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Uploaded by 20ninescene - August 29, 2018
Author Author Robbe Aerts
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Extract .7z archive and place the modfolder called veggiemod into your RTW folder and run RTW with the command line switches:
-mod:Veggiemod -show_err (and also: -ne if you're using windows 10)

I haven't tested it yet, but this mod should be compatible with vanilla savegames, just copy/paste your saves folder into the modfolder and test. (could anyone confirm if it works or not?)


This mod is 100% plant based and therefore suitable for vegans.

Ingedients: vanilla RTW trees, M2TW trees, 1 juniper made by Tone for Roma Surrectum II, grass models and textures taken from Fourth Age Total War: Dominion of Men (made by Éorl), several trees, textures and skies made by myself (Robbe Aerts).
May contain traces of nuts.

Upon installing this mod you agree to go Vegan.

You are free to include this mod into your own RTW mod, as an add-on or in a RTW mod compilation provided that you mention all the contributors in the credits.

To use my vegetation in your own RTW mod, first backup your modfolder.

Then copy-paste all files, except the world and text folders into your own modfolder.

Resolve any conflicts by keeping both files and the comparing both with a file comparison tool, for example winmerge.

Finally you should rename the paths of textures in descr_grass.txt from Veggiemod/data/textures/[grass_texture].tga to [yourmodfolder]/data/textures/[grass_texture].tga

note: If your mod has one or two pack files named mod_0 or mod_1, try to rename it to patch_0 and patch_1, if that doesn't work, try to unpack them and merge them manually.
If the pack file only includes skies and you don't want to unpack and repack the pack files you use my pck files only as my skies look pretty realistic.

PM me if you want the models, except the ones from Fourth Age total war and Roma Surrectum unless you can show me proof that they have given you permission to use their models in your project.
Also, feel free to ask me to generate a custom vegetation set if your mod uses different climates than vanilla.

Any feedback is really appreciated.
Please report if you encounter any bugs.
Thanks in advance!




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