severe there.

    I guess, what I'm...
  36. [VOTE FINISHED: FAILED] Re: [New Medal] Open Source Developer

    I support the proposal as it is now. :)
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    Re: Composite Faces

    It looks like they've airbrushed the skin. There are zero imperfections/blemishes. Are they artificially trying to create attractiveness?
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    Re: complete dust elimination?

    You need industrial air purification system, not what you get at your local big box store.
  39. Re: What is the most American food you could possibly make?

    More of this^^ and less of: "Deep Fried KFC wrapped in bacon with doughnut on top"
  40. [ABANDONED] Re: [Amendment] Altering the Election Process for Magistrate

    I like it the way it is now. It's a perk of becoming a citizen and engaging in the Curial community.
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