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  1. Academy Forum Rules
  2. Republic or Democracy?
  3. Should humans still be hunting Animals?
  4. Reasoning with fanatic Terrorists?
  5. Scandinavia is not socialist
  6. European Union - Pro or contra?
  7. If America is so bad then what country is "better" than it?
  8. Is Florida One of the Worst Parts of America?
  9. Let's all have a bash at nationstates
  10. Gun control: I just don't know what to think!
  11. The man-made-global-warming hoax
  12. IRA, Heroes or Villains?
  13. Strategies for defeating Iran
  14. Opt Out of Organ Donation?
  15. Men's Reproductive Rights
  16. What right does the "public" have?
  17. a problem in amerca
  18. European hooligans
  19. When Will Kemalism Follow Leninism?
  20. Why do black people keep trying to claim Hannibal?
  21. If any of us run for office one day.
  22. Demographics of US Military
  23. Capitalism and Democracy - Are they Compatible?
  24. How Black and White Will America Be?
  25. I registered to vote, did you?
  26. materialism Vs anti materialism
  27. are there limits to immigration?
  28. democracy Vs the fourth Reich
  29. Marx, Hero or Villain?
  30. The Perfect State
  31. What is the point of a statute of limitations on crime?
  32. Why are Genocides so important for people?
  33. The Perfect State
  34. Income Tax
  35. The Great Dictators
  36. Welcome to Richistan, USA
  37. How Mexican Was the Southwest?
  38. The Democratic Socialist Manifesto
  39. British Politics for Beginners
  40. Get an abortion, go to jail...but for how long?
  41. Abortion, the US and his allies
  42. re: Immigration
  43. What is freedom?
  44. New way for workers to get back power.
  45. The English National Flag is not Racist!!
  46. The differences between the rich and the poor.
  47. Why does opposition self destruct
  48. Who would make the best dictator?
  49. The Greatest Politicians
  50. Neo-Liberalism
  51. What does a government have a right to do.
  52. Autocratic Libertarian Fascism: A Manifesto
  53. How would you rate your government?
  54. Conscripted Parliament
  55. What would it take for you to revolt against your Govt.?
  56. CCTV...the horror!
  57. Helios 16 - American Liberty
  58. Is California Sovereign?
  59. Can someone explain Inflation? The dumbed down version
  60. Uncertain futures.
  61. What is the fascination with the Confederacy?
  62. How do nations make money?
  63. Should Drugs Be Legalized?
  64. The European Union: My dream opposed to yours.
  65. The Conservative Capitalist Manifesto
  66. What do you think of this...
  67. re: G.W. Bush, the White House and the Presidency
  68. Evil!!!
  69. What is libertarianisms color?
  70. New name for the Flag of the USA
  71. Is political correctness good because it causes you to live in fear of thinking evil?
  72. Should Political Appointee's be Restricted from Hypocrisy?
  73. Dictatorships are not always a bad thing...
  74. Opinions on Socialism & Socialist democracy
  75. Proof that Downloading is not why Recording Industry is losing money
  76. When should an American service member be exempted from further warzone duty?
  77. Hans Rosling: New insights on poverty and life around the world
  78. Communisim vs Democracy vs Dictatorship vs Socialisim
  79. Philosopher kings
  80. I'm Gullible
  81. God save the Queen! Or claim compensation for personal damages!
  82. A Farewell to Libertarianism
  83. No military
  84. What happens now??
  85. The Evil of Robin Hood
  86. Earning money. Is the system fair?
  87. Parsonism: The Philosophy of Ava. Fed.
  88. Student loans and the cost of University
  89. Should the police really be run by the government?
  90. Olympic games.
  91. Egyptians are they reall black?
  92. Stranded on an Island
  93. Americans: Do you think our job markets are oversaturated?
  94. Advertising in Schools?
  95. Will one country ever rule the world?
  96. Communism, A Lesson in Logic
  97. The House of Lords
  98. Greed is Good
  99. Hemline Theory
  100. Independence for anyone!
  101. You are put in control of your country
  102. America has too much liberty
  103. Ideology: What did you use to believe?
  104. Making a difference
  105. Consumer Culture Consequences challenge
  106. New US constitution?
  107. Constitutional or not?
  108. How would you solve america's debt problem?
  109. Universal Suffrage; good or bad?
  110. Help on Kemalism
  111. How to Keep 100% of Your Earnings
  112. How the hell do you "embrace diversity?"
  113. Idea for a international treaty
  114. New Pledge
  115. Race
  116. Objectivism: The Political Side
  117. You are the Next President of The United States what do you do next?
  118. Does the Government...
  119. Will USA Ever Experience India-Style Partition?
  120. The Fed's "Depression" and the Birth of the New Deal
  121. American Civil Legal System: Outrageous Lawsuit Amounts
  122. Edward Bernays: Brilliant Assassin of Democracy
  123. Was Feudalism a Right-wing precursor?
  124. If the government doesn't do a good job...
  125. A Wee Project - International comparisons
  126. Another argument against the American gun 'culture'...
  127. Another argument against European and Middle Eastern gun cultures
  128. Was Jimmy Carter A Bad, Average, or Good US President?
  129. Was public flogging really such a bad thing?
  130. Proper Functions of The Federal Government:
  131. The Old Debate on Symbols
  132. Gold Standard Good or Bad ?
  133. My theory on why political participation in the US is low
