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  1. Sticky: Poll: MAARC LVIII Third Place Tiebreaker!

    The Writers' Study Presents:
    MAARC LVIII 3rd Place Tie-breaker

    To vote, you have ONE votes which MUST...
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    Re: Yōkai | Updated Chapter 49 - 18.5.15

    Are you using a mod for M&B to produce the screenshots?
  3. Re: The Bear and the Tiger: Two Roads to Kyoto

    I just read through your last updates. A very good start with excellent screenshots, although I advise you don't place them in spoilers because it makes the story less immersive if the reader has to...
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    Re: Yōkai | Updated Chapter 49 - 18.5.15

    An excellent couple of chapters. I must say, I didn't see the twist coming although I hardly see any twists coming. And finally, war. About bloody time. For the Emperor!

    I hope you get your...
  5. Re: A Long Way From Home - A Skyrim AAR [updated 17th May 2015]

    MAGIC TIME!!!!!

    Yannick will get one hell of a shock when fire starts coming out of his hands!
  6. Re: Titanium Core: Borderlands (Updated 13/5/15)

    So. Much. Sexual. Tension!

    Way Braedan is getting all the chicks. It'll be interesting to see what Alyssa's motives are.
  7. Re: In Service of the Republic - A House of Julia AAR

    I added some line breaks as requested, just remember that you can press preview post to show what your post will look like because I know well how unreliable the text editor can be when copying and...
  8. Re: New Style of AAR - Co-op in Attila

    I'd be up for this after my exams finish (which is the end of next week)
  9. Re: For King and Country (Great Britain AAR) [Updated: May 13, 2015]

    Good to see this back up and running. This chapter reminded me of the beautiful screenshots you manage to take. Those bloody Mughals as well, though you can't blame them for wanting their country...
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    Sticky: Poll: Re: MCWC XI The Vote!

    Some one voted three times but I've sorted it out and will edit the poll soon.
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    Sticky: Re: TotW Commentary Thread.

    I'm so sorry for posting the vote thread so late, rl things came up and whenever I went to do it, the text editor would make the formatting all wonky and stuff. But it is up now and I'll post the...
  12. Sticky: Poll: ToTW 238: Leonard Nimoy - The Vote!

    << Picture of the Week | Unedited Screenshot of the Week | Graphics Competition | Tale of the Week >>

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    Re: A Quiet Retreat

    I hope this library grows. Nice artwork as well, is it yours?
  14. Sticky: Re: Writers' Study Chat and Feedback - Ask all your questions here!

    I'd love to but sadly I'm too busy for it right now. But it would be interesting to read a co-op CW story especially with all the talent on here.
  15. Sticky: Re: Writers' Study Chat and Feedback - Ask all your questions here!

    Lucky you mine are just about to start!

    Yeah but I think M was organising it and he's been quite busy I think.
  16. Re: The Daily Dealings of a Merchant Commentary

    Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. The problem with advertising and Gallipoli and war and stuff is that the line is very blurred between remembrance and marketing. Like no one can...
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    Sticky: Poll: MAARC LVIII The Vote!

    The Writers' Study Presents:

    To vote, you have TWO votes which MUST be used.
    The poll is...
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    Re: Yōkai | Updated Chapter 46 - 7.5.15

    I have a sneaking suspicion that something may come in the way of Suzushi and Shinji...
  19. Re: "What Is Best In Life?" - A Shogun II Hojo AAR [Updated: 09/05/2015]

    This gets more and complex with each chapter. I wonder what Ujimasa is going to show him. Eagerly awaiting the next chapter.
  20. Re: The Stormy Skies (Updated 06/05 w/ Chapter 11)

    Excellent last two chapters, the three brothers make for a constantly thrilling and humorous read and then the nightmare scene with Carson tantalised us a bit more with the back story. Also at the...
  21. Re: Flight of the Nightingale (Updated 05/05/2015)

    More mysterious killing by our protagonist. I don't quite know what Summer-Wind is though, I think I missed something...
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    Re: Yōkai | Updated Chapter 45 - 6.5.15

    To Suo-Oshima!

    Can't wait for the inevitable duel between Shinji and Suzushi.

