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Uploaded by +Mr.Crow+ - March 01, 2012
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The BC team has released them new masterpiece: BC 6.3!!!!!!!!

This version is STAND ALONE: so it don't requires previous version. Delete them before install this one


Kingdom of England / Kingdom of England
- Kingdom of France / Royaume de France
- Holy Roman Empire / Heiliges Römisches Reich
- Kingdom of Castile-Leon / Reino de Castilla y Leon
- Republic of Venice / Serenìsima Republica Veneta
- Milan City / Municipality of Milan
- Kingdom of Sicily / Regnum Siciliae
- Denmark / Danmark Kongeriget
- Kingdom of Scotland / Rìoghachd na h-Alba
- Kingdom of Portugal / Reino de Portugal
- Kingdom of Poland / Polskie Królestwo
- Kingdom of Hungary / Magyar Királyság
- Principality of Novgorod / Veliki Novgorod
- Seljuq Sultanate / Selçuklular
- Sultanate Almohade / al-Muwahhidun
- Fatimid Caliphate / al-Fatimiyyun
- Byzantine Empire / Basileia ton Rhomaion
- Papacy / Patrimonium Sancti Petri
- Khanate Cumano / Desht-i Qipciaq
- Kingdom of Jerusalem / Royaume de Jerusalem
- Sultanate Zenghide / Atàbeg Jazirah
- Kingdom of Aragon / Crown of Aragon
- Principality of Vladimir-Suzdal / Vladimirsko Suzdalskaya Rus-
- Republic of Pisa / Pisa Respublica
- Kingdom of Georgia / Sakartvelos Samepho
- Kingdom of Norway / Norge Kongeriket
- Abbasid Caliphate / Khilafah al-al-Abbasiyun (NEW FACTION)

Info about the new faction added:


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+ AI and Diplomacy
- Various improvements to mechanical governing diplomatic relations
- Various improvements to the strategic and tactical IA

+ Mapping
- Changes to the strategy map perspective to the addition of the Abbasids and the latest factions
- Various minor changes

+ Modelling & Texturing
- Addition of many new units and revision of many existing units
- ReSkin units of the Islamic factions (adjustment of the primary colors)
- ReSkin faction Milan
- Added portastendardi for siege weapons
- Redone the textures of the dervishes for Middle Eastern factions
- Made many new flags
- New textures for the turrets on the strategic map
- Various minor changes

+ Scripting
- Improved the economic balance
- Relics that can be captured in battle (killing one who has them)
- Restored panel Financial Forecasting
- Random sieges by armed rebels to the settlements on the borders of the map or on the islands
- Added a script to limit participation in the Crusades \ jihad by AI
- Expansion of the heroes of the script (a hero for all factions)
- Apply the coordinates of the new agents (witch, princess, scholar) Castile (appeared in Toledo and not to Leon)
- Correct the script of poisoners
- Correct the script for the activation of special video (Holy Land, Lithuania, Britain)
- Various minor fixes

+ Coding
--- Traits
- Added several new biographies
- Restore full movement to the Muslim princesses
- Added traits to various Jewish Jewish merchants initially present on the map
- Fixed the bug that the ambassador was their rebel general
- Various minor changes
--- Auxiliary
- Entered the rebel noble houses
- Fill in families secondary to various factions
- Added new titles adapted to new regions
- Added new ancillary historical faction Abbasid
- Added title of Grandmaster of Akhi and Tadzreuli Futuwwa
- Various minor changes
--- Buildings and Recruiting
- Added the towers throwers in Constantinople (the best of ancient walls, considered impregnable)
- The system of differential recruitment between AI and human player
- Made it impossible to accommodate more Italian quarters on the second level (a maximum)
- Reduced the demographic bonus
- Put back the possibility of recruiting mercenary fleets for the crusades only in certain regions
- Various minor changes to buildings and recruitment system
- Various changes to the system of mercenaries
--- Other
- Restored the correct display of the tactical map of the Middle East settlement
- Added several models of forts (by culture) on the tactical map
- Updated the historical battles (each faction appears in at least one battle)
- Restored the ability of the princesses of dealing with enemies and neutral
- Introduced the possibility of supplying units of the settlements under siege by sea
- Established a new order of play for the factions (based on the initial strength)
- Placed new and old forts, with their names (feudal countryside)
- Changed the positions of some characters
- Fixed the Polish Family Tree
- Adjust the percentages on religious initial strategy map
- Removed the floods (caused instability of the mod)
- Other minor fixes

+ Stats & Txt editing
- Global rebalancing of statistical units (for details see the manual of the unit Bellum Crucis 6.3, downloadable from the forum "Medieval Total War Italy")
- Put the names in original language for units and buildings
- Various fixes to the descriptions of units and buildings
- Various fixes to the names of regions and settlements
- Various fixes to the presentations of the campaigns of individual factions

+ 2D Graphics
- Various graphical updates to the menu (images, loading screens, symbols, logos)
- New sliders
- New graphics for the game interfaces
- Various updates to the images of the events in the country
- New symbols for the various factions of the settlements sguarniti
- New symbol of the rebellious east-European (Orthodox cross)
- Complete update of the UI card units, characters and buildings
- Various minor fixes

