View Full Version : Curial Committee on the Expansion of TWC

  1. What games should we look at?
  2. Our Goals and Roadmap - Read First
  3. Initial Objective: Which path should we take?
  4. About yourself.
  5. Sister Sites Idea - the forums.
  6. Possible chat meeting. When are you free?
  7. Poll on a paradoxcenter.net site
  8. I'm sorry but...
  9. That "other" option...
  10. Gold status discussion, keep posts related to that here.
  11. The feasibility of a Paradox sister site
  12. Committee findings on paradox, key points.
  13. Paradox Replied
  14. This may help
  15. Suggestion: Moving the CM and EU forums to the Paradox Site
  16. Starcraft 2
  17. Elder scrolls: Oblivion
  18. The civ series
  19. Neverwinter Nights 2
  20. Should the Paradox site have forums for non Paradox games
  21. Current status.
  22. The difference between a site and forums.
  23. What should we submit - final submission.
  24. Expansion committee's findings.