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  1. Sticky: Re: [PREVIEW] - Roman Auxilia Overhaul

    Remarkable work.
  2. TotalWarCast Episode 08 now live!


    TotalWarCast has returned with a release of episode 8, Darren, Gunny and DekuTrash discuss the latest DLC for Rome II and small campaigns versus the grand campaign. Along with that,...
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    Re: New update (114mb)?

    I too am wondering what it is.


    A new added in update into the current beta patch 12
  4. LegendofTotalWar - Historical Battle of Zama


    After the close victory at the Battle of Cannae, LegendofTotalWar has continued his road to the Battle of Zama on legendary settings. Will He prevail and become Scipio Africanus or ...
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    Re: The Elitist Chat Thread

    Did you know that British Pathe have put their entire collection on youtube!

    some very interesting clips, I've picked out a few from a very...
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    Re: Formula 1

    He retired in February this year after stating he would leave around late October last year. It's now being taken in charge by Toto wolff.

    What do you lot think about Mercedes doing the no team...
  7. Re: Next DLC: Conquest of Britain?

    This should be very interesting, whilst I'm loving the "Roman Historical Campaign DLCs" I would like to see campaign DLCs focused elsewhere.
  8. Re: [Citizen] Joseph Simonyi de Vitézvár (Patron: General Brewster)

    Those PM's and posts just shows his true feathers and who knows what else He has done just for his own sake.

    And so it's an evidently no from me.
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    Re: Formula 1

    It is a shame, but He and the rest of the teams should have thought more about the future and invested more into the new engines like Mercedes has. I think we might see some more drop outs as the...
  10. [Release] Rome II: Edictum Mod

    The Edictum Mod for Total War: Rome II revamps the current edicts for 6 cultures. The mod adds a range of bonuses sectioned into different categories....
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    Re: Release

    The mod DeI (Divide Et Impera), has had its whole mod separated into 5 different downloads to spread out the file sizes so it doesn't limit the size of the mod if it was all in one download, so that...
  12. Sticky: Re: Any new about next patch or patches? CA's silence ain't good!

    Having just released HATG and the seasons and wonders update I doubt we will hear anything until after the easter holidays etc.
  13. Sticky: Re: TWC Member Awards 2013: Discussion Thread

    Congratulations to the winners :thumbsup2

    It will be interesting as to what happens with the tie between Joseph and Ishan.
  14. [Release] Rome II: Special Effects Enhancements

    The Special Effects Enhancement mod for Total War: Rome II greatly increases the various visual effects ranging from blood, dust, fire projectiles and...
  15. Poll: Re: If citizenship application votes were transparent, would it affect the way you vote?

    I disagree, the fact that the poll answers are not visible decreases the chance for any conflict amongst members by the options they vote with, it also allows for you to have the choice of telling...
  16. Poll: Re: If citizenship application votes were transparent, would it affect the way you vote?

    I vote accordingly to what I think about the topic in hand, not what others think through the use of the poll, Which was why I voted no.
  17. Poll: Re: [WIP] Re-designed UI (BETA RELEASE)

    Hey, pop in any time :thumbsup2

    Well, hopefully it will come to everyone expectations, I'm currently working on the UI for the Middle Earth: Total War, where I have advanced in areas that I have...
  18. DarrenTotalWar: Hannibal At The Gates DLC Review


    DarrenTotalWar brings you his thoughts on the latest DLC for Total War: Rome II, Hannibal At The Gates. In the review Darren points out the positives and negatives about the DLC...
  19. [Preview] Silmarillion: Total War - Valinor's Host

    Silmarillion: Total War is a total conversion mod of Rome: Total War - Alexander sets in the First Age of Middle-Earth, covering Beleriand and parts...
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    Re: Release

    Yes, it would be silly not to.
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    Re: Formula 1

    Yeah I knew that from last year, kimi went about two months without pay due to the debt
  22. Poll: Re: What do you think about graphical unit diversity?

    I would say the top image being the latest patch is alot more "finer" in the sense of better vegetation, more infrequent shield designs and overall the units just look better as well. Also if you...
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    Re: Formula 1

    I think I heard it was 09 for both Mclaran cars
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    Re: Formula 1

    Maldonado got 3 points on his super license as well
  25. Re: [How to] fix Rome 2 stuck at splash screen/wont load

    So you tried both processes in the original post? try this, uninstall Rome 2, then re-install and try process 1, and if that doesn't work uninstall, reinstall and then try process 2.

  26. Poll: Re: [Citizen] Makrell (Patron: Aikanár)

    His paragraph shows a lot of dedication towards the site in both helping members and maintaining the Scandinavian thread for the benefit of everyone else, and as well as that He has ventured into...
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    Re: Formula 1

    If I had known this was here :(

    Anyway, WOW what a race that was!! Being a massive fan of Lewis Hamilton I was nearly falling off the my seat with the wheel to wheel action with Rosberg after that...
  28. Re: Wćlwulf Epic Battle Grinder - Patch 8, 9

    Use the steam workshop
  29. Sticky: Re: POTW 366 - BENEATH THE SURFACE (Submission Thread)

  30. Re: Better Characters for [HatG]

    Very nice! Will you expand into Scipio and perhaps into the vanilla characters?
  31. [Release] Rome II: The Epic Battle Grinder Mod

    The Epic Battle Grinder mod for Total War: Rome II aims to revamp the AI in both campaign and in battle. In campaigns...
  32. Re: [Discussion] Curia/Citizen Announcements

    Incorporating Q's idea, I think that we lack a "content" section that is solely based on news within TWC, and what I mean by "news" is stuff like as said the newly made citizens, newly gained awards,...
  33. Sticky: Re: TWC Annual Member Awards - VOTE NOW!

    Votes done.

    Good luck everyone!
  34. Poll: Re: Gameplay vs graphics

    I believe a true gamer prefers gameplay rather than graphics, not just in relation to Rome 2.
  35. LegendofTotalWar: Hannibal At The Gates -Syracuse


    LegendofTotalWar has set himself on another campaign, playing as Syracuse on the newly released Hannibal At The Gates DLC and as always on legendary settings. This part one of the...
  36. Re: Give us back our loading screen!

    You can very easily edit your loading screens and UI look. But to save you the trouble here is Noif's mod that reverts it to the original state.
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    Re: Release

    Some time this year.
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    Re: Pilum Query

    I know that DeI allows you to manually throw them with certain units, however I'm not sure if it was implemented by them or an outsourced mod.
  39. Poll: [FAILED] Re: [Amendment] Practical terms for Magistrates

  40. Poll: [PASSED: IMPLEMENTED] Re: [Medal] Ishan for Asterix's Loincloth

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