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  1. M2TW Config File How To's
  2. Update 1 Patch installation/download and the use of unpacker and mod switch info
  3. What a mod leader should know.
  4. Mod Switch for Dummies
  5. Patch 1.2 Docudemons
  6. The Hardcoded List
  7. TWC University Announcement
  8. TWCNS for modders
  9. Cache Clearing and it's implications!
  10. New Large File Hosting Website
  11. New hardcoded list
  12. Geography files DO NOT need to be deleted.
  13. number of banners in descr_banners_new
  14. Begin Modding: "Where are the files?" and "Why can't I see my changes?"
  15. 2016 Modding Awards - Nominate Your Favourite Tools, Tutorials and Resources!
  16. Number of mods slows end turn time