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    Re: Cohesion and the reality of battle.

    I've heard something along the lines of this before.
    It was that some of the best officers or higher ranking soldiers were in their positions because of the fact they could keep a battle line...
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    Re: 28.3 mb dl on steam for rome 2?

    For some reason these patches are taking 10-15 minutes to download even though they're only like 20mb. Anyone else getting the same?
  3. Re: Patch 3 Beta Changelog September 27, thats today.
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    Re: Player Count in Sharp Decline

    Yea still waiting till the game is actually finished and working as well as shogun 2. Just custom battles for now.
  5. Re: What is the difference between spear infantry and pike infantry???

    Spear = Usually hoplites aka Spears
    Pike = Phalangite aka Really long spears
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    Re: Give Us Back Quality Unit Cards

    From a pure aesthetic and emersion point of view i think its good. Only really seen the barbarian cards though, but i will admit, from the battle interface they are counter intuitive. Everything...
  7. Re: Quick Questions after 30 hours of gameplay


    Normal/Normal mode. Iceni campaign. 5 neighbouring nations at war, both on the mainland and off the coast of France. 5 hours and i'm in the same positon of 1 city. Fleets constantly blockading...
  8. Re: Quick guide for the not-so-rich gamer :)

    Learn to fix computers. The money saved could buy you one or even two games at full release priceI had problems with my computer and just gave up on it. I went through the phone book and compiled a...
  9. Computer shutdown by itself. Buzzing Noise heard. Caught on video

    Recent problem which has cropped up, which i found happened during gaming - specifically the Total War series. Heres a video i managed to capture...
  10. Re: Why it might be better to cancel your physical copy pre-order and get the Steam version instead!

    Unless of course the download file size is :wub:ing ridiculous and you use up all of your internet in a day.
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