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Dark Age Mod v.1.2

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Uploaded by Axalon - May 05, 2019
Author Author CountMRVHS
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Dark Age Mod
Compatibility: v.2.01/Steam
Last known version: 1.2
Release year: 2008

Additional credits:
Macsen Rufus - Various help & restoration 2019
Tosa Inu - Various help & QA

Install Instructions:
Quote Originally Posted by Macsen Rufus
To install, you will need your good clean copy of MTW VI v2.01 etc. Unzip the mod into the main directory as usual (or to be safe, usea temporary folder and then copy-paste into the MTW folder). Find the batch file - I've called it DarkAgeFix.bat - in the directory, and double-click to run it. You'll see a DOS window pop up to tell you it's copying a load of files. Once you've done this you should have a working copy of Count's Dark Age.

This is a mod from 2008 by CountMRVHS. It basically transforms CA's traditional VI-campaign into a sort of prequel for that classic British Isles-campaign by CA. It has several of new factions included and a bunch of new units too. However, in terms of GFX - it only uses previous materials and resources of MTW and VI. In other words, it does not introduce any new GFX with the troops and factions included here...




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