+ Video
- Added a new video presentation

+ Sound
- Adapted to new package of sound units
- Various minor fixes


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Brancaleone da norcia | Caesar Magnus

Fabius Maximus Germanicus | The Housekeeper

_Forum Creator



Brancaleone da norcia | Fabius Maximus Germanicus

Renjard | The Housekeeper

_A.I. & Diplomacy

Brancaleone da norcia

_Battle Modelling

Boboav | Caesar Magnus

Dragases | Fedeita89

Mather | Renjard

SanGiovanniEvangelista | Saraceno

+Mr.Crow+ |

_Strat Modelling

Boboav | Caesar Magnus

Renjard | Tiberias


Caesar Magnus | Dragases

Fabius Maximus Germanicus | Fedeita89

Frederick the great | Mather

Picchiere Fiammingo | Renjard

SanGiovanniEvangelista | Saraceno

The Housekeeper | +Mr.Crow+


Caesar Magnus | Fedeita89

Fabius Maximus Germanicus | Il Cavaliere Verde

Legionarius marcus | Giovi90

Mather | Morfans

Renjard | The Housekeeper


Mather | Imbera


Brancaleone da norcia | Caesar Magnus

Fabius Maximus Germanicus | The Housekeeper


Brancaleone da norcia | Caesar Magnus

Dankfonicus | Fabius Maximus Germanicus

Fortebraccio | Morfans

Roman Praetorian | Sciarra de Columpna

Servus82 | The Housekeeper


Brancaleone da Norcia | Caesar Magnus

Greek warrior 2 | Ironman1989.

MaxDragonheart | The Housekeeper




Antioco il Grande | Boemondo I d'Antiochia

Fabius Maximus Germanicus | Fortebraccio

Fulcherio | Glorfindel 1975

Roman Praetorian | Servus82


Antioco il Grande | Boboav

Brancaleone da norcia | Caesar Magnus

Dankfonicus | Davide283

Draskar | Fabius Maximus Germanicus

Frederick the great | Greek warrior 2

Il Cavaliere Verde | Ironman1989.

Jan89 | Jordi de Tossa

Lars84 | Mandrake(83)

Marcoma | Margravio Lotario

MaxDragonheart | Megas Alexandros

+Mr.Crow+ | Phlazza

Pico Total War | Renjard

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Servus82 | Tancredi d'Altavilla

The Housekeeper | Total Wer

von Bismarck-Schönhausen |


Alexandros | Alexmagnusrex
Aliquis | Allemaal
Ans72 | Antioco il Grande
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Draskar | Duca d'Acquaviva
Eazy E | Edoardo di Woodstock
Efrem soldato di ventura | Elendil
Erik il Conquistatore | Fabio85
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Fan di Medieval | Fedeita89
Federico II Hohenstaufen | Filippo Maria Visconti
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Herr Baron | Hir am Helcaraxe
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Il Magnifico 65 | Il Sommo Inquisitore
Iladhrim84 | Imbera
Imperatore I | ImpCJCaesar
Imperatore MarcoAurelio | Insane Monster
Ironman1989 | Jan89
Jean de Avallon | Jean Marc de Ponthieu
Jordi de Tossa | Johnwhile
L. Basil | Lan
Lars84 | Latitante1984
Legionarius Marcus | Lele the Norseman
Lucio Settimio Severo | Luifik
Keter | KinGaro
Keirosophos | kismet87
Knight of Jerusalem | magnagats
Mamo72 | Mandrake83
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Marcigaglio | Marco Aurelio
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Mc7070 | McEron
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Memphe | Merio89
Messere Gian Ciarfaglia | Miles Christi
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_Magazine "THE GAMES MACHINE" (publication)

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_Firefly Studios's Stronghold (game intro)

_Forum "Hermandad de la Guardia" (Spanish translation)

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Marc Byzantinum
March 01, 2012 at 11:01 AM
Hi are the bugixes included and english text files?
March 18, 2012 at 04:56 PM
I don't know if this is the place for feedback on this mod but since I have not found another... I have played as Venice twice. First on campaign level Hard. After about 30 turns three factions attacked me simulaneously. One faction broke an alliance with me.
Then I restarted and choosed level Normal. After about 30 turns Sicily attacked and in he same turn Pisa broke the alliance with me and attacked. I am wondering if this i intentional? I fear that this might ruin the whole experience. There is a lot of grat things in this mod so I hope for improvements on this partcular scripted event (it seems). If another faction also attack I will be utterly crushed. And game over is a fact

June 11, 2012 at 12:10 PM
is there any topic where i can find all available in game units ?
July 09, 2012 at 06:47 PM
@Tordenskjold it's because you don't know how to play, until turn 30 IA won't attack you then during this time the human player improve his economy, military strength and diplomatic relationship to avoid war with a faction maintain 8/10 relationship BC doesn't deserve your critics
@zg0301zg http://mtwitalia.freeforumzone.leona...x?idd=10107755 the third one is games units' manual but it's in italian
King Badis
May 13, 2014 at 10:41 AM
As soon as I start playing full campaign, it starts crashing. Could someone tell me why please