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  1. Re: [Faction Research] Ríocht de Muanh - Kingdom of Munster (Ireland)

    Great, this will be of use. Thank you :)
  2. Re: [Sub-Mod] Improved major faction abilities/traits - (version 0.1, Rome)

    There's a mod for that :)

    OP: Great work, I'd love to see what else you do with the factions.
  3. Re: Roma II Beta Patch 12 siege AI review

    Wow, it's looking much, MUCH better than patch 11 already, and it's only in beta. Great news
  4. Re: If C.A. added The Battle of Watling Street!?

    Does nobody play the game?? O.o
    You can give infantry the wedge formation... And the flying wedge formation. And it works quite well, I might add.
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    Re: Sebidee's Night Hunters Redone

    Nice work! Much, much better. +Rep for you, good sir ;)
  6. Sticky: Re: [Preview]The Roman Empire Part II-Tagmatic Units.

    Imageshack does not require a payment at all. I've been using imageshack for years. Barring that, you could always try Imgur.
  7. Sticky: Poll: Re: CA Business Practice Complaint and Discussion Thread

    Wrong, good sir. What you don't think about is the state of enjoyment of this game is completely, 100% subjective. There is nothing factual about it, and not playing the game does not change the fact...
  8. Sticky: Poll: Re: CA Business Practice Complaint and Discussion Thread

    Lol :doh:

    Because you can totally say a game isn't good because you've "watched playthroughs and read reviews"...
  9. Re: Mod Preview: Blackened Night Hunters (feedback requested)

    The idea is solid. The texture is a bit too solid black and shiny - looks kind of like Batman's armor :P Try perhaps taking a skin texture, applying a mild black to it (more gray than black) and use...
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    Re: Hannibal at the Gates seems to be good.

    In the Lusitani description it says a + public order bonus for sacrifice...
    Anybody seen anything something concerning sacrifice? Haven't gotten that far yet.
  11. Re: In your opinion what is the single worse aspect of Rome 2?

    The missing system of roads, farms and ports from Shogun 2. My only real disappointment moving from S2 -> R2
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    Re: [Discussion] Season and Wonders Update

    I can't tell you how much better it is to see a map that doesn't have snow all over it :D
  13. Re: Total War: ROME II - Hannibal at the Gates Campaign Pack

    Pretty sure it's 0:00 Pacific Standard Time (in 3.5 hours). That's usually when games release.
  14. Re: [Patch 11] Correlation of seasons, roads, and attrition

    This is more than likely a bug, mate. I would post a bug report of this.
  15. Poll: Re: Poll: How many hours have you put into Rome 2?

    222 hours logged so far :P
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    Re: Viking age:TE?

    I plan to someday transfer HV:TW to R2. As soon as we can get the map tools, it's definitely a possibility to make, and I think a lot of the features of R2 would work great (especially the stances).
  17. Re: Europa Tribuum (Gauls, Britons, Celts, Iberians, Germans, Daco-Thracians - Historical Unit Roster Project)

    Ohh myyyy
    :D GREAT work! Cannot wait to play it
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    Re: [HATG] Army Reserve System

    Basically they're stacks in your enemy's main cities. You do not get them. They won't move from the cities until you come close (so if you're raiding their territory they won't just sit there).
  19. Re: Outline of current DLC mini-campaign pattern and future speculation

    I must say, a DLC spanning the Marcomanic Wars and/or Dacian wars seems quite likely, since there is only one Germanic faction (compared to 4 Gallic) and no Daco-Thracians. Though I wouldn't be...
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    Re: ?What to do about superior bowman?

    If you're using 8 units of bowmen, it is absolutely right for you to be able to slaughter the other army with a rain of arrows :P

    Can't say how plausible of a tactic it was - I know in Germanic...
  21. Re: Mod Request : Amazon Warriors Please

    Well theoretically, you could take the Germanic "shield maiden" body and apply it to a model for a battle map... But that is purely theoretical and I have no idea if that would actually work or not :P
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    Re: [Faction Research]Regnum Francorum

    Absolutely nothing is new, unfortunately :( I no longer have photoshop because I got a new laptop and I don't like using Gimp so I'm unable to work atm. Hopefully soon I'll be able to start up again...
  23. Re: How's Caecar in Gaul DLC working with 0.8?

    This campaign is incredibly hard. I'm getting into wars with factions that I've never had previous contact with and totally pwned :laughter:
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    Re: So, what do you think about 0.8?

    Okay, so I've gotten to get hands on with the early game. My general impressions (playing as Suebi);

    - Did you guys touch AI agents? I had an agent from the Boii absolutely annihilating Lupfurdum....
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    Re: So, what do you think about 0.8?

    So far I like it, though for some reason my performance has taken a hit. I'll check and see what unit sizes I'm using though, as that may be the issue i'm having.
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    Re: The Boiis are back in town

    First of all, fixed for you ;)

    Secondly, while I've yet to get to late game (haven't gotten much of a chance to play), there are two potential reasons why they get the edge over barbarians in the...
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    Re: Causes of Unrest/Unhappiness

    If you hover the mouse over the happiness meter (in the city overview area) it will tell you exactly what is affecting public order.
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    Re: Your Battle Music?

    Most of what I listen to is folk/viking metal. :P Death metal mixed with traditional folk instruments and melodies/and or symphonic elements... Haha
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    Re: I am so sad..

    I must apologize for myself as well, old friend. I hope soon to get Photoshop again, as I recently got a new computer and have not yet been able to mod on it, nor do I even have M2TW installed....
  30. Re: [Patch 9] - Rome 2 Worth Playing now ??

    The game is a lot more challenging, at least early on. Depending on the faction you could get 3-5 factions declaring war on you... Make sure to play on normal though, or the AI get awful bonuses that...
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    Re: [PREVIEW] - The Iceni

    Epic!! I just wish there were descriptions of the units :P
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    Re: [Work in Progress] Haegemonia

    Very nice work! I must admit, I am more than eager to see L'aigle's units :thumbsup2
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    Re: I know, that the AI is bad, but so bad?

    Medieval II is actually the only one I've ever seen it do this. In fact, in many, MAAANNYY battles of where the AI attacked me, they then ran to a corner and sat there.
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    Poll: Re: Vote for Religion DLC

    Ugh, no. Why do we need another culture mechanic? I could see religion replacing culture for a Late Empire scenario, but not at the moment. Religions were ever changing and exchanged (for example,...
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    Poll: Re: Official "Beast of War" DLC Discussion

    So long as your game starts up and doesn't crash at any point then it is, by all accounts, playable. Whether you choose to enjoy it or not, well, that's your choice. ;)

    I enjoy the game. Will I...
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    Poll: Re: Official "Beast of War" DLC Discussion

    Some people take games way, waaaaaayyy​ too seriously.
  37. Re: [Faction Research] Ríocht de Muanh - Kingdom of Munster (Ireland)

    More great stuff, as always :)
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    Re: Faction "Wishlist" thread

    Perhaps in the future - my main goal is to release one faction preview per culture, so I haven't yet decided what factions will be released.
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    Poll: Re: The Galatians are coming!

    Great, thank you! :)
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    Poll: Re: The Galatians are coming!

    Why kind sir! You do not have to go out of your way for me :) If it's by popular demand, just feature them in the next update. I don't mind at all! :)
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