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  1. Musket Theory - Why did lines of men fire upon other lines of men
  2. The Most Important Battles of the Time(multiple choice poll)
  3. Most Useful Tactics of the Time and Evolution
  4. Battles ?
  5. Waterloo
  6. Discussion of Northern Wars is Here!
  7. War of the Spanish Succession
  8. Best way to break an infantry square?
  9. Russo-Turkish wars
  10. Mysteries of Hand to Hand Combat
  11. Cavalry?
  12. Bayonet- That important?
  13. Culloden, Disscuss
  14. About the Dahomey Amazons
  15. Tell me about the wars between the Mughals and Marathas.
  16. Facing away when firing musket.
  17. Musket casualties tables?
  18. Napoleon's Campaign in Russia
  19. Battle of Brandywine Creek
  20. Line battles
  21. Battle of Cartagena de Indias
  22. War of Jenkins' Ear
  23. A tactics guide: To inspire and pass time...
  24. Looking for site that has major battles in flash format.
  25. Were most battles in this period attackers vs. defenders?
  26. Swedish 18th century infantry and artillery tactics
  27. Tin Case-Shot or Canister Shot in the 18th Century
  28. Composition of the 18th century armies
  29. Unit Frontages in the Age of Reason
  30. Basic Questions of Organization
  31. Sharpe as a reference?
  32. The Plains of Abraham
  33. Unit Size
  34. Why no armor?
  35. Maybe of some intrest
  36. Looking for better historical commands
  37. Battle of Poltava
  38. This is cool
  39. Battle Of Fraustadt - Swedish superiority
  40. Need warfare references
  41. Battle Of Narva - One of Swedens greatest victories
  42. unit experience? :S
  43. The Seven Years' Wars
  44. 'The Battle' by Barbero - Personal Review
  45. Russo-Turkish War (1768-1774)
  46. First Anglo-Maratha War
  47. Gameplay Video: Afghan-Persia War
  48. Surprising but famous clip
  49. The Battle of Solebay 1672
  51. Netherlands VS Denmark - 17th Century
  52. War of Spanish Succession
  53. Battle of the Pyramids
  54. Battle of Culloden
  55. Couple of surprising facts
  57. Tactics and Uniforms in the Americas
  58. The Battle of Valmy
  59. Battle of Racławice
  60. Napoleonic battle maps
  61. How to MERGE Google maps with Napoleonic battle maps!
  62. Who would win? Frederick der Große vs. Duke of Marlbourough
  63. Fact and Fiction of the Great Siege of Malta
  64. How big should be the "reasonable level" of casualties during a land battle - to force the unit to rout?
  65. Question about the different ammo types for cannons and mortars used historically in the XVIII century battles.
  66. Battle of Poltava
  67. What was the biggest battle
  68. 18th Century Hats
  69. France's levee en masse