Downloads: TROM3 v1.6 Beta 2 with ACC 59g

TROM3 v1.6 Beta 2 with ACC 59g

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Uploaded by Demokritos - December 10, 2016
Author Author Yarkis de Bodemloze and Demokritos
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I've been asked to re-upload Yarkis' version of his TROM3 mod for Shogun 2 that included my own ACC mod. This version of TROM3 was called 1.6 BETA2. Note that it's not the latest version of TROM3 ever released. According to Yarkis' main thread for TROM3 releases, which does not include ACC, development of this great overhaul mod ended with version 1.91. So what's offered here is a much earlier TROM3 version AS IS (the way it was originally offered).

If you like this special combo, give Yarkis 9 out of 10 rep points for it HERE (the place where this package was originally offered), because my part (still offered as a standalone mod here) is definitely minor, although quite visible.

Check the accompanying read-me files for installation instructions.


EDIT1: I had forgotten when this mod combo was released and what happened afterwards: CA released FOTS and with that a patch for Shogun 2. Now, due to that patch, TROM3 v1.6 as is appears incompatible with Shogun2, at least in battle mode. Also, the ACC version that goes with TROM3 does not include the tweaks for the Hero and Otomo clan DLCs (you need the latest publicly available version of ACC, 59h, for that). So it looks like this combo requires a competent overhaul modder to oversee the adjustments needed in order to restore it to full functionality. I don't have the time for this in the foreseeable future. Anyone out there up for it?

A solution appears to have been found. For more info about that, check post#35 by Dead*Man*Wilson HERE.

EDIT3: Clarification regarding history of TROM3 versions added.




December 14, 2016 at 05:05 AM
This is a sabotage. My version is just TROM 3 and is 468 Mb unzipped, yours is 140 Mb unzipped. Plus there was a submod content of together 80 Mb. You have some Kb-s for that. TROM 3 was mainly 1500s years mod, but it contained gempei and boshin improvements too. So it wasn't released after FOTS. And if something is version 3 as indicates TROM "3" how can it be version 1.2 beta to that ?! But these mistakes with numbering I see many people make, you are not the only one.
December 14, 2016 at 09:38 AM
Dracula, I'm afraid that you appear confused out of ignorance. The name "TROM3" comes from there having been an original TROM for ETW and a second TROM (i.e. TROM2) for NTW. The "Beta 2" stems from there having been one earlier version of the special TROM3-ACC combo. And the TROM3 version used for the second version of the combo offered here is plainly stated as 1.6. For people who already have some version of TROM3 installed, it does not take much work to check the main thread for TROM3 releases and find out that there are several other versions of TROM3 that came out after v1.6. That accounts for the difference in content and size.

But I thank you for bringing it to my attention that some clarifications might be in order in the OP, to reduce the risk of people becoming confused.