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  1. Armatus
    Life is 99.9% of what you make of it and then you die.
  2. ♔The Lizard King♔
    ♔The Lizard King♔
    Pain is 50% Worry and 50% shock. Honestly, if someone knew they couldn't die, would injuries be painful, to the extent they usually would be?
  3. Armatus
    I don't know they might be all the more painful considering we'd have no reason to go into shock. But then again what would be the point of pain if you couldn't die...? Hmmm maybe we should ask God.
  4. Ulyaoth
    I'm still trying to decide between hedonism or asceticism(not completely, I aint giving up my sex) What do you think?
  5. Armatus
    Well I hear Tantra is a nice compromise
  6. Phunkracy
    Definetly Hedonism. It's my life's philosophy. And it works quite good
  7. Broken Pope
    Broken Pope
    I am a utilitarian. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.
  8. Aldgarkalaughskel
    Then utilitarianism supports Nazism and Communism.
  9. Armatus
    So then as a utilitarian do you subject yourself to those greater needs? If say the government decided exercise eminent domain on you and your neighbors so it could put up a fancy resort to drive income to the community?
  10. Aldgarkalaughskel
    I'm not a utilitarian, I don't restrict life to only one dimension.
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