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  1. Local Moderator Forum Rules
  2. Cvria Ivlia, Consulate of Lepidus/Ancus (senate records)
  3. Questions - Post them here
  4. Cvria Ivlia, Consulate of Balbvs/Cato (senate records)
  5. Ze balance of power
  6. You are the senate sigs!
  7. Senatorial Announcements: required reading
  8. Xfire Names
  9. Cvria Ivlia, Consulate of Brvtvs/Constantinvs (senate records)
  10. YOU are the senate Debates!
  11. Possible changes to positions, re. veto power, etc (discussion)
  12. Cvria Ivlia, Consulate of Malleolus/Scipius (senate records)
  13. Recent loss of members.
  14. You are the senate, the future! (2nd thread)
  15. Cvria Ivlia, Consulate of Ancus/Lepidus
  16. Reform the Voting System - Urgently!
  18. Party Powers
  19. Cvira Ivlia, Consulate of Brutus/Balbus
  20. De Republica, or What is wrong with the senate
  21. You are the senate, #2? Mod ideas and discussion.
  22. Some new ideas...
  23. You Are the senate#2,decide the mod poll!
  24. Constitution of the Republic
  25. Describe your Character Thread!
  26. Imperator Combat Guide!
  27. Constitution Ratification Vote!
  28. You Are the Senate#2,Candidacies thread!
  29. Will there be house rules?
  30. Political Campaign Thread!
  31. You Are the Senate#2,Elections!
  32. Comitatia Curiata, Consulate of Sabinus/Lepidus (The Constitution Lobby)(YATS II)
  33. Comitatia Popula, Consulate of Sabinus/Lepidus (The Populi Assembly)(YATS II)
  34. Cvria Ivlia,Consulate of Regulus\Corvinus.
  35. Comitatia Legata, Consulate of Regulus\Corvinus (The War Room - Pyrrhic Wars)
  36. Princeps Senatus & Tribunes Militum Update Thread
  37. Tribunal elections!
  38. New senate, first impressions!
  39. You are the senate II, elections 2! (entry thread!)
  40. YATS status check: problems, suggestions, comments, and issues about the current incarnation this far
  41. You are the senate II, elections 2 (voting thread, finally!)
  42. Comitatia Legata, Consulate of Lepidus\Aquilinus (The War Room)
  43. Cvria Ivlia,Consulate of Lepidus\Aquilinus.
  44. You are the senate II, elections 3! (entry thread)
  45. The Candidates Campaign thread! (Election 3)
  46. You are the senate, savegame AAR challenges
  47. Senatorial Elections #3!
  48. Cvria Ivlia,Consulate of Publicola\Drusus.
  49. Comitatia Legata, Consulate of Publicola\Drusus(The War Room)
  50. New members or those of you willing to join,look at this! :)
  51. You are the senate II, election IV (entry thread)
  52. You are the senate II,Elections IV!
  53. The Forum(campaign thread),IV senatorial elections!
  54. Cvria Ivlia, Consulate of Sabinus/Lepidus
  55. Senate overhaul-how to make it work better
  56. Censor
  57. Leaving
  58. ANNOUNCEMENT:The new forums
  59. Census - All Senators register here
  60. I had an idea this morning...
  61. Primary Vote
  62. The Mod Thread
  63. Senate Records
  64. You Are The Senate,the future#3!
