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    Reminder - Flickr's dead line for pic removal has just passed

    As I mentioned in November Flickr is going to remove surplus pictures (beyond 1000) since yesterday from free accounts.

    It's not too late yet to secure your surplus picture from the site,

    Gigantus February 06, 2019 08:49 PM

    The Lensation - Issue 2

    Welcome back to this week's edition of The Lensation. It's time for what you've all been waiting for: The Weekly Wrap-up! The blog should more or less follow such a format for future

    Swaeft January 28, 2019 08:01 PM

    The Lensation - Issue 1

    Free image from pexels.com - License

    Hello, one and all!

    Welcome to the Lensation (name inspired from the words "Lens" and "Sensation"), my unofficial

    Swaeft January 27, 2019 09:15 PM
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    Written in Sand - AAR Review

    So good of a review, I need to go back and start reading this AAR from the beginning. A very good... Go to last post

    NorseThing February 02, 2019 06:57 PM

    Written in Sand - AAR Review

    Swaeft, I have been meaning to respond to this for a while now and keep getting sidetracked by real... Go to last post

    Kilo11 February 02, 2019 08:53 AM
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    Re: More Unique Generals

    Hey, thanks for trying my submod.
    And no, Imrahil had the standart Amorth Bodyguard.
    Also about Thorin, i thought it would be better to

    Ar-Sakalthor Today, 10:26 AM Go to last post

    Re: Why is murder wrong?

    Sorry to rain on your parade mate, but atheism, being the denial of all deities, makes it by default a non-religion. To be a religion you have to have

    Azorica Today, 10:26 AM Go to last post
    Machina Ex

    Re: More Unique Generals

    Very nice little changes, it will be fun trying it. Riding Mumakil all the way to Minas Tirith! Btw, didn't Imrahil already have Swan knights as bg? And

    Machina Ex Today, 10:16 AM Go to last post

    Re: Bugs Reports & Technical Help

    Hi there, I've already mentioned the invisible weapon issue with Jinetes, now I've seen the same with Javelinmen while playing with Aragon. Just so you

    MattMZ Today, 10:14 AM Go to last post
    The Wandering Storyteller

    Re: 10 Things Medieval 3 Would Need

    This should honestly have been the bane of total war issues. Not AI (even though that's important yes but I've come to accept CA refuses to improve their

    The Wandering Storyteller Today, 10:08 AM Go to last post
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