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  1. Re: [GENERAL DISCUSSION] [SPOILERS] HBO's Game of Thrones Series

    HAHA YES! I was watching with my mom who of course has not read the books. While Joff was humiliating Tyrion she kept saying "OH I hope he dies soon! Somebody kill him already!".....I couldn't help...
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    Re: How's the combat system like?

    There are was around the massacre. If I know I'm going to lose then I force withdraw my units and will keep a unit of fast cavalry to hold off enemy cav while my infantry routes. If the AI routes I...
  3. Re: The Not-A-Official-Fun-Thread Thread: Post your funny ASOIF stuff here

    Star Trek anyone?
  4. Re: [GENERAL DISCUSSION] [SPOILERS] HBO's Game of Thrones Series

    Yea, I suppose the sample size it quite small. They may only have had a few minutes of screen time in which all they really did was roast a human arm. Give Dr. Lecter my regards, and I apologize for...
  5. Re: [GENERAL DISCUSSION] [SPOILERS] HBO's Game of Thrones Series

    Could help but make the relation as soon as i saw the Thenns
  6. Re: [GENERAL DISCUSSION] [SPOILERS] HBO's Game of Thrones Series

    Well as I remember reading, the Thenns were most like southerners in that they had Lords and such, I also remember reading many times that they were the most well armored and were able to work with...
  7. Re: [GENERAL DISCUSSION] [SPOILERS] HBO's Game of Thrones Series

    I think you are right, even if not, from the books we know that Oberyn and most Martell's for that matter, are quite sexual ly liberated, so I can see why HBO went the route they did.
  8. Re: [GENERAL DISCUSSION] [SPOILERS] HBO's Game of Thrones Series

    No need to get into it, just pointed it out as an obvious difference from the book.

    HBO did a pretty good job on the Dornish IMO. Pretty much exactly how I imagined them. Don't know how much of...
  9. Re: [GENERAL DISCUSSION] [SPOILERS] HBO's Game of Thrones Series

    woman or women?

    Just Brienne, Arya and Ygritte IMO are really "manish" as you say. Not sure if your trying to say that none of them appeal to you sexually or that they act like men.

  10. Re: how to charge/force melee with range cavalry

    He is right, hold alt and you will see the arrow turn to a sword that works for all ranged units and is a default shortcut for medieval II. I also always turn skirmish off aswell but I doubt it is...
  11. Re: Moving Hyrule total war to the best total war game in the series: Rome II: Total war.

    I saw the thread title and thought "Okay another noob to the forums that has no idea what he is talking about" then I saw it was started by you, whom I remember seeing very intelligent and...
  12. Re: Your favorite ASOIAF character

    I don't think they could have picked a sexier picture for the Onion Knight :wub:
  13. Re: Your favorite ASOIAF character

    Here is mine:


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    Re: War of the West General Discussion

    Why thank you Wille!

    Now a question, I recall hearing(reading) that the units currently in the Custom Battle Demo are only the faction's "special" units and the remainder of the roster will be...
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    Re: new update of rome 2

    Or if you are asking if this mod will work with Rome 2...........................then you are are also in the wrong thread.
  16. Re: [UNOFFICIAL] Frequently Asked Annoying Questions - If you are new read this please

    Since I didn't see another FAQ thread I'll ask here. Will the Romans under the ai command, dominated the game and somewhat recreation their historical empire? In DBM mod, both campaigns I have...
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    Re: War of the West General Discussion

    I'd like to think I would be a good beta tester, when the time comes of course ;) Thanks for the update Poly, good to here that some progress is being made.

    OT: Does anyone know of any good...
  18. Re: African Music Fix(Updated DL link+Sample Previews)

    There should not be any need to convert anything. Did you delete the files I step 3? The reason a uploaded the entire music folder was so that nobody had to covert the files. Just put the...
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    Aggressive rebels?