  65. The Scriber's squad thread! (constitution drafting)
  66. Forum move
  67. Where can I find the mod?
  68. M2TW Democracy Game
  69. The Senate
  70. Vote on the New Constitution of the Roman Republic
  71. YATS III Preliminary elections entry thread
  72. Cvria Ivlia, Consulate of Sabinus/Lepidus
  73. Comitata Legata (the war room) Consulate of Sabinus / Lepidus
  74. Comitata Popula (The popular assembly)
  75. Comitata Curiata (Law and Constitution discussion)
  76. Viaticus Opinio (Treasury Reports)
  77. Princeps Senatus Reports
  78. POPVLARES PARTY! Come fight for equal rights!
  80. Socius Romanus Norma! (Allied Rome Party)
  81. YATS III Preliminary elections
  82. Constitution of the Roman Republic
  83. Laxamentum pro Populus per Populus
  84. Quid Quo Pro Party
  85. Senate Regulations on Voting and Proposing Motions
  86. Praetor Reports
  87. Save File Download
  88. Censor mishap
  89. Finding Bugs
  90. Merry Christmas!
  92. YATS III - Declare your candidacy here!
  93. Important figures of the Republic
  94. Character Thread!Updated
  95. Republican Timeline!(RP TIME)
  96. Happy New Year
  97. Help
  98. Elections - Candidacies
  99. Consular Elections
  100. Cvria Ivlia,Consulate of Cato\Caesar
  101. Senate elections
  103. Senate elections III (entry thread)
  104. Senate elections III
  105. Fate of the Republic :)
  106. We made the Eagle standard!
  107. Temporary shutdown
  108. You are the Senate official signatures
  109. The Catacombs
  110. The Senate Records
  111. Registration
  112. YATS RPG Update!
  113. (STEP 2) Character Backrounds
  114. What is the YOU ARE THE SENATE RPG!
  115. (STEP 1) 2nd Census - All new players register here!
  116. You are the Senate Front page
  117. All Discussions Regarding the Constitution
  118. Official announcements
  119. Divide Et Impera discussion
  120. Constitution of the Roman Republic
  121. Election Campaigns and Debate
  122. Election I candidacy thread
  123. Campus Martius: YATS RPG ELECTIONS I.
  124. Cvria Ivlia, Consulate of Corvinvs/Triarivs (II)
  125. Optimates: Rome's conservatives!
  126. The Populares!
  127. Elections II Candidacy thread
  129. The Dominus Party
  130. Campus Martius: Senate Elections II
  131. Cvria Ivlia, Consulate of Lepidvs/Brvtvs (II)
  132. Economic Reports (Quaestors)
  133. Reportings of the Roman Republic
  134. Domus of Marcus Iunius Brutus Caepionis
  135. The villa of the Labienii
  136. Domus of Marcus Valerius Corvinus
  137. My Resignation
  138. YATS election II entry thread
  139. Senate's Elections III, Political Campaigning and Debates
  140. Senatorial Elections III
  141. Domus of Marcus Aelius Triarius & Vibius Aelius Lupus
  142. Curia Iulia, Consulate of Brvtvs\Eqvestris (II)
  143. Domus of Quintus Marius Parthicus
  144. [Motion]The legion stationed in Corsica will temporarily take the Second Legion's place in Sicily until the Second Legion returns to the island.
