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  1. Re: Downloading v2.0 (Question about patches)

    Patch 3 has all the changes made by patches 1 and 2. That should be followed by patch 4.
  2. More historical names mini-submod

    A tiny mini-submod, adding a few hundred historical names to the ERE, Kypchak and Khwarezmshah factions. All names are from the period 1100-1400 AD, from primary or secondary historical sources and...
  3. Re: Good countries for a challenge?

    The more aggressive AI will be quite aggressive on very hard, but more passive at the other levels. All dificulty levels should be playable. Hard difficulty should give a decent campaign without the...
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    Re: SS 6.2 VS SS 6.4

    Green Warrior, you are not playing the late campaign. On the early campaign, the Byzantine Empire starts as one of the strongest factions. The late Byzantine campaign, however, with Gracul AI on...
  5. Sticky: Re: BGR-V 120719. Byg's Grim Reality (Supply & Command Series): Guides, Updates & Optional Extras

    In BGR IV forts cost 15000 - is that per fort or to have forts enabled?

    Do the feudal features apply to all factions?
  6. Re: Can you think of a tougher challenge than this?

    For sure, Khwarezm in SS6 is a great campaign.

    The Mongols in SS6.3/4 do not get 2 stacks for every one they lose. Normally they get 5 stacks for every defeat they suffer - by any faction!...
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    Re: Difficulty

    Just a quick note: Battle AI on very hard does not actually get a morale bonus per se. You can test this with two equal units in a custom battle. Rather, on easy the computer player's morale is very...
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    Sticky: Re: FAQ

    The "Country is bleeding" building is Gigantus' economy script. Its icon had to be called something, though I am not sure why the icon was needed. The event scripts are also Gigantus' territory. Most...
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    Re: How to nerf Byzantines

    In my campaigns, the Byzantines often die off without touching them. Perhaps the other side of the fence seems greener.

    The Byzantines have practically no swordsmen except for the Kastrophilakae,...
  10. Re: Byg's Grim Reality - Supply and Command (BGRIII, BGR IV & BGRIV Enhanced)

    In the hope you are still checking this thread, I understand that BGR II uses your supply and foraging system and the War Council. I tentatively went through a dozen turns of an SS campaign with...
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    Re: Editing names

    Thanks to both of you.

    The problematic (hyphenated) names, as far as I could tell, were not missing from the names list. They were the original Broken Crescent names. I had not touched them....
  12. Re: How does diplomacy/reputation work

    A drop in reputation as the human player becomes stronger is practically necessary for the AI to remain aggressive.
  13. Re: How to Survive as Crusader States with BGR IV?

    Surely not the Spartans.

    You seem to be doing alright. In a Byzantine campaign with Gracul on vh/vh, I had not managed to get trade rights with anyone (except for a brief trade treaty and...
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    Editing names

    I have been adding ethnic names to my Broken Crescent files (names and descr_names). Geomod came up with with large numbers of cases of problematic dashes (hyphens) in descr_names causing errors....
  15. Re: Let's Play 1648 -Brandenburg-Prussia by Monguntiacum

    Interesting present to the Bavarians.

    Not sure what happened at the Kleve siege. First time I see that.
  16. Re: (1648 AAR] Baden campaign

    With much of Germany united under the Baden banner, the campaign was nearing its end. In the west, the Baden armies had conquered Saarbruecken and parts of Alsace. Some of those conquests had been...
  17. Re: (1648 AAR] Baden campaign

    It is attached in a previous post. We may release it in a more official way with a few more minor things, such as a fix for the missing UI faction colours, at some point. In the meantime, feedback on...
  18. Re: (1648 AAR] Baden campaign

    The minor cosmetic changes on the UI were well spotted. Some of the new factions (Cologne, Hesse, Bayreuth, Siebenburgen) had been left with default black UI colours (0,0,0). Now their UI colours...
  19. Re: Let's Play 1648 -Brandenburg-Prussia by Monguntiacum

    This is the funniest let's play commentary. AI factions are not as friendly as they used to be.

    Looking forward to the reconquest of Cottbus.
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    Re: Tmutarakan crash

    Many thanks for the suggestion. I have been a fan of the Gracul AI but I have been contemplating for some time installing the RBAI out of curiosity.