    Is it possible to make rebels more aggressive? They spawn and stay put, if they do move it is only to take a watch tower. It would be nice if they would take a city And have the rebel faction expand,...
  20. Sticky: Re: Announcement: War of the West on Hiatus-Updated

    Oh and my offer to help out still stands if you need to assemble a few people to help out.
  21. Sticky: Poll: Re: End of Antiquity Campaign: The First Crusade (612 - 710)

    I'm holding you to that. :D
  22. Re: I can't use your mod because Norton

    While file is downloading:

    Open Norton, click "settings", click "Antivirus", open Scan & Risk tab, near the bottom find "Items to exclude from Auto-Protect and SONAR", Browse until you find you...
  23. Re: Westeros: Total War - House Martell Playthrough


    I totally thought this was the long awaited House Martell preview. So unfortunately, though you did a great job, it was a little bit of a let down for me.
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    Re: Possible diplomacy bug

    Ahhh, you know I think you got it. Except it wasn't me you entered an alliance but at the end of the turn the Kokiri became allies with a few of my allies. It didn't really bother me since I'm...
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    Possible diplomacy bug

    I don't know if this is a bug or not but I have never come across this before. Here's what happened.

    I was Hyrule an was at war with the Kokiri. In one turn I smashed there largest army, took...
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    Re: WIP: HTW Real Combat

    Sorry, but this is Blue Steel.

    On a serious note, did you adjust unit masses aswell? I did an EDU overhaul myself and I found the most...
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    Sticky: Re: PATCH 1.1 LOG

    Don't know if it has been mentioned but some campaign map textures are not seamless and cause the map to have a tiled look to it. Not a game breaker and no CTD can be caused by it. Just a minor...
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    Sticky: Re: [QUESTIONS] FAQ and Your Own

    I always wished the the diplomacy system in TW games would give you an option to "Borrow an Army" from one of your allies. If you have good standing with an ally you can take one of their armies...
  29. Re: Which faction will you be playing as in 1.0?

    Here's how I decided which I would play:

    Stark: Seemed too obvious, I thought every one would play as Stark(I guess I was wrong though)

    Arryn: BOOOORING! And I hate that little Mama's boy...
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    Re: Medieval Map with Rome 2 Battles

  31. Re: Which faction will you be playing as in 1.0?

    I will be playing as the one true king Stannis Baratheon the First of His Name. All of Westeros shall tremble before him! I shall put that abomination Joffrey's head on a pike on the steps of the...
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    Re: An idea for diplomacy !

    It can be annoying if you enable the viewing of Ai movement during the end turn. It makes the end turn time take forever because every turn every diplomat moves around, does the "fake deal" bug and...
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    Sticky: Re: Bug Thread & Discussion

    I agree, I searched the EDU for officer and came up with several, I assume it is the Thematic Officer but it would be appreciated if someone made it clear for myself and others.
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    Sticky: Re: [Release] The Danube Limes 0.9 Beta

    WONDERFUL! I knew the release was imminent a few months back, so I've been checking in almost daily, and now the moment has finally arrived! Thank you team your work is so very much appreciated by...
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    Re: New Simcity game

    Anyone here own this game and would recommend it or not. I am thinking of getting it, I was a huge Sim City 4 fan and was very active in the SC4 modding community but that ended when my laptop died...
  36. Re: Now if I could just get the AI to stop force marching everywhere...

    I've always had a problem with army movement for the same reasons you stated. But to have armies moving halfway around the world in one turn is not going to be any fun. My complaint has always been...
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    Laptop is toast

    Hey guys, well my laptop has been dead for about 2 years now and I suddenly got the urge to want it fixed, don't know why now really. It died right around the same time I bought my new desktop which...
  38. Sticky: Re: State of the Mod Address, Fall 2013: We're Almost There

    I have no problem with you guys releasing a version that may be lacking certain features like the reforms. It sounds like all factions will have fairly large and complete rosters with 200 units and...
  39. Re: African Music Fix

    Hmmmm, I am having a hard time finding a site that will let me upload 648MB for free. I may have to resort to just upload the tracks I added and you will have to extract the music file yourself. ...
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    Custom Battles

    Does anyone know how to get Custom Battles working? I haven't seen this really posted anywhere but Custom Battles crash after map selection. I have been able to access them only after loading my...
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