  145. Senate Motions
  146. The Mollis - The flexible
  147. The Domus of Pvblivs Valerivs Pvblicola
  148. Proconsul for Sicily
  149. Senate elections IV entry thread
  150. Domus of Victrix Equestris
  151. Domus of Manius Velius Octavius
  152. Domus of Lucius Aurelius Lepidus and Titus Aurelius Cotta
  153. Senate's Elections IV, Political Campaigning and Debates
  154. Campus Martius, Senatorial Elections IV
  155. Domus of Marcus Lucretius Falco
  156. Cvria Ivlia, Consulate of Brvtvs/Pvblicola (II)
  157. Sicilia, Proconsulate of Marcvs Valerivs Corvinvs
  158. Domus of Tiberius Octavius Ulpianus
  159. Motion: Should the Tribune of Plebes leave Rome and embark on the peace mission along with Senator Labienus?
  160. Domus of Quintus Equestris Julius
  161. Corsica and Sardinia, Pro-Praetorship of Quintus Marius Parthicus
  162. Attention: The New Sub-Forum!
  163. The Rostra
  164. Election V entry thread
  165. Consular Funeral
  166. Campus Martius: Elections V
  167. Election V political campaign thread
  168. Cvria Ivlia, Consulate of Labenius/Parthicus (II)
  169. Domus of Marcus Antonius Aquila
  170. Motion for the War against Carthage and the recruiting of 4 legions
  171. African Province
  172. Senate Elections V, Entry thread!
  173. Time off
  174. "You are the Senate" RPG FAQ
  175. Campus Martius, Senatorial Elections V
  176. The Prudentii Party
  177. Cvria Ivlia, Consulate of Labienus/Publicola (II)
  178. Motion: Have our junior consul assist Pergamum through hiring of local militia against Pergamums enemies.
  179. That we send a legion to liberate the city of Massalia.
  180. Reformation of the Provinces and of Provincial Governance
  181. Two Motions, one constitutional!
  182. Campus Martius, Senatorial Elections VI
  183. "Journeys of a Nobleman" - The Chronicles of Marcus Valerius Corvinus
  184. Campus Martius, VI Elections
  185. Domus of Spurius Vitruvius Habitus
  186. Cvria Ivlia, Consulate of Parthicus/Labienus (II)
  187. To award Servius Labienus the Congnomen 'Africanus' and Grass Crown
  188. Motion: Romes legions? Secure Italia?
  189. Africa, Proconsulate of Servilius Metellus
  190. Motion: Taking of Genoa by the senior consul
  191. Campus Martius, VII candidacy and campaign
  192. The Beauty of War-A story by Grandis Latro
  193. Motion: Alliance and Peace with the Grecians?
  194. Motion: To have the consul take Bononia
  195. VII Elections for Tribune, Praetor and Proconsul
  196. VII Consular Elections
  197. Cvria Ivlia, Consulate of Parthicus/Corvinus (II)
  198. VIII Election thread - Your candidacy, campaigning and general debate thread
  199. Two Motions: Giving Junior Consul Corvinus administrative imperium and giving Consular Labienus control over Massilia
  200. Domus of Commodvs Flavivs Aelivs.
  201. Welcome to the campus martius for the VIII Election
  202. Sicilia, The Proconsulate of Pvblivs Valerivs Pvblicola
  203. Greatest battles of YATS. Download, Play and Post Results.
  204. Cvria Ivlia, Consulate of Habitus/Ulpianus (II)
  205. Census - Please vote to indicate your involvement this term
  206. Three motions-Raising new legions,sending a legion to Servius Labenius,sending a diplomatic mission to the east and give Servius Labenius Imperium over Massilia
  207. Motion:Should we instigate the war with Greece?
  208. The Amazing Adventures of Naughtius Maximus
  209. return of Constantinivs
  210. Massilia
  211. An open letter to the Senate of Rome
  212. My dynamic comeback! >:)
  213. IX Elections Thread - all candidacies, debates and campaigning
  214. Motion:Should Marcus Aelius be the eastern envoy?
  215. Boni Viri: The Optimates Party thread {reformed thread}
  216. The First Hellenic War (III Years)
  217. IX Election
  218. Cvria Ivlia, Consulate of Habitus/Africanus (II)
  219. Motion: Quintus Marius Parthicus as Governer of Massilia; Commodus Flavius Aelius Propraetor of Africa Province
  220. Choices of Allies?
  221. Censorial Scroll
  222. Corsica and Sardinia, Proconsulate of Quintius Julius
  223. Domus of Tertius Julius Ursus
  224. Motion for imperium for the Consuls
  225. Domus of Caivs Maxim Pontif
  226. Motion to override Tribune's veto concerning giving Imperium for an assault on the Greek mainland
  227. Jerusalem has fallen
  228. Senate Elections X entry thread
  229. Vox Populi - The Populares!
  230. Absent :(
  231. On a Diplomatic mission for the Republic
  232. A Proposal
  233. Amendment to the Constitution I: Concerning the Roleplaying Element
  234. Amendment to the Constitution II: Concerning Multiple Characters
  235. Lex Res Publicae
  236. An old member's speech
  237. The honored Domus of Fabius Maximus!
  238. Senate Elections X: Voting Thread
  239. Cvria Ivlia, Consulate of Africanus/Julius (II)
  240. Proposed Law: Lex Vitruvii
  241. Proposed Law:Ammendment to the Princeps Senatus position
  242. Motion:Shall Lucius Aurelius Lepidus be declared Princeps Senatus For Life?
  243. Motion: To appoint Tiberius Octavius Ulpianus Consul suffectus
  244. Motion for Proposed Law: Lex Vituvii
  245. Senate Elections XII: Entry Thread
  246. Motions to Ratify 2 Provinces
  247. Senate Elections XII: Campaign thread
  248. Senatorial Elections XII: Voting
  249. Cvria Ivlia, Consulate of Parthicus/Lepidus (II)
  250. OOC: Questions Thread