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Force Diplomacy Mod for Rise of Persia 2.1

Uploaded by Turnus - February 03, 2008
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Force Diplomacy Modification for Rise of Persia 2.1 Beta by Turnus

Many thanks to DimeBagHo

This small modification allows the player to force any AI faction to
agree to any diplomatic demands, which can help to counteract the poor
importance of diplomacy in RTW, and the ridiculous stubborness of the
AI factions. Now the player can make proper treaties, and force other
factions to pay indemnities or become a vassal state. It is best used
when the player only forces the AI to accept demands that the player
would accept themself if they were in the AI faction's position.

Installation Instructions:

Download the .zip file and then extract or Paste the "Data" folder into
your main RTW (with ROP 2.1 Beta) directory, and agree to overwite
existing files. If you would like to back up these files, they are as


How to use Force Diplomacy in Campaign:

1.Press Esc
2. Go to Game Options
3. Tick the box for "Reset Advisor" and continue back to the campaign
4. Engage the diplomacy window with another faction via a diplomat.
5. Click the "?" in the top right hand corner of the diplomacy window
6. The advisor will appear. Click "show me" and then click the
advisor's face to make it go away.
7. Select the offers/demands as required.
8. Offer these to the AI faction. It will accept them.

a) This process must be repeated each time that you would like to force
your diplomatic actions on the AI.
b) The AI cannot agree to demands that it physically cannot carry out
(e.g. it cannot give you money it does not/will not have).





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