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Das Heilige Römische Reich - Version 0.6

for Medieval 2: Total War - Kingdoms 1.4 / 1.5


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Released 2008-05-08



Welcome to Das Heilige Römische Reich! Take control of one of the numerous lordships of the Holy Roman Empire and fight for the ultimate double goal of both becoming Emperor and establishing the Holy Roman Empire as Europe's hegemonial power. This will be no easy task, as you have to weaken your inner and outer imperial rivals while still trying to maintain good relationships with them, especially the mighty Elector Counts. Often diplomacy will achieve what swords can not. Open rebellion against Imperial laws will result in suffering the 'Reichsacht' or Imperial ban and should be avoided, as your rivals will jump at the chance to attack you with the Emperor's consent gladly...
Or sit on the throne of one of the Germans' many rivals and stop their ambitions in their tracks...

This Mod for Medieval 2: Total War - Kingdoms focuses on a much more realistic representation of the Holy Roman Empire:
The vanilla HRE faction has been split and is now made up by the Duchys of Austria, Bavaria, Swabia, Saxony, Franconia, Upper and Lower Lorraine and the Kingdoms of Bohemia and Burgundy. These lordships are ruled by hereditary dukes and the all important (and hereditary) Elector Counts, who alone are able to vote in imperial elections. These take place in addition to the vanilla papal elections and have been added via script, as well as the 'Reichsacht' or Imperial Ban feature. This one punishes inter-HRE agressors with the 'Acht' and allows other HRE factions to attack them. In addition, banned HRE members are not allowed to vote and will never become emperor. Other new features include: Antipopes, Imperial Tax, uprisings, Counter Kings & Civil Wars, awardable titles as in MTW1 and much more!
Prepare yourself for a medieval experience you never had before - becoming Emperor while mainting the Holy Roman Empire will not be an easy task!

General hints: The mod was created for difficulty settings VH/H+ and you should not attack any none-rebel faction before turn 6 or 7.

2) Features - see also THIS thread.

-) Map

- The new map focuses on Europe: America, the Middle East and large parts of Africa have been cut away. It's western border is Spain, it's eastern border the Georgian shore of the black sea.
- based on Spurius' BigMap with additions by Sb2ean (RPM 2.3 BM)

-) Provinces

- ~180 regions
- many new ones added all across the map

-) Factions

- 31 factions; all factions playable except Slaves and Mongols - 29 in total!
- 13 new factions: The Duchys of Austria, Bavaria, Swabia, Saxony, Franconia, Upper and Lower Lorraine and the Kingdoms of Bohemia, Burgundy, Aragon (from Socal_Infidel's Pro Deo Et Rege) and Sweden, the Obotrite Confederacy and the Cumans

-) Script features

- Imperial Elections: HRE factions are able to elect the emperor now (in ADDITION to papal elections).
- 'Reichsacht' / Imperial Ban: HRE factions can't attack their neighbour duchy without just cause. If they do, they will be banned and the priority target of the other HRE factions.
- 'Reichssteuer' / Imperial Tax: The current Emperor gets paid a small tax by the other HRE members, as long as they are not losing money or are at war with him or under the Imperial Ban, of course!
- Antipopes: Excommunicated Emperors now have the option to make one of their cardinals a puppet antipope under imperial control. This will allow emperors to receive the crown even when excommunicated as well as providing him with a strong candidate for the next papal elections - and these may take place sooner than expected if the pope falls victim to an assassins blade by ill chance...
- Coronation Events: Human Emperors now need to travel to Rome to get crowned by the pope and receive the full benefits of being emperor.
- New diplomatic overview screen covering the HRE's internal affairs.
- AI money-script based on number of cities; AI dept money script; AI 'Last-Stand' money bonus script
- Rebels are now agressive and build things; pirate and brigand spawn rates have been reduced
-Counter-King / Imperial Civil War Feature added: The Emperor no longer gets banned, but if he isn't doing his job right, the opposition will set up a counter king and civil war will follow.
-Much more detail has been added to the process of defineing the quality of the Emperor's reign. Things like growing/shrinking HRE, excommunication, the construction of special buildings, etc... now all play a role.
-A message system that tells the Emperor if he is especially loved/hated has been introduced.
-In addition, you now see who is Counter King in the HRE's diplomatic overview screen.
-A garrison script has been added to the Obotrites' starting position. It is active as long as the majority of the Obotrites is pagan (AI only).
-AI controlled Obotrites will convert to catholicism automaticaly as soon as the majority of the population has been converted. Players have the option to remain pagan. New buildings and units will become available, but the 'pagan bonuses' will be lost.
-The scripts for rebellious regions have been updated so that the spawned rebel armies attack properly most of the time. They also don't always spawn randomly but are tied to special events.
-In addition, certain rebel provinces have got garrison scripts now (Mostly the 'rebellious provinces' mentioned above).
-The Obotrites now get a special moral boost in their home provinces as long as they are pagan. You'll most probably have to kill them to the last man to win any battles vs the Obotrites there.
-Title system added: Award titles as in good old MTW1. For an overview of the current titles, see this thread.
-Aging one year per turn script added.
-AI has been edited so that it can cope with special things like civil war, imperial ban, and the 'multi-faction-HRE'.

