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  140. This Mod Has Bad Campaign AI, Large Uruk Army Outside My Settlement For 2+ Turns NOT DOING ANYTHING
  141. Creating Large Alliances In This Mod, Can You Do It Editing The Files?
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  144. i love this mod so much but...
  145. Corrupted My Mod By Accident, Did I lose My Saves? Please Help
  146. Mod crashes on AI Men of Valhalla turn
  147. Re-installed THERA, Now It Runs In A Window, Can't Change It
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  164. Good job man
  165. Inquisition Calls A Crusade, Should I Obey Them? Will I get Benefits?
  166. Mammucs causing a CTD
  167. Campaign Loading
  168. What is that song?! - Lao Che Mobilize Track
  169. Thera 2?
  170. Busted Save Help
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  172. how to minimez Thera screem?
  173. Is VH/VH Really The Hardest? Or Not?
  174. Which is strong and fun beginner faction?
  175. Dominion Grand Shaman
  176. Can't seem to defeat any faction.
  177. Should I Start All Over Again? Could Use Some Advice, Feeling Guilty For Cheating!
  178. Unrealistic Aspect of THERA/Total War Games, Do You Agree?
  179. Plague Is Constant After 3+ Turns, Will It Ever End?
  180. Is It Possible To Make Peace With A Faction Who Declared War On You?
  181. We need an official list
  182. Why This Mod Is Easy, Enemy Never Builds Ballista Towers?
  183. Finally conquered the world
  184. Is There Any Point In Building Heavy Armorer Buildings For 10,000 Florins? Please Help
  185. Windows cannot find kingdoms.exe
  186. Game Freezes
  187. Mercs
  188. Diplomats Who Stand And Bow Outside Your Settlement During A Turn But Nothing Pops Up
  189. Paynal Empire Is The Strongest In My Campaign, But I Am Worried Invading Them Will Be Very Easy!
  190. My Goal Was To Make A Huge European Christian Alliance/Trade Alliance, Now Christians Are Fighting Christians!
  191. Death portraits not showing up
  192. Are there supposed to be Storms on land?!
  193. Remove Horde Mode???
  194. AI Behavior In This Mod, Have A Concern
  195. Forgot What Difficulty My Campaign Is On, Is There Anyway I Can Find Out?
  196. Unit Options Go Grey In The Middle of Battle For A Short Time, Can't Control My Unit, Happens Often
  197. Epic mod, but...
  198. Is There Anyway To Know If Your Campaign Is On VH/VH?
  199. Future of Thera
  200. Unit Highlighting Not Working, Very Annoying Bug, Anyway I Can Fix This?
  201. Missing Out On An Important Game Aspect? CFG File Issue
  202. Anyone else having this?
  203. Possible To Add More General Portraits?
  204. Enemy King Dies, Faction Becomes Rebels, WTF?
  205. Early Merry Christmas, Therans!
  206. Unpacked Animation files for Thera...
  207. Can you cut/paste the THERA mod folder?
  208. Duplicate Romuli Arquebusier Units?
  209. Naginata Yashima
  210. Ultimate Way To Make Your Campaign Harder, Has Anyone Tried This?
  211. [Guide Request]
  212. Native Factions
  213. Thera HotSeat Tournament
  214. The Battle of Demos
  215. My generals are not getting marriage proposals btw you mod is AWESOME
  216. Whats the OST?
  217. Throwing Axe Crash
  218. How to bring Merchants to the world of Thera
  219. If i had the skills...
  220. CTD on Start-up
  221. HELP! Game crash on conquering Tenochtitlan!
  222. Thera Manual?
  223. Does Anyone Know If Uninstalling RealAI submod will effect save games?
  224. Thera Submod is coming!
  225. Romuli pre-battle music?
  226. Personal Tweaks
  227. Does Building An Armory Factory Even Do Anything?
  228. Playable Minifactions
  229. What is your favorite mini-faction?
  230. Is It Possible To Increase The Campaign Unit Multiplier During A Campaign?
  231. Mini-factions of Thera
  232. Thera Redux (personal submod)