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Shokh Hates Sieges!

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Uploaded by Alwyn - February 21, 2015
Author Author shokh
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Shokh Hates Sieges!

All credit for this mod belongs to Shokh, as you can see here (link). I am uploading this mod with the kind permission of Shokh, by private message which was passed on to me by the moderator Tango12345.

What this mod does: This mod stops all factions including the player from fortifying cities. Unless you use a startpos file which has been modified to remove forts at the start, some cities will still start with fortifications. This mod does not stop your generals from building forts outside cities, if you want them to do that.

How to use this mod:-

- Download the file
- Unzip it (I use the free software 7zip)
- Copy it to your C:/ProgramFiles(x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Empire Total War/data directory (that is the path for this Windows 7 PC - if your computer is different then the path may vary)

If you want to uninstall it, simply remove the file from your Empire Total War/data directory




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