Which is your favorite?

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  1. Dan the Man
    Dan the Man
    Indeed there are!
    I use this one mostly. Exceptional mod
  2. Eärnur
    Age of Empire's 2, hands down.. Barbarossa campaign is Epic
  3. Baywatch
    Age of Kings: The Conquerors for me, love playing as the Huns. Age of Mythology: The Titans comes in a very close second. There isn't much that is funner than playing as Kronus and time shifting your barracks/counter barracks/palace behind your enemy's base. Good times.
  4. Dan the Man
    Dan the Man
    Yes! My friend and I used to do that all the time!
    Awesome stuff!
  5. SpyrosM91
    age of empires II+exp....the very first game i've ever played in a coputer.....
  6. TW_User
    Age of Empires II + Expansion
  7. Kabeloko
    ah great experiences come to mind!
    i have to say AGE OF EMPIRES 2 : THE CONQUERORS
    it just kickass!
    it was my favorite, now we got medieval 2, but back then, that was our top medieval strategy game XD
    good times!
  8. Adisor Norvegianu
    Age of Empires II is my favorited with his expansion, The Conquerors.
  9. Mirkwood_Elf
    AOE 3 with Asian Dynasties and Age of Mythology(with expansions) best games in the series.
  10. Babri
    AOE II is the best.
  11. grandpa
    I prefer AOE Age of Kings...yet I play the expansion conquerors as well....was my first rts game..12 years ago. I used to love playing at the zone. Gave my Grandson my Age of kings disc, to get his feet wet.
  12. Roger Explosion
    Roger Explosion
    I will have to say AOE3 for the sheer unit and civ variety, as well as for decks/cards/shipments adding a whole new layer of gameplay - that said, it's very close next to the others. AOM is pure fun, AOE2 is probably the most overall solid, and AOE introduced me to the series and introduced me to history, so that's kind of a big deal. I love each and every one of the games.
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