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  1. Ptolemaic Reform
  2. XGM - Alternate Gameplay SubMod
  3. Job: Temple Descriptions
  4. A modding legions remover
  5. XGM Command
  6. The Attalids XGM SubMod
  7. Ethnic Traits project.
  8. Post Marian Project - Buildings
  9. Post Marian Project preparations: Redefining AOR
  10. Post Marian Project - Unit Stats Discussion
  11. my first unit: Theban Sacred Band
  12. Barbarian Huge Cities
  13. Work In Progress: The XGM Foundry
  14. Provincial Campaigns
  15. Project: Victory conditions.
  16. new mod request
  17. Poll: Main line holder for parthia?
  18. Poll: Devotio Iberian Warriors
  19. Version 5.8
  20. Ethnic: Berber or Numidian
  21. Trying to Install KLA's Hoplites into XGM Diadochi but Need Help
  22. Why not 4tpy?
  23. Can somebody Help?
  24. PMP-test module: Projectile Accuracy Mod
  25. SVN Repository for XGM
  26. Professor 420's 3D studio Max Tutorials!
  27. Post Marian Project: Modding descr_mercenaries.txt
  28. Could anyone report for more unique ancillaries candidate?
  29. xgm mod
  30. Post Marian Project: Marius Message Triggering Method
  31. New Formations Discussion
  32. Sparta Provincial Campaign for XGM 5.8.1
  33. how do i do to insatall 2 rtw ?
  34. Reform message
  35. Post Marian Project - Post-Reformed Monument
  36. E.B. 1.1 exist a different type-combat for the hoplites?
  37. New name list for Bactria
  38. Introduction Advisor message
  39. Attrition and Supply Mod
  40. XGM Text Proofing
  41. Should unique ancillaries belong mostly to player?
  42. Ideas for using traits and retinue to specialization all the factions
  43. music
  44. Gather around and laugh at me while I screw up with 3dsmax!!!!!
  45. Problems adding hidden resources
  46. Vanilla Rescue
  47. Battle system of Post-Marian Project
  48. Putting Building leves as prerequisites for unit recruit
  49. Cannot open some .DDS files
  50. PMP: Delegation rosters structure of barbarian factions
  51. PMP: New forge system and unlocked units in multiple steps
  52. Character traits triggers
  53. Cannot overwrite eastern/carthagi building construction pictures.
  54. Post Marian Project: Statistic report.
  55. Ethnic Traits issue
  56. Time Out
  57. Plentiful epithets
  58. Ethnic Traits 3: Omens suggestion thread.
  59. How much room is there for more units?
  60. general traits
  61. Hannibal Provincal Campaign
  62. Hannibal Provincial Campaign Released!
  63. Augustus Provincal Campaign?????
  64. XGM: ELITE
  65. Alexander Historical Battles anyone?
  66. Need help on mod
  67. Good Idea??
  68. Help?
  69. Just idea still very far from a sub mod
  70. Request Really: New Greek Faction Symbol?
  71. Crossbow firing sound for Gastraphetes
  72. XGM: Hellenic world
  73. Mini Mod: Unique Temples, Monuments and Culture Buildings
  74. RSII environment for XGM
  75. The DVWEA invasion: the silly submod :)!
  76. Permission for new submod?
  77. New sub mod- XGM Rise or Fall
  78. Xgm - Alexander
  79. Alexander submod v2
  80. [Close] Modding some buildings
  81. 6tpy&rsii environments
  82. Rise Or Fall II
  83. longer battles submod?
  84. Little submod for lowering upkeep and cost of units to vanilla prices
  85. Need Help...