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  1. Mafia (concluded)
  2. Mafia strikes again! (concluded)
  3. Dwarven Fortress... MAFIA!! (concluded)
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  9. A tale of two cities - the Rules (concluded)
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  11. MILAN (concluded)
  12. Dethy Mafia (concluded)
  13. Gotham City - The Dark Knight Series (dead)
  14. Penguin II (concluded)
  15. Teamless Mafia - Battle for Greonogovia! (dead)
  16. Replacing into games
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  19. Starvin Marvin Mafia (concluded)
  20. The Sins and Blessings of the Land (concluded)
  21. Which theme should I do?
  22. Timewarp - A Mafia in Space and Time (Concluded)
  23. A game of... Mafia (Concluded)
  24. Chocolate Mafia (dead)
  25. Blackadder Mafia (Concluded)
  26. Medieval Mafia (Mafia Victory)
  27. Unknown mafia! (Concluded)
  28. Proposal: Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Mafia (dead)
  29. South Park Mafia- (Concluded, Town victory)
  30. Medieval Mafia Write up Thread
  31. Council Of Villians Advertisement
  32. Pay Attention Mafia (Concluded)
  33. Walking Breakfast (Concluded)
  35. Vexing Mafia Mini I (Concluded, Town victory)
  36. Small Mafia- signup sheet (CLOSED)
  37. Official Mafia Promotioning Campeign Thread For Greater Glory Of Total War Center Mafia
  38. Clueless Mafia (Concluded, town victory)
  39. Hitchhikers Guide to the Mafia (Town Wins)
  41. TWC GAME: SERIAL KILLER (DisgruntledGoat Wins)
  42. Napoleon Total Mafia (Town Wins)
  43. Beer Mafia (Mafia Wins)
  44. Bad Idea Mini-Mafia (Town Wins)
  45. Zombie Mafia (Mafia Wins)
  46. The Mages Council (Sithlord447 Wins)
  47. 5 cops mafia (Town Wins)
  48. New age Gods!!!!
  49. It's only business... Mini-Mafia Game (Sithlord447 Wins)
  50. Battle Field Mafia (Town Wins)
  51. Mafia on STRIKE! (Union WINS!)
  52. The Heretics (Town Wins)
  53. Lift Escape- Beefy Style (Mafia Wins)
  54. Skoomatic Mafia
  55. New Small Mafia game (Mafia Wins)
  56. Star Wars - Jedi council [Town Win]
  57. Planeswalkers mafia [in play]
  58. The Assassin (Discontinued)
  59. Rock & Roll Hall of Fame II [Town Win]
  60. The Big New Yorker- Huge Mafia game (2011)
  61. The One Ring small mafia game [postponed]
  62. Revive the TWC mafia section
  63. Welcome, Rules/Information, and Announcements Thread -2011-
  64. Mafia Hosting Queue -2010- (Closed)
  65. Mafia Archives
  66. Silent Hill [Mafia Victory]
  67. The Legend of Zelda: War of Hyrule - A Large Mafia Game [Sign ups]
  68. Vanilla Mafia - Small Mafia [Mafia Wins]
  69. Time Travelers Timewarp
  70. The Legend of Zelda: War of Hyrule [Lover's Victory!]
  71. Axis vs. Allies: A WWII Mafia! [Sign-Ups]
  72. Napoleon Total Mafia II - The Peninsular Campaign [Sign-Ups]
  73. Medieval Total War Mini Mafia [Sign-Ups]
  74. Buffy The Vampire Mafia (Sign-ups)
  75. The Off-topic thread [Mafia]
  76. Announcement
  77. Do any of you guys know what hair growing supplement works best?
  78. remake20's expiramental mafia [Townie Victory]
  79. Buffy the Vampire Mafia Game Thread [Mafia Victory]
  80. Star Wars Mafia: A Regurgitated Hope [Reserves welcomed with open arms and a plate of fresh cookies just like Grandma makes 'em]
