Silver Auxilia (Moderated Group)

We are the proud Fidelitas of TWC, The Silver Auxilia - Recognized by our Silver name tags. We are The Local Moderators who keep watch over the special nooks that make TWC interesting. Here Local Moderators will network and exchange ideas and offer assistance to fellow moderators where possible. Starting out as a local moderator one can feel left out and alone with a mountain of responsibility, but together we may find support and guidance from others who share those same responsibilities.

If you are a 'Mod of the Silver' come share with us your sub forum and join the Foederati in the expansion of TWC!

New recruits are requested to give a brief greeting with the following information:

1. Brief summary of their responsibilities.

2. The Title and direct link to their respective sub forums.

3. How did you feel when you were first appointed local moderator?

For more information about our group, help with local moderator permissions as well as other frequently asked questions go here:

Silver Auxilia FAQs

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