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Uploaded by PlautusLeo - January 31, 2019
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This is a balance mod for Medieval 2 Vanilla. (Alpha state)

Current changes:
-Mongol spearmen = 150 units, +2 attack/defence (stats from crusades)
-Mongol Light lancer = +3 Defence
-Rocket Launcher = doubled
-Mongol horse Archer = +Long Range
-Elephant Artillery = removed
-Timurids = get Mongol heavy Archer and Khan's guard in high and late period

-camel gun = 13 attack
-janissary musketeer & Cossacks = removed
-arquebusers = +long range
-musketeers = 17 attack
-Turkish & Russian heavy cav = less attack
-armored sergeants = +2 attack, +3 defence (stats from crusades)
-german Reiter = +range (they actually shoot now)
-dismounted gothic knights, zweihaender, fornlorn hope = +effective against armor
-obudshaer = +1 attack, +2 defence (stats from crusades)
-norse archers = +long range
-noble highland archers = +long range
-highland nobles = +effective against armor
-north eastern spearmen = stats increased (stats from crusades)
-dismounted/mounted dvor = less missile and melee attack
-mortars = doubled
-Ribault & Monster Ribault = +range, doubled
-catapults & trebuchets = +accuracy
-ballista = +range, doubled
-reiters = +range (didn't shoot well before)
-hospitallers & templars = removed
-pikemen = buff (stats from crusades)
-dism french arch & scots guard = no ap bonus
-all billmen buff = stats change (from crusades)
-dism English/Nobke knights = buff (stats from crusades)

-Aztecs = increased in numbers

bug fixes:
-Musketeer work properly
-"2HSwordmen bug" gave them crusades stats

more changes are yet to come. For now I just wanna get people playing the mod, and then I'll take care of the rest.

1.Move the files into ur Medieval 2 Data folder
2.Add inside the preference.txt file the line
U open the file with right click on it and then open with notepad
file_first = 1

After first launch the preference.txt file resets, and u are back to vanilla. U don't have to do anything.


150 Spearmen will serve you well

Better torch effect, not implemented yet, but plan to work on it..

Massive Aztec Warriors

The more people play this mod the more im motivated to put effort into it to further improve it.


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