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  2. Could the Germans have defeated the russians in WW
  3. Greatest General of the Ancient World
  4. Letters from the Front
  5. Who's side would you join?
  6. Scans from books, related to RTW
  7. A New Species of Humans
  8. Most significant battle of the 19th century?
  9. Historical Quiz thread
  10. Best famous roman?
  11. Romans in China?
  12. The turningpoint of WWII
  13. Kingdom of Heaven
  14. Julius Caesar versus Alexander
  15. What ancient city would you like to visit?
  16. If you could join one team which one?
  17. in real life: why did phalanxes die out?
  18. Your favorite Roman enemy. Who was it?
  19. Ahoy Matees! Pirate from the Adriatic. Murat Rais.
  20. Most Devastating Roman Tyrant
  21. How would you equip your Legion
  22. Neanderthals Sang Like Sopranos
  23. Who had the most profound, good effect on us?
  24. Singular events that might have changed history
  25. Who is was the most underrated general in history?
  26. What is the most overrated battlefield technology?
  27. Greatest Soldiers
  28. Quick question?
  29. Greatest Soldiers of the Ancient Age
  30. The Serpent and the Eagle
  31. the "Baghdad Battery"
  32. If you were a late Roman emperor....
  33. Anyone know where to get cheap armor, etc?
  34. Gettysburg
  35. Canadian Architectural History
  36. Best modern tank
  37. Spartan versus Samurai
  38. Did samurai ever use shields?
  39. What if no Divine Wind svd Japan from the Mongols
  40. Why is Antiochus III considered "Great"
  41. Conquest of America tonight!
  42. Excellent reading material - world war II
  43. Relatively unknown military blunders.
  44. Reviving the "What if" History Topics
  45. What do you think was the safest place to live?
  46. What was the shortest lasting Empire and longest?
  47. Companion cav. and charges
  48. Blitzkrieg, is it a myth?
  49. Military history..........
  50. Roman withdrawal
  51. On sengoku cavalry
  52. Greatest Navy in History
  53. What if France won the French & Indian War?
  54. Losses of WW2. How accurate is this?
  55. Who do you think was the best admiral
  56. Was Finland vs Soviets in WWII a Continuation War
  57. What if Constantinople never fell?
  58. Who were the Romans
  59. A Biblical Account of a Battle circa 160 BC
  60. Mehmed II the Sultan, circa 1453AD
  61. Were Gladiatorial games all that bad?
  62. Voltaire
  63. Do you read ancient texts? RTR needs you!
  64. Did the Senate have the power to save Rome?
  65. Most remarkable rise to power in history?
  66. Tortiose Ram?
  67. Which continent has seen the most war?
  68. Of javelins and arrows
  69. Sparta or Rome
  70. Most powerful and fiercest barbarians?
  71. Britain and Hong Kong
  72. Christopher Columbus, Byzantine-Greek from Chios?
  73. Barbarian "units"
  74. Yakuza Government
  75. Why did the Spatha replace the Gladius?
  76. Peter the Hermit
  77. post a link to your country's timeline
  78. were the Templars really that bad?
