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    General Brewster

    Washing my car

    I am one of those people that at the first sight of nice weather, parks the car next to my house, get out my Karcher and hook up the water hose. Generally accompanied by some loud music I start the tedious

    General Brewster Today 08:34 AM

    The Quest for the Perfect Stick

    Hello to the hoo-mans on TWC. My name is Colt, and the silly hoo-man you know as GED is my servant. He prepares my food, washes and brushes my coat, fills my water bowl, and does anything else I need

    GrnEyedDvl Yesterday 11:13 PM
    Van Zandt

    Terrae Expungnandae 5.0 rediscovered

    A few months ago, while browsing an old file archive, I came across a folder labeled, "TWC". Knowing that could only mean forum material I opened it up. I was mildly surprised to discover that

    Van Zandt April 13, 2019 01:09 PM