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Amazon Total War 6.0K

Uploaded by parthian shot - February 19, 2013
Author Author parthian shot
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Once again, this mod contains some female nudity in the depiction of conflicts in antiquity, so if there is any reason the law of your locality prohibits you from viewing such content (for example, if you are under the age of 18 in most areas), please do not access the download.

By either downloading or installing this mod's compressed file, the user who performed the download/installation acknowledges that he (or she) is legal to view such content and he or she is solely responsible for the use as well as the consequences of the use of this mod.

Keeping the aforementioned prerequisite in mind, Please do not pass along or forward link to the download file without this warning be shown.
And while playing multi-player online, please be mindful of the opponent's age or sensitivity, as each player is solely responsible for the unit he or she selected to play.

This mod is mod-foldered, so will not interfere with the vanilla installation when installed properly. For detail, please read the read-me folder after download.

You need 7zip utility to uncompress the file. Due to increase in complexity, it is recommended the system has a minimum of 4GB RAM to have more trouble free gaming experience.


Amazon: Total War is a mod and a tribute to the ancient matriarchal equestrian societies. The ancient horses are mostly 12 hands high (48" or 120cm), this facet gives women unfair advantages as cavalry soldiers due to their lighter body weight and more petite frame. The mod is about how small but mobile forces with stand-off capabilities can defeat large conventional field armies even on the battlefields of antiquity. Mod is based on anthropological theses and latest archaeological data about the Amazons with numerous features quite unlike other me-too Greco-Roman mods.

Other standard features are
- 4 turns per years
- Quest based game play (see wiki)
- extended naval fleet movement
- allows agent to infiltrate enemy territory to raise own factions army
- a great deal of women units, many in 512x512 texture
- custom RS II battlefield environment.

Click [here] for mod home page with latest news and announcement.
Click [here] for Amazon Total War wiki.
Click [here] for 6.0K's sequel 7.0A with even more features.

This mod has a great deal of people and parties to thank to and outside work to be acknowledged, because of the length of the list, they are contained in the Read-me folder of the compressed mod file.

Although Amazon: Total War 6.0K mod file is new to TWC download, it has been released through mod team based in TWC and been downloaded from other online download locations about 20,000 times.




parthian shot
February 19, 2013 at 05:59 PM