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The Sicilian Vespers 2.5

Uploaded by SicilianVespers - September 20, 2007
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"The Sicilian Vespers 2.5"

Download SV 2.5 HotFix 1.1 Here

Multi-Era Mod for Medieval II Total War

**Requires: Medieval II Total War + 1.02 or 1.03 Patch


Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
Changelog SV 2.5:
- New units, faction/unit recolouring, & reskinning
- Garrison script, general scripts
- Map, start situation updates (balancing, historical corrections ... new regions)
- historically based win conditions
- Mercenary pool balancing
- Custom Unit balancing
- Tech-tree balancing
- "Dynamic" events like faction promotions (ie. duchy becomes kingdom at historical date)
- Name and description changes (ie. factions, settlements/regions)
- Graphical elements overhaul (ie. COA's)
- New traits and ancillaries (plus adjustments on the incl. BBB content)
- Economy system (special buildings, map infrastructure, traits&ancies)
- New building strings (incl. a ZoC)
- New recruitment system (incl. a ZoR)

Changelog SV 2.0:
- Compatible with the M2tW 1.02 Patch
- Bugfixing
- Added Three new factions (Armenia, Serbia, Bulgaria)
- Added BD Heraldry v1.0 (now we have titles for all regions)
- Removed Darth Diplomacy/Campaign War AI pack version 2.5
- Removed Darth Formations M2TW Version 4.5 War Pack
- Added Ultimate AI 1.5

v1.2 (Patch):
- Includes everything from th v1.1 patch.
- Fixes the Island of Chios (Lesbos).
- Fixed invisible dismounted feudal knights for rebels.
- Added new banners for Denmark.
- Fixed CoA for new factions on Middle Eastern UI interface.
- Some Ilkhanate & Golden Horde Units have 0 upkeep cost.
- Some Ilkhanate settlements inhibit movement.
- Angevin Dismounted Feudal Knights using wrong model.
- More historical units names for the Ottomans.
- General balancing for more historic outcome.

v1.1 (Patch):
- Fixed CTD caused by Mercenary Spearmen
- Made Aragonese & Dismounted Aragonese Knights recruitable by Aragon.
- Removed incorrect Archer Militia from Russia in descr_strat


- SicilianVespers Launcher menu, for era configuration.

- Late Era (Grand) Campaign start date of 1311

- Playable Factions:

{VENICE}Serenýxima Rep¨blica VŔneta
{SICILY}Regnum SiciliŠ
{MILAN}Rep¨blica di Genua
{PAPAL_STATES}Patrimonium Sancti Petri
{DENMARK}Regnum DaniŠ
{SCOTLAND}Regnum ScotiŠ
{MONGOLS}Altan Ordyn Uls
{TURKS}OsmÔnli Beyliki
{FRANCE}Regnum FranciŠ
{HRE}Sacrum Imperium Romanum
{ENGLAND}Regnum AngliŠ
{PORTUGAL}Regnum PortugaliŠ
{POLAND}Regnum PoloniŠ
{BYZANTIUM}Basileia ton Romaion
{ARMENIA}Regnum ArmeniŠ
{SERBIA}Srbsko Carstvo
{BULGARIA}Balgarsko Tsarstvo
{RUSSIA}Vladimiro-Suzdalskoye kniazhestvo
{SPAIN}Regnum CastiliŠ
{HUNGARY}Regnum UngariŠ
{SAXONS}Regnum Neapolis
{NORMANS}Corona AragonŠ

- Non-Playable Factions:

{SLAVE}Terrae Nullius

- Early Era (Custom) Campaign start date of 1080

- Playable Factions:

{VENICE}Serenýxima Rep¨blica VŔneta
{SICILY}Contea di Sicilia
{MILAN}Compagna Communis Genuensis
{PAPAL_STATES}Patrimonium Sancti Petri
{DENMARK}Regnum DaniŠ
{SCOTLAND}Regnum ScotiŠ
{MONGOLS}Desht-i Qipchaq
{FRANCE}Regnum FranciŠ
{HRE}Sacrum Imperium Romanum
{ENGLAND}Regnum AngliŠ
{PORTUGAL}Condado de Portucale
{POLAND}Regnum PoloniŠ
{BYZANTIUM}Basileia ton Romaion
{ARMENIA}Principatus ArmeniŠ
{SERBIA}Velika Äupanija RaÜka
{BULGARIA}Balgarsko Tsarstvo
{RUSSIA}Kievskaya Velikiy kniazhestvo
{SPAIN}Regnum CastiliŠ
{HUNGARY}Regnum UngariŠ
{SAXONS}ComtÚ d'Anjou
{NORMANS}Condado de Barcelona

- Non-Playable Factions:

{SLAVE}Terrae Nullius

- Renaissance Era (Custom) Campaign start date of 1395 (alpha 0.01)

- Playable Factions:

{VENICE}Serenýxima Rep¨blica VŔneta
{SICILY}Regno di Sicilia
{MILAN}Rep¨blica di Genua
{PAPAL_STATES}Patrimonium Sancti Petri
{DENMARK}Kongeriget Danmark
{SCOTLAND}Rýoghachd na Alba
{MONGOLS}Altan Ordyn Uls
{TURKS}OsmÔnli Imparatorlugu
{FRANCE}Royaume de France
{HRE}Sacrum Imperium Romanum
{ENGLAND}Kingdom of England
{PORTUGAL}Reino de Portucale
{POLAND}Krˇlestwo Polski
{BYZANTIUM}Basileia ton Romaion
{ARMENIA}Royaume de Chypre
{SERBIA}Srbsko Carstvo
{BULGARIA}Balgarsko Tsarstvo
{RUSSIA}Moskovskoe Velikiy kniazhestvo
{SPAIN}Reino de Castilla y Leˇn
{HUNGARY}Magyar Kirßlysßg
{SLAVE}Terrae Nullius
{SAXONS}Regno di Napoli
{NORMANS}Corona d'Aragˇ

- Non-Playable Factions:

{SLAVE}Terrae Nullius

- Regions & Provinces map v2.1 Custom

- 9 new provinces added to base RP 2.1 standard map:


- 6 new factions:

The Catalans
The Angevins
The Armenians
The Bulgarians
The Serbians
The Cumans

- Ultimate AI 1.5

- Blood, Broads, & Bastards v2.0+

- DB Heraldry for Regions & Provinces
Heraldry for all regions
New ancillary images
Royal titles for faction, King of ... (non-transferable)
Other transferable royal titles, for example:
- King of Bohemia
- Duke of Burgundy
- King of Jerusalem
- and more...
Caliph titles:
- Caliph of Cairo
- Caliph of Bagdad
- Caliph of Cordoba

- Byzantium Armor Progression V 0.7

- Burrek's Knights & Knaves 0.9 5

- Eternal Turk Reskin 1.1

- Horsearchers Effects & Skymods

- Kings Banner Mod 2.0

- Orders Mod 1.2


- Install MTW II
- Install Patch 1.02 or 1.03
Ě IMPORTANT: Make sure there is no old SicilianVespers folder in your Medieval II Total War folder

before attempting to install (Uninstall or Delete them)
Ě Not save compatible with SV 2.0 or earlier versions
Ě Your original M2TW files will not be changed, SV 2.5 creates a seperate installation path which

includes nearly all changed files: except a necessary new small folder SicilianVespers in the

standard data path, and the vanilla .SD files in data\ui.
Ě Execute file SicilianVespers_2.5_Install.exe and enter the correct path for the installation
Example: C:\Program Files\SEGA\Medieval II Total War
Ě The automatic setup creates a desktop icon, a program icon and an uninstall option
Ě To start the game doubleclick
on the The Sicilian Vespers 2.5 desktop icon
or the program icon
or the Launch_SicilianVespers.bat in the path C:\Program Files\SEGA\Medieval II Total War (default may have changed this to your custom path during installation)


- The "Era Selection" menu is used to prepare the game files for whichever era you are playing in.
- You should use these option until a "Dynamic" event occurs.


- The "In-Game Event Selection" menu should be used when an in-game event instructs you to do so.
- These "Dynamic" events allow us to change faction names based historic events.


