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Officers for all units

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Uploaded by crazyroman - August 09, 2017
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Hi all.This mod adds officers to all the units in the game.Some units have been left without officers like peasants,bodyguards,wardogs etc.All rebel and mercenaries have officers too.

Known problems: 1)Rebels and mercenaries dont have the right color officers cause it requires recolloring the texture and its not easy for me.Im sorry.2) Its not exactly a problem but barbarian and carthaginian cultures only have standard bearers they dont have officers.Same goes for the eastern factions but the eastern factions have a musician too.The 2 cultures that have officers are the roman and the greek one.3) The greek officer skin doesnt have a greek city states texture.So the officer will look like a macedonian one.

Installation: Go to the folder that you installed the game go into data and replace the 2 files export_descr_unit.txt and descr_model_battle.txt with the files you download from the link in the comment section.Make sure you keep a copies of the original files in a folder somewhere in your pc.If something doesnt go right or you experience a crash please report it here or send me a pm.
This wont work with modifications that have changed the export_descr_unit.txt or the descr_model_battle.txt or both of them.Modifications that havent changed these 2 files will (logically) work.
Enjoy the game !




August 09, 2017 at 06:56 AM Here are the download links you need.Scroll down and you will find them !