  81. Good Cop/Bad Cop: An Experimental Mini-Mafia [In-Play and Accepting Replacements]]
  82. Star Wars Mafia: A Regurgitated Hope [Town Victory!]
  83. Join my Huge Game at the .org!
  84. Left 4 Dead Mafia (Sign-ups)
  85. Star Wars Mafia: Updates and Information [DO NOT POST]
  86. Three-Clan "Mafia" -- [Swords Clan Victory]
  87. Left 4 Dead Mafia [Mafia Victory!]
  88. The Asylum [Townie Victory]
  89. Cherry Blossoms In Winter
  90. Killer Mini Mafia [Mafia Victory]
  91. Circle of the Black Thorn: Angel Mafia (Sign-ups)
  92. Dr. Who Mafia: Bad Wolf Signups
  93. The Circle of the Black Thorn: Angel Mafia (Angel Investigations Victory)
  94. Sign up for this game or you will die.
  95. MarioKart Madness - Mafia game [Mafia Victory]
  96. Dr. Who Mafia: Bad Wolf [TOWN VICTORY]
  97. Team Fortress 2 Mafia [Sign ups]
  98. Lactose Mafia [Town victory!]
  99. RPGs and TWC Citizenship...would like your thoughts
  100. Buffyverse Mafia IV: Unrealized Potential [Town victory!]
  101. Large Mafia Game: The Chamber [Accepting Reserves]
  102. Mafia Hosting Queue -2011-
  103. I'm back
  104. Large Mafia Game: The Chamber [Mafia Victory]
  105. Baldur's Gate Mafia [Finished: Serial Killer draw]
  106. Werewolf Mafia Endgame [Mafia Victory]
  107. Mini Game: Vanilla Game [Town Victory]
  108. Mini Game: Vanilla Game 2 [Tied SK - Mafia Victory]
  109. Squeege's Normal Mafia [Mafia Victory]
  110. Hellhound's Vanilla Mafia
  111. Mini Game: Chocolate Mafia [Dead]
  112. Mini Game: Vanilla Game 3 [Town Victory]
  113. Some kind of game: Dwarf Fortress mafia [Double A Victory]
  114. [Large Mafia] Make it look like an Accident - Signups
  115. You're all doomed.
  116. Speed Mafia!
  118. Wrath of the Morris Men mafia [sign ups]
  119. [Large Mafia] Make it look like an Accident - Mafia Victory
  120. Murder on the Abyssinia: Mafia
  121. Wrath of the Morris Men mafia game thread [Morris Victory]
  122. The First Triumvirate (Sign-ups)
  123. The First Triumvirate (Game Thread-Mafia (Rob-The-Celt) win)
  124. Paradise lost (Town Win)
  125. TWC 2011 Mafia Awards Thing
  126. Arkham City: Batman (Penguwin)
  127. Pinko (Recruitment)
  128. Bring Your Own Role (BYOR) Mafia Sign-Ups
  129. Bring Your Own Role (BYOR) Mafia Living Thread - Game Over: Mafia/Third Party Wins!
  130. Four Virgins mafia (ad)
  131. Death Note Mafia (Sign-ups)
  132. The Trojan War Mafia Game (sign-ups)
  133. Death Note Mafia (Game Thread) [Mafia Victory!]
  134. The Trojan War Mafia (Game Thread)
  135. My Little Pony Mafia (sign-ups)
  136. My Little Pony Mafia (Large Game Thread) (completely friggin dead)
  137. Pinko (Game Thread)
  138. Speed mafia!!!! Not the narcotic, it just means we play fast. But not loose. Quite a long title...
  139. Mafia game (TOWN VICTORY)
  140. The Ocean [Sharks Victory]
  141. Doctor Who Mafia, Series 5 (Signups)
  142. Doctor Who Mafia, Series 5 (3rd Party Victory))
  143. Pirate Ship Mafia 2
  144. The Legend of Zelda: The King of Thieves [Signups closed]
  145. Mafia Hosting Queue
  146. Legend of Zelda: The King of Thieves [Game Thread]
  147. The Sacred Realm- Host-Only Thread [Locked]
  148. Visor's Game
  149. Savanna Mafia
  150. Join Sprig's NOTW on CFC
  151. Zack's Star Wars/LOTR game on CFC
  152. Topsecret's Columbo game on CFC
  153. Treva's Clue Mafia Game
  154. Want to play large mafia game, with ghosts?
  155. RWBY Mafia