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    Re: There can only be one....

    Lol, they even formed an alliance. Every faction in the world should prepare for a double blitzkrieg.
  2. Poll: Re: channel dedicated to realistic historical battles with REAL NUMBERS (100k men and more)

    Is this for real? Amazing!

    I always thought 64 units in a stack was the most ideal maximum number of units in a Total War game.
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    Re: Immortal Leaders

    Immortal leaders was a terrible idea and whoever thought it was good is terrible as well. The only places where it supposedly should be, are in that Caesar in Gaul campaign, and Napoleon Total War....
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    Re: 100 Units per stack (Working)

    Yet no pics even now (I rarely watch videos). It was fake after all.
  5. Re: The "New" Frontier of M2TW Modding: Memory Editing

    This looks amazing. I am planning a mod which has around 45 factions, yet the game only allows 30 factions (+1 rebel faction). Has anyone managed to get the game to allow more than 30 factions?

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    Re: A huge pleede to the mod creators!

    There was another problem with Rome 2 though. CA developers were very lazy with those standard bearers and didn't create animations for them. The standards were held in right hand alongside shields,...
  7. Re: "Join war against" - effect of the real military support

    I use that option to avoid directly declaring war on someone, yet be able to take their lands through 'just helping my dear ally' excuse. It is very helpful sometimes.
  8. Re: Way to make all factions [AT WAR] always

  9. Re: Why is there no city on the battlefield when Sallying forth?

    This is a Warscape engine limitation. Unlike in RTW and Medieval 2 (and even earlier), none of the Warscape engine games have the cities or castle-towns appear on the map when you sally out. The game...
  10. Re: Question about "old" factions in 2.4

    Oh goodness, I can finally be in peace! Thank you so much! :D
  11. Re: Immigrants are taking over Greek islands

    Please tell me, how is a nation that has gone bankrupt, and already has a lot of other pressures including a weakening political situation, going to handle all this extra population that keeps...
  12. Re: Britain Owes Reparations for Colonising India: Indian MP

    Well, Britain certainly owes a lot of reparations to India.

    For turning India from the wealthiest state on the earth into one of the poorest; for destroying a whole lot of architecture, including...
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    Re: Why aren't units depicted accurately?

    This is one of the really hilarious posts. And since I opened the spoiler first before even reading, I never fell into the trap. Well done. :P
  14. Re: Ask me, President Vladimir Putin, a Question

    Mr. Putin, what is your take on the Glorious Red People's Completely Democratic Utterly Unbiased Socialist Public Republic of North Korea? I heard your nation still supports them.
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    Re: The thread for horrible suggestions

    Bring back the Arcani from RTW:
  16. Re: Native Names Project for BC - v0.9 RELEASED

    I can help with all Indian names.

    By the way, shouldn't you add an alternative download link now that all attachments are dead?
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    Re: Population

    Medieval 2's system was exactly same as RTW, get your facts right. The population number affected a lot of things, especially recruitment. Saying that it wasn't in the sense of RTW is a complete BS....
  18. Re: Things that CA must correct ASAP in the next patch.

    Agreed on all points.

    By the way, the Roman Emperor's personal bodyguards by this time were always the Scholae Palatinae, the loyal unit formed after the notorious Praetorians were disbanded....

    Meh, Britain. There are far better locations.

    If we could mod the locations, only then having something related to that island would be interesting. Right now I think at best there can be a...
  20. Sticky: Re: [Preview. BC 2.4]The Kara-Khitan Khaganate

    Looks very nice!

    By the way, Khitan Elite Macemen units are using the steel shield texture from Mount and Blade Warband, right: :P
  21. Re: Question about "old" factions in 2.4

    I would just love to know if you guys have finally changed the Indian elephants...they looked absolutely stupid with modern portraits of Hindu Gods on them. The 'Om' symbol on Rajput shields was more...
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    Re: How to make a map smaller?

    You cannot edit your posts until you have at least 25 posts.
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    Re: wanna buy

    Wasn't Emperor Edition a free update for Rome 2? That said, Shogun 2 Gold Edition can be a bit more expensive than Rome 2, but then it is extremely worthy of the money you pay for it.
  24. Re: Looking for a Shogun 2 Mod that is similar to Rome 2's DeI Mod


    These mods do a great job at eliminating unrealistic battles. And if you are willing to play another timeline, there is also Sekigahara Campaign mod with very nice battles.
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    Poll: Re: Offline Encyclopedia

    What, encyclopaedia isn't offline anymore? CA developers have gone nuts for sure.

    The obvious option for the poll is yes, of course I want a moddable, offline encyclopaedia. My internet is slow...
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    Re: Stolen Mod : What should i do?

    Have those retarded staff members at Steam responded to the reports now?
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    Re: Name that Battle!

    Same here. All naval battles look the same to me. Unless there is something definite to distinguish it from others.
  28. Sticky: Re: Samurai Warlords beta 8 - Shogun mod for MTW/VI

    Now the whole mod is gone...

    Can anyone help me?
  29. Re: Shogun and Medieval are coming to Steam!

    How is the Steam version? I was thinking of stopping to use my dusty old disk versions because I have some trouble running Shogun 1 and Medieval 1 ever since I bought a new PC earlier this year and...
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    Re: Stolen Mod : What should i do?

    Not yet, it seems.

    Steam is indeed filled to the brim with retarded, lazy-arse moderators who take months for even small actions and reports, let alone large ones.
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    [Released] Re: FotS: Proper Languages

    My goodness, it works fine! Thank you so much! Wonderful. :D
  32. [Released] Re: Daimyos & Generals MOD (updated: Otomo Sorin)

    Can anyone upload all of those portraits, and the unit cards in the original post, please? Especially, can you put them in one big bundle instead of hundreds of different files like original? I would...
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    [Released] Re: Noif's Bows

    And the attachment link has disappeared... Can anyone please reupload?
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    [Released] Re: Colored unit cards

    Does this include all units from all DLCs too? Seems very nice. :)
  35. [Released] Re: RotS Recolor for the 6 playable clans

    No download link for this mod? Please reupload. Those bright green Fujiwara are disturbing to look upon.
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    Re: Stolen Mod : What should i do?

    That is great. Hopefully you'll upload the full mod back on the workshop, slowly but surely, and the stolen mod will eventually be revealed.

    Catch the retarded thief and nail him to the cross...
  37. Re: Queen of UK hints she would prefer Britain to remain in the EU

    This is the precise reason. They should apologize and pay reparations as well as return all the treasure they've hoarded in their museums (a lot of snatched away by force).

    The way the Britons...
  38. Re: Are Traditional Cultures Doomed to be Wiped Out by Globalisation (Westernisation)?

    I wouldn't say that westernization can fully erode traditional culture. It is the local government's policies that do.

    Look at Japan. They westernized yet preserved a lot of their traditional...
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    Re: Stolen Mod : What should i do?

    I think you should upload this mod right away, and in the description detail how he stole your mod, how he even didn't steal properly, and that this is the real one which you have posted. That way he...
  40. Re: Queen of UK hints she would prefer Britain to remain in the EU

    Britain is a shameful and pathetic country, a stain on humanity, and the more their European partners abandon them, the better it would be.
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