  79. Transition from Rome to Medieval Times
  80. best WWI tank
  81. Could the Brits have made a difference in the ACW?
  82. Similarity between NicholasII and GeorgeV?
  83. PBS/BBC Special - battles that changed Britain
  84. Serial killers in history
  85. Socrates weakness and strength
  86. Which of these Roman Victories is your favorite?
  87. Effectiveness of Deep Phalanx
  88. Anything on the successors?
  89. Extraordinary discovery unlocks past secrets
  90. Marine Hoplites
  91. Could the Romans have discovered America
  92. Did thacians really used phalanx?
  93. What Caused Rome's Fall?
  94. American Indians During WWII
  95. Who was a better leader/person: Hitler or Stalin?
  96. Debating Forum Rules
  97. The Yuezhi
  98. The death of Rommel
  99. French Army WWI color photographs.
  100. Most Effective WWI Army?
  101. The Khazaar Empire
  102. The War in Spain continues!
  103. Living in Rome for a Week
  104. Was their a variation?
  105. What if Seleucos Nicator was never assasinated?
  106. Phoenician Ship Wreck
  107. The 5-Line Empire Challenge!
  108. What makes a great general?
  109. Did ancient Sumerians use phalanx formation?
  110. Mongols and Turks
  111. Question about the French Crusades
  112. Stradioti; Balkan Mercenaries of the 15th century
  113. Korean War
  114. The Prussians
  115. What If Rome had been still ruled by a King?
  116. Could the Soviet have won WW2 alone?
  117. Types of swords
  118. Japanese heros
  119. Hannibal of carthage
  120. Roman Music / Marching Music!
  121. Most significant battle of the 18th century
  122. the importance of flanking
  123. American Revolutionary War
  124. war elephants
  125. The Politics of Ruling
  126. Arab colonies in South America?
  127. Book of Samuel
  128. From Agos to collateral damage: War crimes
  129. King Tut death mystery solved
  130. Why did the Spanish Empire come to an end?
  131. The toughest soldier EVER
  132. The War of 1812 (British-American War)
  133. What battle(s) did the Praetorian guards fight in?
  134. Caesar vs Parthia?
  135. Greek Warriors
  136. WW1, Most influential event of 20th cent?
  137. What country was changed the most through WW1
  138. Who was the most important person in WWI?
  139. Did the British sell weapons to Germany in WWII??
  140. The Dawn of Urban Warfare
  141. Hannibal vs Alexander the Great
  142. what if hannible conquered rome?
  143. Ruined Cities you wish to Visit
  144. Peloponessian Generals
  145. What do you think of the slave trading in 1500?
  146. Origins of Circumcision
  147. Napoleonic Generals
  148. Favorite WWII Rifle?
  149. The Origin of The England Flag
  150. Which team got best cavalry?
  151. Armies on the March. cavalry vs infantry
  152. Best city
  153. who is the most important person in history?
  154. What IF Spartacus...
  155. What if Stauffenberg didn't fail?
  156. Manji's Spolia
  157. Help on Subject
  158. Napoleons Will.
  159. Best Soldier of the 1860s, Prussians or Rebels
  160. Why Philp never attempted to take Sparta
  161. Who is the most important non religious man?
  162. Death Tolls of War
  163. What defines a great general?
  164. Never Surrender!
  165. Byzantian History
  166. Bible Code: Fact or Fiction?
  167. Did Carthagians sacrifice babies?
  168. Who Is the Worst Person in Human History
  169. Ancient Chinese Armies
  170. “The unexamined life is not worth living.”
  171. What Made Crassus Such a Bad General?
  172. Cassius And Brutus
  173. What Were They Thinking?
  174. Who was the Most Able Successor....
  175. Best General of WWII
  176. The Death of Freedom
  177. History of transportation questions
  178. Best Speech
  179. Greatest German general
  180. Alexander,Caeser,Attila,Genghis,Napoleon,Hitler and the Rest.
  181. Italians and Latinos
  182. The Arbresh of Southern Italy
  183. Careers in the Roman Army - Possible?
  184. Decisive battles that people don't talk about!
  185. Homorous letter from a Cossack to the Sultan
  186. Tons and tons of maps
  187. Ceasars Head Plant
  188. Roman Phalanx?
  189. Ancient Greek City's
  190. Ancient Greek City's
  191. Decimation
  192. If you could live during any time period
  193. Waterloo
  194. Caeser As King
  195. Pyramids found in Europe!!
  196. War Dogs
  197. Zuchabar
  198. Zimmerman Note
  199. What if?
  200. Oriental vs Western Military Thinking
  201. Was really Darius III a coward?
  202. Classical Era Armory
  203. The Japanese Empire
  204. History Coursework suggestions
  205. Great Forgotten Kings of History
  206. Recommended reading with TW:Rome
  207. Favriote British kings or Queens
  208. Why didn't the French last much more than the Poles at the begining of WWII?
  209. The Uniters of Egypt
  210. Greastest 18th Century War
  211. Julius Caesar's Greatest Battle?
  212. Operation Bagration(June 22, 1944)
  213. i need pictures or info!!!!! about.....
  214. How big were battles?
  215. Help me find early Bolshevik propaganda
  216. Most Cruel Leader or person in History
  217. unstoppable Armies
  218. Traces left behind by ancient armies
  219. Caesar's diaries
  220. Book recomendations on the Middle ages.
  221. Robert E. Lee's Greatest Battle
  222. Carnage and Culture
  223. quick question
  224. Was Socrates Real?
  225. ABC's TV series, Empire
  226. WI: Troy won the War
  227. Rome vs. The Samurai
  228. Mauryan Army!!!
  229. History movie questions (Gladiator, Troy)
  230. On the Battle of Cannae (and on a more general note)
  231. Myrmidons v.s Spartans
  232. Was the Byzantine Army Roman?
  233. What if: Muslims vs. Romans
  234. Ustashe????!!!
  235. Battle speaches
  236. What were the biggest empires in the world?
  237. Cool world war 2 models [LINK]
  238. Calendar Years
  239. Why did Hannibal chose the Alps using a northern route?
  240. Uniforms/Armour Discussion
  241. Is Ancient History still relevant today?
  242. History of Carthage
  243. How Hannibal could win the Second Punic War.
  244. A total history of Rome.
  245. Simple Question on legions
  246. Question on Icons
  247. Myths About Huns you never heard of
  248. How would u have saved the western Empire?
  249. The Outremer States
  250. Vietnam War Books