Downloads: Byg's Grym Reality IV-Missing files for SS6.3/6.4

Byg's Grym Reality IV-Missing files for SS6.3/6.4

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Uploaded by Lifthrasir - January 09, 2018
Author Author Byg
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The files are:

Shorter Movement (Add file directly. Speaks for itself, but its effect is to make supplies and foraging more critical by about 30% and armies indirectly more expensive by about 30%)

Forts_15000 (Add file directly. Changes the cost for forts to 15000 causing less human player exploit of this feature and creating a cost proportionate to the benefit)

Forage Estate Options (Do not add these files directly. This folder contains instructions and code to edit into your files to add high and low levels of estate and forage damage costs) Note: The setting you have by default are my default settings. Use these other settings optionally. It is debatable wether the other options for estate costs are higher or lower difficulty. The higher forage costs are more difficult than lower ones.

They should be all save game compatible.

Instructions: unzip and copy the files (not the folders) into your data folder, usually here C:\Program Files (x86)\SEGA\Medieval II Total War\mods\SS6.3\data. Remember to make a save of the original files in case of something goes wrong




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