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  64. bug report: prodromoi has inviseble swords
  65. [Bug report] Generic Error: Insufficient video memory to load requested texture set
  66. Recruiting soldiers as illyrians?
  67. Will units & campaign map be historically accurate in MA?
  68. Alexander Family Tree Question
  69. Regarding Cities Founded by Alexander
  70. Fleet numbers at beginning of MA campaign
  71. Concerning "Arabia" in MA, its possible resources & which gods the inhabitants would have worshipped
  72. Will the capture of some settlements have Huge cash bonuses when looted?
  73. MA Faction Unit List/Previews?
  74. Where has Megas Alexandros Shahenshah disappeared ?
  75. Cant find steam error
  76. Installation problems. Please Help!
  77. HELP! Error message that reads..... Failed to find texture 'alexander/MA/data/models_strat/textures/spy_egypt.tga'
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  80. Ressurecting,Reborning or Coming Back anyway i will try
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  84. CTD's, CTD's everywhere...
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  87. MSS32.DLL error on startup =(
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  92. Megas Alexandros Modpack by b0Gia v1 Released
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