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XBAI V3.2F (Battle AI ONLY)

Uploaded by xeryx - September 08, 2008
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The latest and greatest XBAI, that will challenge you in ways you never expected. MODDERS READ THIS WHOLE README!! If you want to get full performance from the XBAI!!
Happy Holidays
From the XAI TEAM



What is XBAI? A complete and error free battle engine. Many files are fixed, and rebuilt, from the originals. We have even added in new code. What is this new code you ask? It is new code to define many conditions so the AI can better perform, and make better decisions.

The XBAI (battle AI)
This is very hard to describe! You just have to play it to appreciate all the complex work we have done. This is basically a complete revamp of all the existing code values. This go around we have fixed sieges both attack and defense to be as dynamic of battles as the open field battles. Plus, we minimized units getting stuck, it still happens occasionally, but it is now a map issue. The AI is the very poor at selecting the proper targets for the proper missile weapon, therefore the XAI team added in Missile Attack Analyzer (MAA). We have also included the melee attack analyzer, to take out the toughest targets with the appropriate units. Other code we included; a better and more defined flanking system, more defined conditions for difficulty levels, revamp of the morale values, and more refinement of code to allow better AI decisions. We have redefine open battles for range of engagement. This will allow for the proper units to engage at the proper distances, while maintaining the battle group cohesion. Speaking of cohesion, unit cohesion has also been re-done. The chaos battle is gone and is now dependent upon the unit type and discipline of the actual unit (another XBAI first). Now, spears and spear walls will be tightly formed before engaging and moving. More refinement to path finding in the tradition of Darth we have made varying degrees of difficulty for various units for different terrain. Hopefully this will help the AI path finding in sieges and open battles.

You remember the opening movie sequences, that you bought the game for? Well now they are a reality! The XBAI is more action packed then the Lord of the Rings Two Towers, battle of the Hornburg. Sieges are now just amazing, and pretty difficult. The AI will fall back to the other castle tiers, while your troops keep getting tired. The AI no longer is indecisive in it decisions, it knows what it want's, and it will take it. You have to constantly watch your rear and flanks for attacks. These are the absolutely, most engaging battles ever, seen in medieval 2.

XBAI 3.2F Is Finally the Battle AI we are happy with and will now be the benchmark, from here on out. Now on the to the next stage of development. We really hope you enjoy the game the way it was meant to be played! Thank you, from the XAI TEAM..

Now with that said, no mod is perfect, and other issues with balancing of units still remain.
NOW GO PLAY!!! Read the rest later!! It's just the boring change log and the disclaimer. GO!!

V3.2F Final (rev2)
+Added in the tag general_unit_upgrade to make sure ALL generals listen to ALL their orders.
-Changed the battle group engagement numbers. This reduces the Archers running too far forward.
-Optimized the numbers for ranges and detection.
-a few small tweaks here and there.
++ Added some units types to the interception lines.
++ Added in Condo's superb Skeletal file
- Fixed All skirmish/missile issues
- Increased the Battle group cohesion, by quite a bit.
- Fixed Men on ladders being too close together.
- increased the moral slightly

V3.2d (open Beta)
-improved the performance of the pathfinding files.
-Redeux of many many tags, to be inline with our new tagging system for consistency.
-another rework of the wonderful, skirmishing system. It's better.. We will improve it more as time goes on.
+Added in new line for missile deaths for skirmishers, if they get many missile deaths they retreat. (self-preservation)
+Added in some engagement rules for melee types to have them engage better on the line.
+Added flanking rules for skirmishers (for javelins, Modders only, see instructions at the bottom)
-cleaned up the code.
-did many tweaks to unit behavior. Too numerous to mention.

Bug fix for gate crash during AI Siege Attack

New XBAI:V3.2
++ Completely revamped the AI sieging section. You are now going to experience real attacks.
++ MeAA Melee Attack Analyzer targets the apropriate melee unit to get the job done right.
++ MAA Missile Attack Analyzer designates proper targets for the proper types of units, and projectiles
++ Fixed most path finding issues with the AI defense siege system.
++ Siege engine now appropriately attacks at each stage of a siege
+ Many optimizations to the siege code
+ Minimized the chances of units getting stuck, and facing backs to you
+ made more tweaks to the flanking analyzer, removed many melee units to help battle group line cohesion.
+ AI makes you work for every inch the human takes in a siege
+ New difficulty system for siege attacks
+ Refined many more rules by the types of units, no longer general
+ Optimized the code
+ Refined the Battle Analyzer to make it tougher in battles and campaign, on harder levels

Version 3.01
++ Revised AI unit engagement ranges, to include all unit types.
++ Changed the unit cohesion system, to be unit type specific instead of generic.
++ Human Re-enforcements under AI control, defend settlements and attack properly.
+ AI reinforcements now properly attack the Human opponents and merge correctly when needed.
- revised siege equipment values to give the troops better path finding.
- Revamp of the existing siege-code and more balancing.
+ LoD (level of Difficulty) For AI attacking/defending decisions.
+ (GBS) Global Balancing System controls accuracy, and melee hit rates by unit type (removed un-needed unit types per section)
+ Expanded the flanking code considerably (also fixed an issue)
+ High performance tuning in the path finding file. (fixed a bug too)
+ Tuned the morale system to correctly give difficulty in battles.
+ BAI uses reinforcement properly, and puts up the best fight yet.
+ Re-vamp of the settlement walls and battlements, to increase difficulty for all.
+ Proper use of artillery during siege battles, and simultaneous attack
+ proper use and defense of multiple tiers of castle walls
+ ferocious town square offense/defense
- many, many tweaks to the code, for balancing
Past versions, please see the older read me.

