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Pagan Rising Mod 1.0

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Uploaded by BagaturSasha - September 19, 2018
Author Author BagaturSasha
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Pagan Rising Mod 1.0

(my minor mod for Teutonic campaign, which i made in this year some time ago)-

- New playable factions - Norway and Sweden
(Norway have good start armies and Sweden have vanilla France colour)
- New win conditions for all factions
- New castles and cities for all factions (some of them have new system)
- More powerful Novgorod and Lithuania factions
- Teutonic Order is unplayable (because this mod is for pagan lovers and orthodox)
- More powerful Mongols (now its threat for player)
- More good economics level for all factions
- Now you can play till the 1650 year and build your super-empire
- Other minor things, which were made by me in this year

Put world folder to your teutonic/data and overwrite all files. Then its will work very good.


  • Pagan Rising Mod 1.0
  • Pagan Rising Mod 1.0
  • Pagan Rising Mod 1.0


September 19, 2018 at 07:15 AM
I made this mod only for myself in this year... but decided to put it there.