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Ultimate AI 1.4.1

Uploaded by GrandViZ - May 06, 2007
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Ultimate AI Mod
Version 1.4.1 (requires Official Patch 1.2)

Important UAI Uninstaller bugfix
Version 1.4.1 fixes an severe bug in the UAI 1.4 uninstaller uaiuinst.exe, that will damage your M2TW installation directory when used!

Don't use the UAI 1.4 uninstaller!

This version of the Ultimate AI includes a customized version of the Realistic Building Tree modification from mongolwarrior and many other bug fixes.

Download and execute the uai_setup.exe. After successful installation run the ultimateAI_launch.bat from your installation folder.

Changelog 1.4.1
- Bugfix in the Ultimate AI uninstaller uaiuinst.exe
- Fixed a bug in the descr_strat.txt

Changelog 1.4

- Real Combat Mod was taken out
- Added the fixes to the EDU.txt as suggested by the M2TW Lite Mod (thanks to Candelarius)
- Restricted alliances (same religion) are now optional and can be enabled through the installer
- Increased odds for Backstabbing, when AI faction has no enemies
- Introduced some random modifiers to AI decision making to reduce predictability
- Increased the aggression of powerful AI factions
- Increased the odds for excommunicated factions to get an alliance with other excommunicated factions
- AI factions now sign peace treaties!
- Further improved AI against Rebel factions
- Fixed a bug in the descr_strat.txt where faction standings would not be initialized correctly (reported by mkk)
- Added missing mercenaries.txt file (Ups!)
- Decreased the modifiers for unprovoked revolts
- Decreased the max. count of heretics
- Reduced growth penalties in descr_settlement_mechanics.xml

UAI Campaign AI

- Separate AI profiles for Papal States, Catholics, Orthodox, Muslims, Mongols (Timurids), Aztecs, and Neutrals
- AI backstabbing to alliances reduced to a reasonable minimum
- AI factions organize in lasting power blocks
- AI decision making evaluates global reputation, faction standing, situation of alliances, religion etc.
- AI invasion and defense parameter have been completely redesigned for best results
- AI attacks rebel settlements in the beginning with high priority
- AI concentrates its forces before attacking and attacks with bigger stacks
- AI defends settlements with more units
- Rebels will attack if they have the opportunity

UAI Campaign Mechanics
- Revised the faction standing at start for all factions (NOTE: This is very important for the diplomacy mechanics!)
- Tweaked victory conditions
- Balanced income for all factions
- Increased movement rates for all units
- Enabled naval landings for all factions

UAI Diplomacy

- Disabled AI alliances between islamic and christian factions, however human player can ally whoever he wants
- Only limited AI alliances between catholic and orthodox factions
- AI will help its allies, when it has the means
- Papal States will behave reasonable (for best results do not ally the Papal States)
- Special relationship between the Pope and Italian states (Venice, Milan, Sicily) - Pope will ask for help when attacked
- Catholic AI is more aggressive against exommunicated factions
- Revised faction standing mechanics to provide more subtle changes in relations between factions, rather than jumping from perfect to horrible
- Revised the value of all diplomatic offers and demands
- AI will make more counterproposals in negotiations

UAI Building Tree

- Eras by mongolwarrior (better units will be available later in the campaign)
- Balanced costs and construction times for the UAI 1t1y campaign
- Balanced bonuses and effects
- Revised the requirements for the availability of certain buildings and improvements
- New recruitment pool for better AI army composition

UAI Settlement Mechanics
- Revised all modifiers for growth, income, public order and set new thresholds
- Increased corruption, religious unrest, distance to capital penalties
- Increased high tax penalties
- Increased income from trade, decreased income from taxation and farming
- Increased garrison effect on public order
- Increased govenors influence
- New settlement tax for the human player based on the settlement level - fast expansion should be more difficult now!

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Administrative NoteThe external download link on this page is not valid anymore, should you have a valid download yourself or know of an alternative download link please contact a member of the 'Modding Staff' group.


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May 07, 2007 at 06:34 PM
Awesome! Thanks so very much for such a great mod!

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