Here at the XAI team, we believe in innovation, dedication, and making this game the best we can. We do not listen to the "nay" sayers and those who follow them. If we did, this game would never have evolved into what we have here. We are not done yet! There are other issues that we are going to resolve. They will take more time, but we wanted to get this release to you now!! This is because of the dwindling support and lack of people playing of the game. Hopefully, we can bring back new life to this potentially great game. With this major step forward, we say "Thank You" for all the support ! Being the black sheep is not an easy road, but it does lead to the most satisfaction!!

Personal use only! You need specific written permission, to use this code in part or in whole, for any mod other than XAI.

There are so many things that can affect the operation of these mods to work properly. We do not guarantee amazing performance in any mod other than the ones we have tested in. These mods have full integration of the XAI: DA 0.8, and PDER 1.0a

New integration: We have the final say and right to test for compatibility, whether any mod can use the XAI (BAI or CAI) or not. We must give you permission to integrate it. However, if in testing, it is deemed to not work right, *and* we cannot fix the issue, then we will not let it be used as an official mod. This is a quality control issue. After all, you wouldn't want the nice shiny Ferrari to get down the road and just stop on you, would you.

It's up to the modder to make the changes to the XAI that they want. I can tell you how to do it and advise you. We have work to continue, and won't be done any time soon.

We also do not really grant use for sub mods, unless we know they work 100% This is based off of our experience at modding. We prefer to work with the main mod creator, to insure smooth integration of the XAI.

Questions regarding official integration into a mod should be emailed/PMed to Xeryx

Save game compatible, usually..if weird stuff happens, start a new game.

Instructions for the XBAI V3.2F ONLY!!

There are FIVE files include in this package.
desc_pathfinding.txt (newest pathfinding file)
desc_pathfinding.db (matched database file for the above text file)
desc_skeletal.txt (Condo's improved skeletons)

Do not use any other path finding files with this BAI!! use these only!! They are tested and bug free.

All FIVE of these files go in the /data/, folder. (of whichever mod you choose)

In order to separate the "skirmishers" this includes javelins, gunners, missiles, and crossbows. We have instituted some changes within the XBAI, but in order for you to utilize these changes fully, you will need change your mod's EDU. We will be specifying a new class. It is called skirmish. You can use it for the javelin units, and handgunnersi. Infantry as well as mounted units.

Changing Javelin units in the export_descr_units.txt file. If you do not get good performance from Javelins, this is what I recommend doing, IT IS NOT REQUIRED, but there for use by MODDERS! In the EDU each unit has a category, and class. We changed the Javelins units Class to "skirmish" this way it utilizes it own special category. You have cavalry and infantry javelin units. Do not try this if you do not know what you are doing, because this is an option for MODDERS to use for integration. This helps us to define unit behavior better.


Team- Xeryx, Naimad, MiiKll's, and Argent Usher for wonderful graphics.
Special thanks to Condo for use of part of his code, and the skeletal file.
XAI community, which is growing day by day!! We love that you guys are coming down and participating.

Thank you for playing XAI!

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November 15, 2008 at 03:50 AM
It is the greatest patch. The one I was looking for.

I`m a very experienced player in RTW so the battles of both rtw and MTW were easy for me (on v.hard).

After installing that patch I was delighted, it made me think again like the first times I played the game.

Thank you very much for that patch.
November 15, 2008 at 04:00 AM
I have a few questions to the authors of the patch.

Are the routing potential of Al and human are equally balanced?

Have you improved the chances of a captain to be promoted to a general? (its eems to happen much more now, very well)

Is there a possibility to make units gain experience faster?

November 21, 2008 at 06:05 PM

Hello, please report all questions to the forums, click my txt in the signature.

We are happy that you are enjoying the patch, and to answer your questions.

We did not mess with unit experience, as that is actually fixed. However casualty rates affect overall experience, that has been changed for auto resolve battles.

General units have 2x the units now, so they should last longer. All horsed units have better charge penetration as well.

Routing is based on difficulty level.

November 21, 2008 at 06:06 PM
Here is the link, for the forums to XAI
December 22, 2008 at 11:52 PM
This is the 3.2F (FINAL) release of this, version. For awhile, we make minor changes only. Hey Mikll, MiKll, I think he likes it!