-) General:

- Starting positions: changed for a better representation of 1080
- 1 turn per year; build times / settlement mechanics etc updated to match the new time scale; characters also age one year per turn
- lots of names have been changed to more historic ones.
- 'retrofitted': boiling oil and other 'Kingdoms' features are included.
- Some settlements change their name during the campaign now, dependent on their owner. e.g.: Lübeck is called Ludice as long as it is not under German control.
- New strat-map-models: All catholic kings use the 'generic northern king' model (from 'Kingdoms'). The Holy Roman Emperor is represented by a unique model of his own, thanks to Alletun.
- Faction leaders that become 'king' via an ancillary get the 'king' strat-map (and battle-) model, even if they are not normally a king (e.g. the Duke of Milan).
- Historic family trees for many of the factions.
- Lots of new historic events
- GrandViz's Ultimate AI 1.6 AI pack included.
- Full hotseat support - IMPORTANT: You need to play hotseat with console ACTIVATED. Otherwise lot's of features won't work properly. It's not possible to use the console anyway, so you don't have to fear cheaters.
-Judaism added / Jewish Temple building added.
-Venice has been turned into an island; it's army has been reduced considerably.
-The titles of Elector Count have been re-allocated for a better mix of playability and historical accuracy. Now the Elector Counts are: The Dukes of Upper & Lower Lorraine, Franconia and Saxony and the King of Bohemia.
-New Title: 'Duke of Lower Lorraine'. As long as the HRE controls both Antwerp and Köln, the title goes to the Emperor's heir. If other factions control both provinces, their faction leader gets the title.
-First traces of an AOR have been added (Zones so far: Low Lands, Lorraine, North-Eastern Germany; many more to come).
-Era system added. No more Chivalric Knights in 1080.

-) Graphics

- New event- and ancillary pics.
- New loading logo, menu style and layout and loading screens added.
- New skins, battle banners, etc... for all new factions
- New and unique battle skins for faction leaders, kings and emperors, most of them thanks to Musculus Maximus.
Future Plans
- the HRE script will be extended to allow the Emperor to control the HRE's foreign politics, and react to inner-HRE treats.
- double-elections, uprisings and civil wars will be implemented
- unique victory conditions for the new factions
- continued improvement of HRE battle skins
- unique unit roster for certain HRE factions (especially for Lower Lorraine, Burgundy and Bohemia)
- improvement of the existing factions and better campaign balance
-Missing captain skins added.
-New heater shields for Saxony & Lower Lorraine, Austria, Bavaria, Upper Lorraine, Franconia, Swabia, Bohemia and the Obotrites.
-New skins for Burgundy.
-New faction selection buttons & slightly changed COAs.
-New banners for Bohemia (thanks to Methoz's Bohemia Medieval Mod).
-New Stratmap-models for the HRE factions (no more full plate models)
-New Battle-Map Captains & Named Generals for all HRE factions (no more full plate models; these feature will eventually cover all 'western' nations)
- and much more...

-) New Units

-The Kingdom of Burgundy has got a new unit roster.
-Bohemia's militia units have been replaced by slavic ones.
-New units: Thuringian Archers, Lorrainian Infantry, Lorrainian Spearmen, Lorrainian Crossbowmen, Lowland Peasant Militia, Lowland Spear Militia, Goedendag Militia (these are all AOR units), German Polearm Warriors, German Knights, Dismounted German Knights, German War Servants (the last four are available for most of the HRE factions), Obotrite Bodyguard, Obotrite Axemen (surprisingly, these are Obotrite units), Baltic Crusader Sergeants (Mercenarys available for crusading armies in the Balticum).

-) Bugs hunted out

-All fixes from versions 0.51 & 0.52 have been added to 0.6 as well.
-Many of the units with wrong skin allocation have been fixed.

3) Installation

- Delete any previous version of 'Das Heilige Römische Reich' or 'The Empire: Total war'.
- Start the installer (the installer should point to the right directory automatically; if not, point it to your Medieval II root directory. c:\program files\medieval II\ for example).
- To launch the mod, use the medieval2_HRR_06.bat located in Medieval II/mods/HRR_06, or use the desktop shortcut or start menu symbol (created automatically during installation). Steam users should use the launcher.
- To uninstall the mod, run 'Uninstall HRR 06.exe' located in your Medieval II root directory or by clicking 'uninstall HRR' in the mod's start menu entry.


- This mod neither changes nor adds files in your original Medieval II folders. Therefore, it should run with other mods that don't change them without problems. If you have changed your original files, it is recommended that you reinstall M2TW before installing 'Das Heilige Römische Reich'.
- If you want to turn off battle banners, open 'medieval2.HRR_06.cfg' (in mods/HRR/), and add the following lines at the bottom:

show_banners = 0

- Custom battles are disabled. The game will crash if you try. If you want to enable them, copy the Battle & Custom folders from the data folder to \mods\HRR_06\data\world\maps\. This game mode is not supported nor will be. If you want to join our team as a member responsible for custom battles, contact us via our forum (adress: see below)
- If you get CTDs when clicking other factions on the campaign map, delete the audio and event files in your mods/HRR_06/data/sounds/ folder (That shouldn't happen anymore, but I couldn't test it with all language versions). This might also help if you are experiencing general sound problems.

