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Timurid Invasion minimod

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Uploaded by BagaturSasha - March 28, 2017
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Timurid Invasion Mini-Mod
(for vanilla 1.03)

- Added campaign of XIV century in the start. The end date is 1700 year
- Added Timurid Invasion after the 10 turns of the campaign start
- Timurids were completely overpowered and now its truly disaster for all factions
- Gunpowder Age now going to us in the 4-6 turns
- Almost all factions are playable, except hordes and rebels
- Economics was improved and now all factions have good situation with money
- Rebels were overpowered and now their cities are not easy target to capture
- Win conditions were changed to more historical
- Other minor fixes and changes

Install this mini-mod to data folder and overwrite all files. This is not switch-mod.


  • Timurid Invasion minimod


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