• New Citizen Interviews - Kaiser Leonidas

    Hello and welcome all. I am here with, what I hope to be the first of many (now the CMS system is installed), 'New Citizen' interviews. These will be brief Q&As with members who have just become Citizens, along with a few words from their Patron, and will hopefully act as a way of introducing new Citizens to the Curia as well as giving them a bit of public exposure. Today I am honoured to present Kaiser Leonidas and Aikanár for the pilot interview.


    Q.) KL, first off congratulations on passing and welcome to the Citizenry! Could you tell us a bit about your TWC-self; how you came to the site and the like?

    Kaiser Leonidas.) Hi, I'm Kaiser Leonidas, or Leo if you prefer. I first joined TWC after seeing the mods for Medieval 2, more specially the Third Age. As a huge Lord of the Rings fan, the idea of being able to play in Middle Earth was incredible. Later on I became involved in testing for another fantasy mod, DragonDawn, which I would highly recommend people check out! As I use the site quite a bit, I thought I'd join the Vault Staff too, to help make sure people can still access and play mods that are no longer active.

    Q.) We'll get onto your contributions in a moment, but first tell us how Aikanár came to be your patron? Aikanár, could you give us a few words here as well?

    Kaiser Leonidas.) It was not long after I joined the Vault Staff I think. I just got a message out of the blue from Aikanár asking if anyone had approached me about citizenship, which they hadn't. At the time I thought it was still a bit early for me to apply, but after doing more work in the vault and with the modding awards, we decided to go for it.

    Aikanár.) I'm a keen observer in the places I frequent. So I watched Leo for some time. That's how I usually operate, I watch people and observe what they do. It didn't take Leo long to make me smile and convince me that he's a great addition to the community. I guess the rest then falls into place. I don't really patronize many people, but I really think it's a pity when people like Leo go under the radar, if you get my drift, so sending an offer was the least I could do for him.

    Q.) And I'm sure he will be a great addition to the Curia as well. KL, You also mentioned the Vault Staff as an area of contribution, could you tell us a bit more about your work there, and what you've enjoyed about it?

    Kaiser Leonidas.) The Modding Vault is basically a store of all of the mods on TWC, as a way of making sure that people can still access them after the mod is no longer active, or if the site it was hosted on is taken down. As was the case with Megaupload which was closed in 2012, and was one of the reasons for the Vault being created if I'm not mistaken.

    My own role within the Vault is to make sure that the Medieval 2 mods are kept as up to date as possible in the Vault. I've also covered other total war games when needed, and everyone in the Vault Staff is responsible for handling any user requests for a mod in the Vault to be reuploaded publicly. I see it as a nice way of giving back to the modding community for making the mods in the first place really.

    Q.) In your application you also highlighted other contributions you've made, for example your work for DragonDawn, could you tell us where you've enjoyed contributing the most? And indeed your favourite areas of TWC?

    Kaiser Leonidas.) I'd definitely say that working on DragonDawn has been the most enjoyable of my contributions. Not to knock the other work I've done, but helping in the creative process for a mod really was fantastic. To be able to see and test all of the units and concepts, as well as reading some of the fantastic lore that Squeaks wrote for the original background to the mod was a real privilege.

    I only really used the Medieval 2 mods section on TWC when I first joined, but now I've kind of branched out a bit. I wouldn't say I get too involved in posting there at all, but I do read quite a few of the threads in the Discussion and Debate section. I quite like keeping up with what's happening in the political forums, as well as the Vestigia Vetustatis. I'm very interested in history and archaeology, so some of the articles in there have been good to read. On a lighter note, I like keeping up with some of my favourite shows in the Arts forum, and seeing what other people have to say about the episodes.

    Q.) Hopefully we'll see you around the Curia, so you'll be able to add that too your list! Now you're a Citizen do you have any plans with regards to the Curia, or are there any specific areas of it that interest you?

    Kaiser Leonidas.) Nothing specific to be honest. I'd like to try and get involved with the voting and proposals to do with the site in general if I can though. Mainly just keep doing what I'm already doing, and bring my "questionable" musical tastes into the Symposium music thread when I can!

    Q.) I'm looking forward to seeing you posting around. To round us off have you got any wise-words for members who may be thinking about becoming Citizens? And from Aikanár, a Curia veteran, any advice for your new son when wading through the Curia?

    Kaiser Leonidas.) If I were to offer any advice for people hoping to become citizens, I would just suggest that you carry on being yourself, and try to help out as much as possible. Or release a huge overhaul mod by yourself, that could work too.

    Aikanár.) Gah, that was to be expected, wasn't it, Shank? Aside from being yourself? If I can give any advice, then it's to not take the entire affair personal and be aware that the Curia can be a place of politics: say your piece, smile and have a drink with whom you crossed your swords afterwards. It should all be in good fun.


    Wise words indeed!

    That's it for now, I hope you have enjoyed reading this interview, and once again a big thanks to KL and Aik for agreeing to be my guinea pigs. You can rep them and say thanks by clicking on the little green plus sign next to their names, and take a look at the application thread over here. If you are thinking about applying for Citizenship and these words have swayed you to find out more then please follow this link for more information on Citizenship and the in's and out's of applying.

    Wishing everyone a good week.

    Shankbot de Bodemloze,