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  1. Re: Can we have a compilation of all the reskin mods?

    You mean as links to each of the mod pages?
  2. [WIP] Re: The Heroic Age - a Barbarian Roster Expansion

    Major WIP of early progress for the Germanic general units!

    Reserved for future previews/updates!
  3. [WIP] The Heroic Age - a Barbarian Roster Expansion

    Hi all!
    I want to start out by saying that I really enjoy Attila. However, I find the barbarian factions are really lacking in variety. So this mod aims to spruce...
  4. Re: Earlg to late Gothic, Vandal and Alani warfare...

    A wonderful post sir! While I would love to change the StartPos I as a player do not enjoy having no starting intro that the playable factions have, so I would probably not change any of the playable...
  5. Sticky: Re: Introducing the Onager Dance: The Dance Wave that's All the Rage!

    What mod is this from?
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    Re: War Targets?

    I've had some decent success with the last few games using war targets. I actually had to rush to confederate quick so they wouldn't take the city I wanted :p
  7. Re: Cant encounter Celtic units if i don't buy the DLC? WTF?

    Are you positive they aren't mercs? There are Nordic mercenaries once the Nordic factions show up in Britannia
  8. Re: Earlg to late Gothic, Vandal and Alani warfare...

    Well that is certainly a wealth of information which may certainly help to improve my understanding of the very early beginnings of the tribes. Thank you!
  9. Re: Earlg to late Gothic, Vandal and Alani warfare...

    Ahh Magister you always deliver! Thanks for the sources, with any luck I'll find something of use :thumbsup2 anyone else have anything?
  10. Earlg to late Gothic, Vandal and Alani warfare...

    In my quest for knowledge (lol :P) and information for a mod I want to create, I was wondering if anyone has any reliable resources, ideas or suggestions on Gothic, Vandal or Alan warfare and how to...
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    Re: Alaman first steps.

    8'be found its not very wise to attack Rome any sooner than 15 or so turns in. After that point the majority of Rome's armies will have been obliterated or dealing with the Gothic threat. Also try to...
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    Re: there was a WRE buff?

    You should start a new one, I haven't seen much razing at all in my campaign. Although by 406 AD the Romans are pretty much reduced to Italia and (maybe? haven't seen that far) Africa in mine. I...
  13. Re: "prestige" mechanic Celtic culture pack. Who knows what this is?

    Haven't gotten hands on with the DLC yet but according to the description you needed to perform a 'great feat' to unlock
  14. Re: Suggestions for improving the Vikings.

    Agreed 100% OP. The 'Viking' forefathers are definitely lacking in depth compared to the other DLC. I must admit now I'm hoping to see a Beowulf like character :P an update to that DLC would be great...
  15. [Proposal] Re: New Visigothic Shock Cavalry....For Variety's Sake

    That would be great, would it be online perchance?
  16. [Proposal] Re: New Visigothic Shock Cavalry....For Variety's Sake

    I haven't fully researched into Gothic warfare yet, but IIRC later Goths did form a heavy cav bodyguard so more than likely. Dunno if it will be considered "shock" or not
  17. [Proposal] Re: New Visigothic Shock Cavalry....For Variety's Sake

    I'm working on a mod for the barbarian rosters XD
  18. Re: [REQUEST] Barbarian Factions Variety Overhaul

    I'm not really sure if I will do the Alani, I'm definitely no expert in steppe warfare, I know more about Germanic. I definitely plan on expanding the rosters of most of the Germanic tribes. Thanks...
  19. Re: { PROPOSAL } Wrath of the Norsemen mod for Attila

    I thoroughly enjoyedworking on this mod, but peaceandwar is definitely right about waiting on mod tools. If we could add in all of Scandinavia then I would definitely be jumping right on either WOTN...
  20. Re: [REQUEST] Barbarian Factions Variety Overhaul

    Its certainly something I've been playing with the idea of - a mod to increase the cultural and tribal differences between each barbarian kingdom :) my ideas so far

    Alemans - multiple tribal...
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    [Proposal] Re: Multiple type of weapons per unit?

    This has been covered 1000 times with every single TW game... Lol. It's not possible to create multiple weapon types in one unit.
  22. Re: Small change graphic climate campaign map

    Looks good on my phone. Any noticeable FPS drop?
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    Re: Celtic DLC announced

    Sweet!! I don't have to make Celtic units for my mod :P
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    Re: [DLCs Not Needed!] The Saxons Are Awesome

    :thumbsup2 good work!!!
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    Re: [WIP] Picts & Gaels

    I think we can be of great help to each other mate ;) have already started on something similar though I'm in the same boat as you. PM me if you're interested
  26. Re: [REQUEST] giving regions turns barbarians into foederti

    If there is a horde present in a region you can gift them said region.
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    Re: [DLCs Not Needed!] The Saxons Are Awesome

    Don't forget, the seax (and its more northernly variant the scramaseax) were the go-to weapons for the Saxons, hence the names. They were a quite common weapon amongst the commoners. :)
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    Re: [MOD]Faster Resettlement

    Oh this is great! Definitely something I hated in vanilla. Downloading tonight :thumbsup2
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    Adding units

    Hello all -

    I am interested in beginning to mod TW:A and have looked through the R2 tutorials on how to add units. Let me start off by saying that I am used to nodding M2 so the warscape engine...
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    Re: [Proposal] Late Period Units

    I have entertained the thought of porting my mod HV:TW over to Attila... Perhaps in the future it will be a possibility
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    Re: what faction do you guys like so far?

    I'm enjoying the Langobards - good 'heroic' style infantry and a great position to expand anywhere makes this campaign very exciting
  32. Re: Ask me anything about the Long Beards DLC - Let's Play begun - Video included

    I have a strong alliance with the Franks, Alemans and Thuringians (trying to get the Thurs to join me XD) and we're all ganging up on the Roman provinces
  33. Re: Ask me anything about the Long Beards DLC - Let's Play begun - Video included

    I'm playing as the Longobards as well and loving it - only problem I had so far is I have too many allies surrounding me.and I don't have enough money to bribe them to confederate with me :p
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    Sticky: Re: [WIP] Fall of the Eagles

    Would it perhaps be a better idea to wait until Thursday, when the new update is out? That way it can be updated right off the bat, as well as the Steam Workshop be up.
  35. Re: i accept the huns having good cavalry...NOT the best infantry in the game!??

    Really? I've found shield wall to be pretty effective against arrows... Just watch out for javelins (naturally).
  36. Re: i accept the huns having good cavalry...NOT the best infantry in the game!??

    Can't comment on the bit about the Huns but to use the Viking factions effectively against armies with a lot of missiles, use your shield wall!!!​ It's there for a reason :P
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    Re: DLC March 3rd its

    It was moved to a week from the 26th, which would be the 5th. If March 3rd was put on Steam as the release date it was a typographical error.
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    Re: longbeards dlc 7.99?

    This adds 23(!!) new units, a new unique event (quest?)line that gives you a general with skills based on your choices, new buildings, new missions etc. This is far, far, faaaar more worth $7.99 than...
  39. Re: UPDATE: Torches Where we're going we don't need torches!

    Wow, that is quite the extended list of updates! I like what I see, especially the improvement of performance for AMD cards, the game has been rather rough on my computer. Looking forward to this...
  40. Re: Buying and Selling Region/Cities must be back

    Uhhhhhhhhhhh.... Yeah it did. It absolutely did.
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