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  1. Re: Any AI Sub-Mods For This? I Have A Feeling Battles Will Be To Easy

    AI mods can only slightly improve the AI. It's not easy to build an AI that can beat a decent human player, even for modern games, and M2TW is a bit old now. If you want a real challenge you have to...
  2. Re: Shogun 2 Single Player: Using Trickery To Your Advantage On The Campaign Map and Battlefield

    I love the unit minefield, it saved so many castles in my Uesugi campaign. Expecially effective against naval invasion when your main armies are very far.
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    Re: how to avoid betrayal

    This. I found AI to be pretty reliable in my Uesugi long campaign: Oda stayed on my side even after i became Shogun, declaring war on me only when i invaded Shinano (the last enemy stronghold).
  4. Re: Could Stannis have realistically won the battle of Kings Landing

    Stannis would have won, unless Tywin manage to break through a gate while Stannis' soldiers were still pillaging the city. But Stannis is a good commander and has a strong sense of discipline, i...
  5. Re: Gripes with the Peter Jackson Lotr and Hobbit films

    Tom is important in a very subtle way; if Tolkien never spoke of him we never felt the need for a character that exemplifies everything Sauron is not. He has a role, but not a key one.

    With the...
  6. Re: Westeros Faction Wars(READ OP)[Round 33:Main Houses]

    House Baratheon 28

    House Lannister 5

    House Martell 6+

    House Targaryen 5

    House Tyrell 5
  7. Re: westeros : total war : rise of the noble

    Sadly, i think M2TW can't create a proper diplomacy system like the one you are looking for.
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