    And great dialogue between the three (or four) characters.
  23. Re: The Sun Never Sets... - An AAR of Britain for Imperial Splendour [Updated: 03/05/2015]

    A wonderful last two chapters, my dear friend, quite interesting to read about Scottish history and customs and his father is one hell of a monster I must say. It looks like Jacob is heading to the...
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    Sticky: Re: MAARC LVIII Submissions

    I don't usually do this but it seems to be working with Shankbot so I'll give it try.

    I'd like to nominate Caillagh's A Long Way from Home and Blame Canada's In Service of the Republic.

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    Sticky: MCWC XII Submissions


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    Sticky: Poll: MCWC XI The Vote!


    You have TWO votes which MUST be used.
    The poll is multi-choice, so you can cast both your votes concurrently. If you do not use the...
  27. Re: A Long Way From Home - A Skyrim AAR [updated 3rd May 2015]

    Mmmm bread and blue cheese... Sounds delicious.

    Can't wait to see the interaction between Balgruuf and Yannick, the guard's comments on Irilieth were spot on as well, she's scary.
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    Re: Yōkai | Updated Chapter 44 - 5.5.15

    I feel you my friend, I've tried multiple ways to work around that problem because I really want to include some town pics but I can't get anyone who doesn't have a weapon. And I can't mod for my...
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    Re: Yōkai | Updated Chapter 43 - 3.5.15

    Interesting to hear about Suzushi having doubts about Akashi as well as the tension between Ryukei and her. Now does this kimono belong to Nishina perchance?
  30. Sticky: Re: Advertising Board - Subscribe to get the latest updates.

    Just above the first post on this page you should see a little menu called Thread Tools, click on that and a small drop down menu will appear and then click subscribe to thread ​and then just follow...
  31. Re: The Daily Dealings of a Merchant

    John Green, The Fault in Our Stars and Young Adult Literature

    May 3, AD 2015

    Now, I known that a few of you will disagree with the stuff I’m about to say because it may be complete and utter...
  32. Re: Rise of the Norwegians: A Norwegian AAR (Chapter 3 is out!)

    Good start venomousmonkey, I like your choice of faction and the story so far is interesting, however I have a few points of advice.

    Firstly, the first two chapters seem to have these randoms...
  33. Re: Flight of the Nightingale

    Great start, in the first chapter I thought the rabbit was going to kill theme ala Monty Python's the Holy Grail. Can't wait to see more and this Cassiel guy seems pretty cool.
  34. Sticky: Re: Writers' Study Chat and Feedback - Ask all your questions here!

    Click edit post then press go advanced and then just above the main text box should be a smaller box with the title thread in it and then just edit away.
  35. Re: [SS 6.4] True Heirs to the Caesars AKA The Staufeniad - HRE Late Era AAR [Updated: -/-/-]

    But I don't want to wait!!!

    It's only been three months since you came back and already there are at least half a dozen AARs started. Although I can't say I'm not excited about them all.
  36. Re: In Service of the Republic - A House of Julia AAR

    Great start, as others have said, you seem to have captured Roman politics and society easily and I must echo my fellow readers in saying the info about the slave was a particularly nice touch.
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    Re: Yōkai | Updated Chapter 42 - 2.5.15

    Dun dun dun.....

    Great chapter but that the title of the chapter seems suspiciously like one of my own....

    And there's going to be an Act 20! Wow, yours is definitely going to be in contention...
  38. Re: The Stormy Skies (Updated 02/05 w/ Chapter 9)

    Oh the shizzle got quite real indeed. Wayyyyy too many family problems! God, I don't like my own brother very much, but these guys seem to take it to another level.
  39. Re: World Building with Martin O'Bannion - Updated: 23/04/15

    Sorry I haven't commented in a bit, I fell a bit behind on the reading and then I kind of forgot but I do not hope you mistake that for lack of interest. I found the war between Earth and the Empire...
  40. Re: Way of the Bow:A Chosokabe AAR-(Updated Chapter XXX 27/4)

    You're assuming that it isn't Motochika's idea..... But I do suspect if or when Motochika finds out he will be less than happy (in the same way that he has only a small anger problem).
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