Downloads: old units added back to MOS 1.7

old units added back to MOS 1.7

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Uploaded by ♔atthias♔ - December 24, 2018
Author Author atthias
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Hello everybody

I have made a submod for MOS 1.7
It does the following,
it makes gondor cidatel guard archers, gondor winged swordsmen and gondor dismounted bodyguard recruitable in campaing again.
At the max level of the achery range/barracks in both cities and castles.
If there are isusses report them and I will try to fix them.

1.0 mod released
1.1 added backup file to allow for a easy uninstall if you want to
1.2 make the AI capable of recruiting them too I think I forgot that last time in 1.1

Link to the mods main page
PLEASE ask any questions on that page NOT HERE

1 ensure you have MOS 1.7 installed AND the all inclusive patch installed
2 after that extract the RAR file to you ...Medieval II Total War/mods/Third_Age_3/data folder
3 if asked to overwrite click yes to all
4 run the cleaner bat in your third age 3 folder NECESARRY IT WILL CHRASH WHITOUT IT!!!!
5 play!!!!
6 [OPTIONAL] if you want to uninstall the mod just go to your third age 3/data folder and rename export descr building to export descr building modded and export descr building backup to export descr building done
how to rename a file just right mouse click the fle you want to rename click porperties click edit name or change name and you can change the files name

combitable and incombitable submods

combitable submods
*gondor marka barded horses submod by roma_victrix
*the the hobbit dwarves submod by king brian
*all elven armour patches made by director and veteraan [look under want some more content for MOS 1.7 or make a few changes click the content box directly under it then click on the spoiler under the silver to gold and vice versa armour patches for high and lorien elves]

incombitable submods
the MOS echanced submod

those marked whit an * are not tested but I presume that they are since they edit only the battle models DB IIRC wich my mod does not
if I am wrong or there are more submods that I forgot please tell me so I can add them to the list

if my download fails everybody is free to upload it to wherever they want

MOS team for the uints themselves and for leaving the uints in the EDU making it easier for me to add them back
Greymane for fixing a chrash during the development proccess whitout his help this mod would never have been released
maeco98 for making the mod request and thus stimulating me to make my first mod EVER
Veteraan for sending me the unedited MOS 1.7 files so I could remake this mod




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