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  • Faerūn Total War Development Team

    No Description

    Category: Staff
    Last Activity: Today 06:21 AM

    This is a private group.
  • Pinky Ears Inc.

    DCI workshop of ferrits, ninja-marsupials & friends

    Category: Games
    Last Activity: Today 05:42 AM

    This is a private group.
  • Divide and Conquer Testing Council

    A group to test-run the changes and releases of DaC before they are made available.

    Category: Games
    Last Activity: Today 04:42 AM

    This is a private group.
  • Hyrule Total Team

    A group set up to help the Undyingnephalim in editing and polishing his Mod 'Hyrule Total War'

    Category: Games
    Last Activity: Yesterday 10:18 PM

    This is a private group.
  • Humanists and Secularists of TWC

    A group for those who reject supernatural explanations for morality or the cosmos, and/or the legitimacy of religious involvement in the state. Instead members of this group adopt a humanist worldview, reasoning morality from the perspective of the value of human happiness and agency. This group opposes religious or autocratic interference with or physical threat to the individual.

    Last Activity: Yesterday 03:01 PM

    This is a private group.
  • PEI Beta

    This is the place where we will gather all those nasty bugsiesss. Yesss, my preciousss, we hates them, we hates them all!

    Category: Games
    Last Activity: June 26, 2016 08:38 PM

    This is a private group.
  • Divide and Conquer Modding Council

    A reformed group for the now few active members of DaC.

    Category: Games
    Last Activity: June 25, 2016 07:16 AM

    This is a private group.
  • Conservative Monarchist League

    Welcome to the Conservative Monarchist League.

    This page is a lounge where the proponents of Monarchy, be it Constitutional, Absolute, or Elective, can plan for debate. This group is an active group dedicated to the dissemination and discussion of Monarchism, its moral implications, and how to implement it.

    If you believe in the right to life, to liberty, and to the free pursuit of happiness, and find within these rights a compelling argument for Monarchy, you are welcome here. Change shall come in the form of Monarchy intertwined with Liberty, and glory shall be had once more.

    Please be respectful of your fellow. If the conviction is all we own, that is all which is require to make a mark'd impression, free of such deleterious hatreds.

    Last Activity: June 24, 2016 11:24 AM

    76 member(s)
  • Prussia is German!

    Anybody who thinks Prussia belongs to Germany and not to Poland and Rusland, join this group!

    Last Activity: June 22, 2016 07:02 AM

    This is a private group.
  • The Samurai Society

    This group is for anybody interested in samurai (侍) and who wish to discuss anything about them, from their culture to their warfare. This also includes films/games/books about samurai. Also, anybody who wishes to learn more about samurai and their way of life is also very welcome to join.

    Category: Miscellaneous
    Last Activity: June 21, 2016 11:42 PM

    This is a private group.