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Lanjane's Barbarian Empires

Uploaded by Lanjane - November 22, 2018
Author Author Lanjane
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Released 11.11.18


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Official Russian supporting thread
Lanjane's Barbarian Empires Localisations (only English and Russian are supported)
Lanjane's Mini-workshop: UI cards for Rome - Total War


Lanjane's Barbarian Empires is a standalone modfoldered Rome - Total War: Alexander mod.
It doesn't require any of the Alexander expansion files though, just the EXE (see below).

This mod has a long history, starting as a submod for popular russian mod Macedon Expansion.

It's main focus was to expand vanilla game, add richer details and custom content while keeping original design and style, like if CA released a free-LC. All factions unit rosters were spiced up with new late-game units and regional troops, and battlemap balance was tuned to a degree for smooth and enjoyable gameplay.

Main features:
- 13 campaigns with different setups and presets, including regional ones
- 60 historical battles from Battle of Kadesh to battle of Adrianople
- RSII environment for battlefields
- BI buildings for campaign and battlemap and new stratmap buildings
- more than 450 units with lots of regional and auxiliary troops
- more than 1000 new skins and more than 100 new unit models
- hundreds of handicrafted unit cards in polished vanilla style. Support thread
- new stratmap settlement models
- new custom ancillaries
- new reskinned horses based on Pinarius models
- a lot of new officers, almost all units have officers, some of them customized for special units
- working Prologue which can be played using all new features
- and more!


Rome - Total Music is strongly recommended!
It was originally designed as a supplement for this mod, but released as a separate universal mod

Localisations for the mod (currently only English and Russian are supported):

Unpack content of the archive to your Rome - Total War folder. A folder NL will appear inside your game folder, near EXE file.
Make a shortcut for RomeTW-ALX.exe on your desktop, right click for Properties and add the following to the end of the "Object" field:
-nm -ne -show_err -noalexander -mod:NL
Example:"C:\Games\Rome - Total War\RomeTW-ALX.exe" -nm -ne -show_err -noalexander -mod:NL
Don't forget the space before -nm!
OR if you are using Steam:
Right click Rome - Total War: Alexander, Properties->Set launch options and add the same.
If you are using multiple Rome - Total War mods, you can add them all to Steam with different launch options. Just use button "Add a game" at the bottom of your game list, then "Add a non-Steam game", then found in the list and select Rome-Total War Alexander .EXE file from Steam version. This will allow you to launch the same Steam EXE with different mods, having full benefits of Steam overlay, game time count and screenshots.


- Most important!!! To avoid engine bug which is known as occupy/enslave/exterminate CTD, use the following trick: always play with "Follow AI movements" ON in the game menu, and when you just won a big battle which should result in conquering a settlement, quickly press Esc just after post-battle loading screen when you return to the campaign map and save the game before occupy/enslave window appears. Usually this trick will prevent the CTD in 99% cases.
- Try playing with NTCore's 4Gb patcher (LAA enable for RTW-ALX.exe), as it is reported to help with big mods though it may not be required.
- Initial building costs and construction times are high, but they can be progressively decreased by building trader buildings first. Use it as an advantage! Also use generals with recruitment cost discount traits as governors because unit recruitment costs are high too (not upkeep costs though).
- There's a game engine bug that will show unit info pictures white if there's more than 40 units available for recruitment in the settlement in campaign. This bug is pure cosmetic but annoying yet you still can view unit info pictures correctly in building tree browser tab, when you click latest stable/barracks/missile building in a tree and then right mouse click on the first unit string in the unit recruitment list.
- ne option from the shortcut is about Borderless window mode. If you don't like it, or your video card/monitor doesn't support that mode or it looks weird for you, remove -ne from the shortcut properties. Example: "C:\Games\Rome - Total War\RomeTW-ALX.exe" -mod:NL -nm -show_err -noalexander. The game will run fullscreen and will rescale to fit your screen correctly.

If you found any bugs or have a suggestions, PM me or send a email to [email protected].
You can also post your findings in any of the official forum threads.

P. S. campaign_map_reset.bat is used for clearing the campaign map cache. Don't delete this file, it will be useful for later patches if any.
It's recommended to run this file after installing any future patches.
Happy campaigning!


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