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  6. add factions and units to this that were present in some Mtw1 mods?
  7. The seperate battle system to medieval classic...
  8. Which final 7 factions to put in? Vote Now!
  9. new faction units and the revival of the old units in the mtw 1 into mtw2
  10. Eastern factions ;like to hear you ideas
  11. the eastern courtiers
  12. All-Era Campaign possible?
  13. how did you guys fix spearwall?
  14. reinstall completely ?
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  17. how did you do fix the pike units?
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  27. This HAS TO be the best for all of MII!!
  28. version 11 link broken
  29. Medieval Classic Version 11.0 Link (get it here!!)
  30. modding MTW music to M2TW
  31. Can I have other mods installed alongside it?
  32. Email from filefront: Let us know or MTWClassicEarly will be deleted.
  33. *sigh* You want MTWClassicEarly, well, it is back....
  34. 1 week and I get rid of it
  35. Please upload again.
  36. can you win through Glorious Achievements?
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