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Forgotten Realms of Gathered Submods patch 2.2

Uploaded by Araval - January 04, 2013
Author Author Araval
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Patch for FRoGS 2.1, a submod for Third Age 3.2

Included Ngugi's family tree submod.
Included latest battle AI, to avoid possible battle crashes.
Partly included Brevi's evil reskin.
Added Emperor of Hell's Arnor armour upgrades.
Added Kilic Ali's Fiefs of Gondor
Added Additional Mercenary mod by Ngugi

Replaced vanilla Gondor units and Curufin's with Taro's ones.
Replaced Taro's old battle_models entries with new ones to avoid possible crashes.
Old horses replaced with new ones for all the new units

Added new units for Dol Amroth and Lossarnach. (Some are only for custom battles)
Gondor gonverors of Anfalas, Pinnath Gelin and Morthond renamed to Golasgil, Hirluin and Duilin.
Assigned battle map models of Hirluin, Angbor and Dervorin from Call to Arms to generals.
Forlong got Lossarnach nobles bodyguard.
Faramir has master rangers bodyguard.

Fixed silver surfers.
Added recruitment slot to village level barracks.
Added recruitment in campaign for some units.
Fixed recruitment errors in EDB for some units.
Highways removed from dwarves building list
Harad and Rhun highways replaced with roads

Caras Galadhon got it's custom settlement back
Lorien uses koultouras' new Lorien models for high tier units and those are taken away from Mirkwood.

Added Mounted Rohan axemen from AUM
Thanks to Withwnar for unit info card for them!

Added parts of FRoME's campaign script for FRoME's factions
Weakened Isengard a bit.
Gimli and Gloin moved to Erebor.
Fixed name and family tree problem for Ered Luin.

New generals: Grimbold, Elfhelm, Eomer, Hama, Gildor, Galdor, Gothmog, Gorbag, Shagrat.

New custom portraits for Gloin, Balin, Cirdan, Duinhir, Glorfindel, Eomund
Changed portraits for Orophin and Rumil
Some changes to Rhun's starting generals with 3 custom portrits
A new portrait for Dunland general - thanks to cino for that.

Unit cards for dwarven sprinters

Old FRoGS menu is back by xIN1C0 (aka Ciloron)
Made MBA's faction intros for Lorien, Dunland and Ered Luin appear when you start a campaign
Music should work with new factions now
Some radar map colour changes.

Ered Luin wanderers recruitable for Eriador in Bree
Dorwinion retainers recruitable for Dale in Dorwinion and Riavod

Rhun AI will attack Kyzylkum not Ammu Khand in the beginning of campaign

And other small things, which I can't remember.
Make sure you have version 2.1 installed, extract the archive in desktop, copy the data folder and paste it in your FRoGS folder, overwrite everything. Also install patch 2.2.1 here. Delete map.rwm.




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