    There are occasionally battle-related crashes...
  21. Re: (1648 AAR] Baden campaign

    After extensively overhauling the campaign AI, the computer now behaves more as the AI logs say. Previously, the logs claimed one thing and the AI factions did another, in fact they mostly did very...
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    Tmutarakan crash

    A siege battle of Tmutarakan has crashed for the fifth time. Is there a known issue? It has crashed three times when reloading the strat-map after the battle and also twice during the battle due to...
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    Sticky: Re: FAQ

    The walls at this period were near indestructible. Not completely indestructible by artillery, but destroying them is buggy, so they have been made indestructible.

    Alternatives are to shoot at...
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    Sticky: Re: FAQ

    Piccolomini is a named character in the Austrian faction, as of course is Wallenstein. Perhaps you will come across them in your campaign. It may be useful to have a second diplomat in Austria, so...
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    Sticky: Re: FAQ

    In the original German version, the Piccolomini Cuirassiers were simply called Italian Cuirassiers, and being Italian they had to look more stylish than their German counterparts. They were the only...
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    Sticky: Re: FAQ

    The textures may not be the best but the skins are the work of volunteers, not of paid professionals.

    The reason for the Cuirassiers' horde formation probably was to make their charge less...
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    Interesting and entertaining research. It is something of an irony that one should render Roman names as they are used by Greeks - but in Roman characters. Why not stick to the originals? By the...
  28. Re: What a mod! Thank you, and thoughts!

    I have no explanation for this unless your game is trying to start from an old save. First rename the file called Saves in the main 1648 folder to Saves_old. Next, go into data>world>maps>base and...
  29. Re: What a mod! Thank you, and thoughts!

    This is strange indeed. Has the flag changed from the Lion of the Palatinate to the double headed eagle of Prussia? Or only the faction colours are swapped, from black to white? Does the name of the...
  30. Re: What a mod! Thank you, and thoughts!

    The game is caught in a loop because of some conflict. Possible causes are:
    1. Conflict in your building cues, so keep your cues short, preferably not more than one building per settlement.
    2. A...
  31. Re: descr_strat error reported by Geomod: watchtowers already on those locations

    No errors in the log. It turned out Stainless Steel was using a script to assign locations to watchtowers in descr_strat when setting up a campaign. So the original descr_strat files do not have...
  32. Pike & shot formations

    Pike and shot formations of the 1648 mod

  33. (1648 AAR] Baden campaign

    Baden campaign

    Campaign difficulty: very hard
    Batlle difficulty: very hard
    Patched up to patch 4 (latest patch) and with the more aggressive campaign AI. There was also a slower assimilation of...
  34. Re: The Stainless Steel Historical Improvement Project - First patch for Beta 8 released!

    I may not have the latest version of SSHIP, but one I recently downloaded has Alexios as Byzantine Emperor and the other Byzantine entries are mainly from the original SS6.4. I had made for my own...
  35. descr_strat error reported by Geomod: watchtowers already on those locations

    Would anyone have any thoughts on what may be causing this error: I have replaced a few names on descr_strat with more historical ones in Stainless Steel 6.4 both early and late campaigns. The...
  36. Re: Videos of 1648: Thirty Years of War

    In-game pike & shot formations.


    The pike & shot formations are automatically selected according to the historical preferences of the various factions and the relative ratio...
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    Re: Some fan contribution

    Lovely. Thank you!
  38. Re: What a mod! Thank you, and thoughts!

    Thank you for the kind words. Many people at Infracta worked on this mod and it is nice to see their work appreciated.

    The faction specific formations are automatic. To some extent they also rely...
  39. Re: Which is a beginner-friendly faction?

    As a beginner, why do you want to play on VH/VH? Campaign wise, the main change between difficulty levels is the number of AI armies. Without armies, the AI factions would not invade as much and the...
  40. Re: Some feedback, and questions

    There are two units with at best just a buff coat (Lobhausen and Nyland/Tavastehus regiments) and two native Cuirassier regiments. The late Cuirassiers with the two piece armour are available after...
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