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No more wooden locks! (NMWL!) contains Hanti's version of English translation for Medieval II Total War mod:
Ogniem i Mieczem II v. 1.1 + fix 1.11 (With Fire and Sword 2)

It WORKS with OiM2 1.11 fix WITHOUT crashes.

It's a work in progress (WIP), so it means there is still lot of work to make it fully translated. But you can have working, functional game with this one.

What is still in Cyrillic:
- names of people (most)
- some province names (little)
- some units descriptions (substantial)
- quotes (all)

What is translated:
- all menus and system messages
- units names (nearly all)
- character trait tooltips
- map (cities and provinces) for all 3 campaigns (Polish cities are in Polish language, so no more Warsaw, deal with it!)
- many descriptions
- historic events (not my work, so it's far from perfect, but understandable)
- you can check the files yourself!

Why it's called "No more wooden locks"?
First: to give it fancy name, Second: I have removed all those "stone/wooden locks" from translation.

You may wonder why there were "locks" on map, right? Because someone used auto translation without knowledge of source language.
I'm not native Ukrainian speaker, but I'm Polish and I have been learning Russian in school (when I was in school).
So I tried to "polish" that translation.
OK. To be short: "lock" is castle. Of course not in English. But in Polish or Ukrainian, it's the same word:
zamek (pol), zamok (ukr/rus) = castle
zamek (pol), zamok (ukr/rus) = lock
So no more locks, and only castles left




February 28, 2018 at 05:29 PM
Wielkie Dzieki! This is awesome.