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War for the Colonies 1.07

Uploaded by Asta666 - July 09, 2012
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Americas Campaign mod - Requires Kingdoms 1.5 and unpacked americas campaign.

*General features:
-France and England become playable, also Portugal is added as a playable faction.
-Campaign descriptions and win conditions for all of the new factions, and modified some of the old ones: now Spain has to also destroy Portugal and the Apacheans have to destroy England and France.
-Building/recruitment times of European nations set according to Spain's settings (the default ones).
-Scripted fleet arrivals throughout the game become controllable reinforcements if the player is using the corresponding faction (England/France). Portugal also gets reinforcement fleets/armies.
-New factions also receive Council of Nobles missions.
-More units for all European factions.

*Step by step installation instructions:
-Install M2TW + Kingdoms americas campaign.
-Make sure M2TW folder is not write-protected by checking its folder properties (X:\Program Files\SEGA\Medieval II Total War\ by default). In case it is deselect that option and apply the new setting to all sub-folders and files.
-Unpack americas campaign by going to X:\Program Files\SEGA\Medieval II Total War\tools\unpacker (where X is the letter of your hard drive) and double clicking on 'unpack_americas.bat' (watch out because this requires some free hd space, 2 gigs approx.).
-Extract '' to a folder and run 'WftC_Installer.jar'.
-Select your M2TW folder folder as the destination directory (X:\Program Files\SEGA\Medieval II Total War\ by default) and click on the install button.
-Execute the mod by double-clicking on the file 'War for the Colonies.bat' in /mods/americas folder or its shortcut on the desktop.

NOTE1: In case you have any problems with the installer you can manually extract the contents of the 'wftc' folder into the M2TW folder, overwriting existing files, and delete the files '/mods/americas/data/descr_geography_new.txt' and'/mods/americas/data/descr_geography_new.db' afterwards.
NOTE2: The installer automatically backs up any files that are overwritten during installation to ' M2TW folder/wftcBK'.


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This is so awesome thank you !
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Bro,you are best!!!! thanks
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this mod is great!
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