  134. Are we really happy when free?
  135. What if you didnt have a right to your opinion?
  136. The Death Penalty Part 1
  137. The Death Penalty Part 2
  138. Tell me what's wrong with a draft again...
  139. Would a repeal of the Second amendment result in armed rebellion?
  140. A Dark Future for US Recruitment
  141. survivalism monetary vs goods
  142. Black Americans Were Used As Guinea Pigs For Syphilis
  143. A U.S. State Can Declare War Itself You Know...
  144. Should the Citizen be Entitled to Their Vote?
  145. Capitalism
  146. Constitution Class 1 of 7, for Patriots of USA Republic
  147. World's Smallest Political Quiz
  148. Freedom of speech as it relates to racism, hate, and pornography?
  149. Andrew Jackson: Was He a Tyrant?
  150. Conservative Christian Party?
  151. Analysis of a Liberal
  152. Political Theory Discussion #1: What is Justice?
  153. Federalist or anti Federalist?
  154. I like the UN. Does that make me a "bad" American?
  155. George Orwell: Notes on Nationalism
  156. God Save The Queen? Why?
  157. "Separation of Church" Lie Perpetuated by CNN's God Segment
  158. The Preamble to the Bill of Rights
  159. The so-called "Real American": the Farmer
  160. Reform Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
  161. The Pelican Journal
  162. Well Regulated Militia
  163. Why has the U.S been so protective of Isreal?
  164. Should there be a wall of seperation?
  165. the 17th Congress of the CCP:princelings mean legitimacy十七大 太子党是合法性的来源?
  166. Confederate flag = Nazi flag or Why fly the Confederate flag
  167. Urine test for welfare candidates
  168. Democracy?
  169. How about some libertarianism for British politics?
  170. Is (American) Libertarianism Inherently Flawed?
  171. Can a state ignore the Constitution
  172. de Grey
  173. equality before the law, truth or fiction?
  174. Why Do Western Europeans Move To USA?
  175. State funded faith schools: Should they be allowed to exist?
  176. Polygamy causes Terrorism?
  177. democracy question
  178. Those against socialised healthcare - socialised education?
  179. Should the goverment prohibitwage slavery?
  180. Does it irk you when we say "I'm ____-American"?
  181. Objectivism and the disabled
  182. Does he have a point?
  183. Dutch Poll: No against Flanders joining them
  184. Human rights versus democracy
  185. Memoirs Of Mr. Hempher:confessions of a british spy
  186. Muslims condemning terrorism
  187. Rooskies: How did you guys get involved in Afghanistan?
  188. Are you a member of a party?
  189. Is free trade beneficial for a country?
  190. When Did You Lose Faith in America and its Values?
  191. When did you lose faith in Europe/ the EU
  192. the Semantics of european relationships to eachother
  193. Is it right to kill someone over property?
  194. Evolution of Wahhabiyyah
  195. Is John Howard A Prime Minister of Australia for Life?
  196. Euro hits all time high - again, now nearing $1.5
  197. Chav a form of classism?
  198. Diversity Vs. National Unity
  200. where has the freedom gone?
  201. Eminent Domain - Justified Loss Of Property Or Tyrrany
  202. Nationalistic dreams ,wich is yours???
  203. Should Wales be included in the Union Flag?
  204. What Benefit Does National Achievement In Sports Do To A Country?
  205. Dictatorship of Hard Pacifists or Democracy of Pugnacious Gunghos
  206. Who is right Israel or the other guys you decide...
  207. Would you people bulldoze the wall separating the Lion and Peacock exhibits?
  208. Federalism:What Is The Good And The Bad?
  209. Why doesn't the US adopt the metric system?
  210. When did the Democratic Party Lose It's Way?
  211. "Malcolm X quote"
  212. When Will 'Nazi' or 'Hitler' Stop Being The First Thing in Peoples Minds When Hearing the Word Germany?
  213. why do malls make people go crazy?
  214. Is this game Hypocritiacal
  215. Darfur: No One Cares
  216. Should we help africa; you decide
  217. should turkey be allowed into the EU
  218. Economics and Exploitation
  219. Thoughts on the EU
  220. Who did/will you vote for?
  221. A mad mental pole thing
  222. Religion, The State and Decay
  223. Freedom of speech thread
  224. Should government officals be allowed to wear religous symbols?
  225. Weather Warfare: Good idea, bad idea??
  226. do you believe your nations laws/liberties are fair?
  227. Is Oprah powerful enough to get Obama the ticket?
  228. Maps of War
  229. If we spent all the Iraq funding on healthcare...
  230. modern royalty, obsolete?
  231. wich are the key elements of modern wars?
  232. Time to regulate jounalism?
  233. All modern U.S. wars just for economic gain?
  234. Against the electoral college
  235. Was the collapse of the USSR a time for optimism or a tragedy?
  236. Should religion be used a means of uniting a population against a potential enemy who will not pose a realistic threat for decades?
  237. most ridiculous laws ever?
  238. is capitalism really best for innovation?
  239. Communism
  240. How Good Is Japan's Economy?
  241. The Republic United States of America
  242. Are Economical Population Bad For Economy?
  243. EULA's and TOS's (and other agreements)
  244. Warcrimes and crimes in War
  245. The Oceans of the World to solve Energy Crisis?
  246. The expansion of the EU (excluding Turkey and not about whether the EU should exist at all)
  247. should gangs be considered domestic terrorist groups?
  248. Pork Barrel
  249. US Taxes IRS or fair tax system?
  250. Minimum Wage, Maximum Trouble