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Mihajlo's battle balance for Bellum Crucis 6.3

Uploaded by Mihajlo - August 05, 2012
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*** Final UPDATE*** (12.august.2012) (27.august.2012)

(sorry but update from 12.avg. wasnt complete, as I thought ...there was some issues with balancing. In last week I had free time and did massive rebalancing in EDU and EDB, fixing some stuff in campaign_script as well. Since I double check everything now it should be OK. This update brings gameplay for one class up, but perhaps you want to finish campaigns before try it out- not save compatible of course)

(mod discussion and download link:

Hello everyone.

You are all welcome to try my battle balance for this lovely mod. This is only mine personal changes to add more realism to a battles. 90% of the changes are done in EDU file, some of them:
- formations, heat penalty (mostly done by RR/RC guide), unit numbers
- att, def, arm changed to all units (I think), for example archers no longer rule battlefield
- min attack delay twiked
- recruitment cost and upkeep raised, replenish rate's nerfed in EDB
- since AI cant get upper hand on the battlefield, human players will have to win more battles with less manpower and lower recruitment rate, making game little bit harder.
- some units coming later in a game (bound to some events)

- changes in campaign scripts are minor but necessary: twiks in balance script, so costs for units dont hit it hard. Heroes coming with more suitable roster (for example Richard I will come from crusade with some crusade units). In general all heroes will come with better army, so waiting for them and wait for right conditions will pay off!
- Carl's taxman AI economy script (significantly improves AI's money-settlement development ability! can build buildings even with no cash)
- all weapon upgrades removed from spawning armies.
- all weapon upgrades removed from game, guilds give other bonuses
- more armor upgrades
And many more minor changes....
(just small tip: you want to face HC with your spears. 2H to charge on pinned enemies, arrows to soft spears, fight light cav. and to repel HA's. Heavy inf to take walls and to fight lower class units... later in a game when heavy troops come, build your core armies around halberd militia, crossbow/late archers and pike/heavy spears, spiced with some late HC... )

(installation remade!)
1. download file Mihajlo's files for BC6.3 Inside you have 2 zip files, one is Mihajlo's battle balance other is BC6.3 original files (no need to back up anything, back up for original is included)
2. Extract Mihajlo's battle balance in: Medieval II Total War\mods\BellumCrucis6
overwrite everything (campaign_script included for all 4 campaigns)
3. If you want to go back on original just extract Original BellumCrucis6.3_Files in a same place as above.

It is tested, all working! Please comment do you like it or not!
It should satisfy majority





August 20, 2013 at 09:59 AM
Hi mihaljo!! looks great,

Are the battles longer this way? ( i like longer battles )

sorry if i posted in the wrong place..

August 23, 2013 at 05:58 AM
Depends. Not much longer, kinda last same as in SS mod... But if you have 2 big armies wit a lot of infantry then it can last long..
August 24, 2013 at 09:47 AM
helo mihajlo! nice mod!

hmm have much you fixed the "machine guns" archers?
and the cavalry charge that kills 80% of units strenght?
August 30, 2013 at 03:57 PM
archers are now more realistic, still useful, not op...
cavalry is toned down, charge stats and horse mass are reworked a lot. imho also realistic
(for all edu related changes I did used RR guide for it)
Hope this helps
john duca
November 01, 2013 at 02:37 PM
not working for me..still a unit of borderman can wipe out a unit of heavy armoured spearmen