The Team

Mod Creator and sole developer of 'The Sicilian Vespers' (SV) 1.x/2.0: SicilianVespers

Since the development of higher versions than SV 2.0:

Core Team Members

# SicilianVespers - Mod Leader, Main Developer.
Coding, scripting, mapping, skinning, implementing of sub/mini-mods, moderating, producing setups

# DaVinci - Mod Co Leader, Main Developer.
Coding, balancing, managing beta testing, moderating

# Lorre - Developer
Testing, focus faction consultant Genoa+Italians, unit skinning for Genoa and other factions,

graphic/art contributions, helps moderating

Extended Team, betatesting/consulting, and partially modding

# Drtad - testing, focus faction consultant: Armenia
# Ermeni - curr. inactive, focus faction consultant: Armenia
# Drak - curr. inactive, eventually a skinner/modeller in future
# the Celt - curr. inactive, eventually a skinner in future
# Palatinae - in future available for testing plus eventually additional modding
# Armenios - curr. inactive, faction consultant: Armenia
# Karo - testing
# Basileos - testing, focus faction consultant: Byzantines

Sincerest thanks to all the folks who have contributed to "The Sicilian Vespers":

- m.minkov: Bulgaria: Total War for the Bugarian names
- Sb2ean: Regions & Provinces mod 2.1
- Ramtha: Renaissance Total War
- Zephrelial: For his excellent mods
- Dearmad & Pnutmaster: Blood, Broads, & Bastards v2.0
- WhiteWolf: Byzantium Armor Progression V 0.7
- Burrek: Knights and Knaves v0.95
- Himmelsfeuer: Retextured French Shields
- Zhukov: France Coat of Arms and banner Fix (modified)
- Boicote: Portvcale v0.2
- Salty: Italian Shields Mod
- Ziher: Spain shields retexture
- Eternal Cocoon: Eternal Turk Reskin 1.1
- alpaca: .sd converter, provincial campaign pack
- Repman: For his help with 1.02
- Baldfridu: K.K's Battle Banners for M2TW
- Billydilly: DB Heraldry for Regions & Provinces
- GrandViZ: Ultimate AI 1.5
- DisgruntledGoat: Byzantine Skins
- Joedreck: Kings Banner Mod
- Ralendil: Orders Mod 1.2
- HorseArcher: Effects Pack & Skymod
- AliAS: Muslim General┤s Barded horse mod



- Private Use is free. If you want to include parts of "The Sicilian Vespers" in a public mod,

please ask myself, or the original submod creators for permission as a sign of respect. Credits

should be given.




King dude man
September 20, 2007 at 06:56 PM
cant get it to work :hmmm:
King dude man
September 20, 2007 at 06:59 PM
do i have to delete the other files?
September 20, 2007 at 07:57 PM
Please visit the forum, and give some more detail:
September 28, 2007 at 07:04 AM
September 28, 2007 at 07:05 AM
godd mod!!
September 28, 2007 at 07:06 AM

September 30, 2007 at 05:42 AM
Question: Why when I am atacked at my capital after conscription all finances are going down. I played with bizantines and in djihad the arabs atacked me at Constantinopol and after a siege finished with my victory, all gold is going down ai reached down to -8.000.000 gold?
why is this happening? How it can be fixed?

September 30, 2007 at 08:34 AM
You need to install SV 2.5 HotFix 1.1, You can find it here:
October 04, 2007 at 12:05 AM
Great mod, thanks for your work. Do you know how to adjust the game so that the green and red shadows for allied and enemy soldiers appear? I.E. you select a unit and you can tell which one you've selected because it has the little green circles around its feet.
October 04, 2007 at 08:10 AM
You should be able to find what you are looking for here:
October 04, 2007 at 10:20 PM
Thanks for the tip - helps quite a bit. Once again, thanks for all your hard work--it's much appreciated.
October 23, 2007 at 07:27 PM
great mod I love England
December 15, 2007 at 05:36 AM
Very nice mode.. And it works greater than the other mods!
December 20, 2007 at 03:33 PM
Great mod.. There is no problems in it, ive been played it in sevral weeks!

December 24, 2007 at 03:08 PM
When will you have the next version released?