Known bugs:

- Repeated clicking on the faction symbols (~12+ times) in the campaign faction selection menu causes a CTD.

4) Credits

The 'Das Heilige Römische Reich' v0.6 Team:

Icefrisco: historian

DieKugelstoßer: 2D/3D artist

Dimitri_Harkov: creator

former team members:

Rob_the_Celt: 2D artist
Nicolaswille: 2D artist
snoopy: advisor

Other contributers:

SirPaladin: Some faction symbols
JANOSIK007: gave permission on parts of the bohemia mini mod version alfa 1. Thanks to everyone on his team as well: Methoz, Meretrix, BuchVecny, the_mango55, M3rcury15, Sinuhet
sb2ean: gave permission to use his RPM2.3BM mod as basis. Thanks to everyone who helped him as well, especially Spurius for the map.
Sinuhet: Bohemian names
Alletun: norman king model
Tyre: armoured generals mod
Snipafist: campaign AI
GrandViz: UAI 1.6 AI pack. See his forum here.
Musculus Maximus: early general skins & other 2D art (COAs, strat map skins...)
Unspoken Knight: retrofit mod
GrnEyedDvl: barebones mod folder
Socal_Infidel: Aragon faction, permission on Swabian Swordsmen
Methoz: banners from his Bohemia Medieval mod
Falcom4ever: gave permission on his Khazar facion and judaism from his mod 'Falcom Total War'
DeZzErX: parts of his mod 'The Lion of Flanders' have been used.
Danova of the Ornamentum mod: Aragon's faction shield icon, as well as for the texture for the Swordsmen Militia.
And of course the one and only Boztorgai_Khan: More info on Ural-Altaic peoples (especially on the Cumans in my case) that can ever be put in a mod

Thanks to:

alpaca & tornnight: for their great modding tools & tutorials
alletun: for his superb tutorials
The TWC community: for lots of great mods, articles and tutorials
CA: for the Total War series - but better support would not hurt.
Averroës: Thanks to him I finally know how to change the faction accents.
HannibalExMachina, Count of Flanders, Elite Ferret: for permanent constructive feedback and additional research.
And of course to the community who downloaded the previous versions of HRR more than 13.000 times.

Shame on me if I forgot anyone here... Please PM me if that is the case.

Usage: Permission by request only.

--> Visit our Official Forum HERE <--

--> Download HERE <--

Some pics:

The starting positions & the map:

The faction selection screen:

The duke of Upper Lorraine, Dietrich von Chatenois, with bodyguard:

And a part of his army, showing German Knights, Lorrainian Spearmen & Lorrainian Heavy Infantry:

Swabian Swordsmen during a siege:

A saxonian captain fights rebels on the walls:





May 08, 2008 at 10:30 AM
Great Job+++rep
May 09, 2008 at 10:19 AM
May 10, 2008 at 11:54 AM
Why there isn't the Lithuania?
May 13, 2008 at 08:58 AM
Just one thing though. I really love history myself, and I'm going to study history next year. I would just like to notify you that Sweden wasn't really a kingdom at that time. I would rather have Norway instead of Sweden. The Sweden territory was just a land filled with small kingdoms. Norway, though, was an established kingdom, and was actually greater than Denmark in the 11-12 century.
May 14, 2008 at 09:29 AM
Sweden will be replaced with Kiev in the next version. Have a look at our forum for more info.
May 17, 2008 at 11:05 PM
i have a bug to submit here. uh do rebels siege settlements? idk what te :wub: happened but now rebels are sigeing my castles. as far as i know know rebels usually do not siege castles.
May 17, 2008 at 11:11 PM
uh great mod guys. uh in your next version can u do like an roman war path, that is something like a crusade and jihad. cause that would be a really cool feature. also to make this a little more hisotorical accurate
can yall add in kingdom of georgia. and just remove scottland or something cause scottland really sucks.
May 20, 2008 at 01:08 AM
Thank you man for all this hard work! Really thanks. Please finish this mod as soon as possible.
S.P.Q.R. Praetorian
May 25, 2008 at 11:59 PM
June 09, 2008 at 11:17 AM
can't choose custom battle, that's bad to German fans.
June 10, 2008 at 03:29 AM
READING might help.
September 22, 2008 at 04:33 PM
i cant download this, everytime when i try download any file from FILEFRONT they say that there is no avalibe servers, i tried almost every day but nothing... but that game looks nice
October 04, 2009 at 12:37 PM

I downloaded this mod fine and installed it correctly but when i went to play it, as soon as the game opened up it game up with "encountered unspecified error" i tried to play it repeatedly but it kept saying it. i then decided to uninstall the mod thinking it was just the files that were doing it, but now the game itself doesnt work. everytime i try get on it a blank error comes up.

what do i have to do?